Any attack on police officers or K9 should carry a 25 year prison penalty.

11 @ASPolice Officers inc @ASPSpecials assaulted during the past 24hrs. A period of violence & abuse, with officers, punched, kicked, head butted & racially abused. Absolutely disgusting. I’ll speak with these officers, ensuring they’re looked after. I expect a number of charges — Andy Roebuck (@ASPolFedChair) July 18, 2020 This is sadly becoming anContinue reading “Any attack on police officers or K9 should carry a 25 year prison penalty.”

The genocide is gaining full speed….

HERE IS A SECOND GENOCIDE VIDEO: DAY 4 of my silent hunger strike protesting CCP genocide against Uigur Muslims in China Brits, we need 100K signs on petition in my tweet below to secure a Magnitsky debate in Parliament. Sign & RT THIS IS NOT A DRILL — Maajid أبو عمّار (@MaajidNawaz) July 18,Continue reading “The genocide is gaining full speed….”

Two worthy recipients

Gisela Stuart and Frank Field are two well-deserving recipients of peerages. In particular, Gisela’s dedication to Brexit and democracy has been absolute – even when it took her from the Labour backbenches to campaigning in last year’s GE for Boris. Congratulations both. — Bruges Group 🇬🇧 (@BrugesGroup) July 18, 2020 Now add a third…Kate HoeyContinue reading “Two worthy recipients”

Corbyn and his fake news….

Did you know #OurNHS is still on the table to be sold off in a Trump trade deal? The Trade Bill is returning to parliament Monday – it’s time to say #HandsOffOurNHS 👇 — Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) July 17, 2020 The NHS would have been in more trouble if we had stayed in theContinue reading “Corbyn and his fake news….”