Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..

I never thought I would see it for myself as I always thought that freedom to express your thoughts were set in stone, especially when you are not using profane language but today I hit the stumbling block of you must not allow the world to see Joe Biden speaking profanities against a Fox Reporter.Continue reading “Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..”

For those who need a sign in America….

Vote Trump in 2024….get a President who loves America, respects the police and the military and who is pro business. Vote in the man who will make America great again after the disastrous Presidency of Biden and Harris. Vote for Trump and he will protect your borders and protect you, and who will de-escalate militaryContinue reading “For those who need a sign in America….”

Virgin Media price increases…

Well it’s started…the corporate greed increases are going to start affecting people from now…… Virgin media have written a very polite letter to us staring that our bill is going up….another £69….its a 13% increase on last years bill. That’s one massive leap… I know some people will think it’s a small price but addContinue reading “Virgin Media price increases…”

Why is Charlotte Nichols MP for Warrington North…

Privy to information of the collapse of Together Energy and the criminal way the Labour Warrington Council have fecklessly saddled us with this debt, and the taxpayers not? She spends the majority of her time in Islington and does not pay into our local taxes. Any information should be available to all Warrington Council taxpayers,Continue reading “Why is Charlotte Nichols MP for Warrington North…”

Shame on you leftist America, BLM and the Democrats…

For not defending and for defunding the Police. The Police are the good guys….the BLM rioters, Antifa, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and that pathetic American hating AOC Cortez women are responsible for this….along with all the pathetic wokies who need a band wagon because they are useless in real life They want anarchy….it keeps themContinue reading “Shame on you leftist America, BLM and the Democrats…”

Guy Verhofstadt dreams of Great Britain….

Otherwise why would he be bothered about what does or doesn’t happen here? He is obsessed like some jilted boyfriend.. its creepy… The queues are longer at Dover because of individuals like him bringing in anal retentive checks, but then we all know that Verhofstadt is anal and retentive. Maybe the irritating little Belgian needsContinue reading “Guy Verhofstadt dreams of Great Britain….”

Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance…..

When the poster boy for a Bond Villain looks and acts like this .. and the leader of the Free World is like this….. Then the build up on the Ukraine by Russia is serious and deadly. Secretary of State Blinken is a failure and Afghanistan showed that….and Russia is not scared of the USA….afterContinue reading “Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance…..”

Why is it always the intolerant left….

Who want to go to war? Biden and the Democrats are itching to get at Russia, they would because most of them would be the last people to grab a gun…fortunate sons and its other peoples children who die…not theirs. The idiots ranting about Trump the War Monger stating he will cause a war, actuallyContinue reading “Why is it always the intolerant left….”