What a surprise said no one….

When she is not race baiting, she is clapping extinction rebellion for blocking ambulances with very sick people in. Can you imagine if she found out that the unwell person was black?? My god she would have a field day with her faux racist outrage. This is the history of Dawn Butler Copied from MarkContinue reading “What a surprise said no one….”

Starmer has no problem with this…….

It seems that foul mouthed Labour MPs doesn’t bother Starmer, nor it seems his and get this SHADOW JUSTICE SECRETARY….that well known racist David Lammy threatening Nigel Farage with violence. We have had Sitting on the fence Starmer doing nothing about Corbyn still spouting anti semetism, Butler’s YouTube video about the police purely for raceContinue reading “Starmer has no problem with this…….”

The chances are zero….

SEC Gen @jensstoltenberg calls on #Russia to cooperate with an independent investigation into #Navalny poisoning following a meeting of #Nato Ambassadors this am : https://t.co/9zy2BnxT3e — Jonathan Beale (@bealejonathan) September 4, 2020 Apparently the meeting of NATO ambassadors has resulted in a call that Russia must allow an independent investigation into the poisoning of theContinue reading “The chances are zero….”

Talks a good fight..

Come on Home Secretary….put your career and our national security where your mouth is. One small boat is not enough. Deport en-mass…they are not required here. Today we removed people who came here via small boat. They had previously claimed asylum elsewhere and had no legal right to be in the UK. Removals continue toContinue reading “Talks a good fight..”

China’s continued land and sea grab…

Today I reaffirmed the UK's commitment to international law and set out our analysis of the legal issues in the South China Sea. I urge all parties to settle their disputes in accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). pic.twitter.com/dzoCiOkUGh — Nigel Adams (@nadams) September 3, 2020 Government ministers areContinue reading “China’s continued land and sea grab…”

Captain Hindsight strikes again….

Seeing as Sir Keir sees it fit to call Tony Abbott a homophobe in light of his opposition to equal marriage, does he also believe that current Labour MPs Rosie Cooper, Mary Glindon, Derek Twigg, and Stephen Timms, who all voted against equal marriage in 2013, are homophobes too? — Tom Harwood (@tomhfh) September 3,Continue reading “Captain Hindsight strikes again….”

We can see it….why can’t the Government?

It is time we shut down all routes into Britain. Can you imagine the change in our country if that lot arrived. There would be a civil war and the Government would not be able to control it. Our beautiful towns and cities would be turned into the same dumps they left, after getting itContinue reading “We can see it….why can’t the Government?”

Why ask Campbell?

Alastair Campbell has told LBC Tony Abbott was a "truly hopeless Prime Minister" and questioned if Boris Johnson is "trolling the nation" over appointing him to a UK trade role which he branded a "silly distraction."@IainDale |@campbellclaret pic.twitter.com/rH4LCMRdzg — LBC (@LBC) September 3, 2020 Alistair Campbell….yes him of the dodgy sexed up WMD dossier, orContinue reading “Why ask Campbell?”

Come on Home Secretary

Record numbers of illegal migrants are still making the crossing. A lot of tough talk from the Government but it clearly isn't working. Public patience is wearing very, very thin on this issue. I've liked Priti Patel in the past, but this is turning into a real disaster. — Rupert Lowe (@RupertLowe10) September 2, 2020Continue reading “Come on Home Secretary”

Guess if you are not a rioter then your black life doesn’t matter…..

So a white guy shoots and kills a black cop – father of three – and there isn’t a word from #BlackLivesMatter, the @NBA, @NFL, @NHL, and @MLB. But if a cop kills a black career criminal or sex offender, they want to burn the city down. Think about that for a minute! pic.twitter.com/ZHGdhnnBkk —Continue reading “Guess if you are not a rioter then your black life doesn’t matter…..”