Time to bypass Charles and give the throne to William.

I always believed in the rights of Kings (and Queens) and that their ascension was their birthright but the current goings on with the Prince of Wales has changed my mind. Prince Charles sent a “gushing” letter to a Russian Oligarch who gave £535,000 to his Prince of Wales Charity, and this Russian wanted BritishContinue reading “Time to bypass Charles and give the throne to William.”

Prince William steps up to the plate and saves a family…..

Prince William took responsibility for ensuring that a friend who was an Afghan Officer he had been through Sandhurst with got out of Afghanistan before Kabul fell. He was well aware of what the Taliban would do this family and he knew he did not have time to wait. He asked his equerry Naval OfficerContinue reading “Prince William steps up to the plate and saves a family…..”

HM The Queen must not hide her favourite son.

Nobody is above the law and the continued stalling of Prince Andrew, The Duke of York is becoming a national and international embarrassment on the world stage. I feel so sorry for HM The Queen who has been exemplary in her service to the country, and to think that this year alone she has lostContinue reading “HM The Queen must not hide her favourite son.”

The Duke and Duchess of Woke…

Should learn from the legacy of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and behave like Royals. As for the Duchess saying she adored Philip and they had a bond…..the Royal experts have stated that she saw him so little that it wouldn’t have had time to develop a friendship. Lets not forget this is the coupleContinue reading “The Duke and Duchess of Woke…”

The nastiness of the Left…..

I thought I had seen it all with the left and their intolerance to everything in the world when it does not suit their “wokeness”…but even I thought that this was disgusting beyond belief…. Karen Geier decided to join in the many tweets that have been put out regarding the death of HRH The DukeContinue reading “The nastiness of the Left…..”