Prayers for Mariupol.

They are fighting the good fight against an evil that is spreading its tentacles and where there is never enough death and destruction for Putin. Come on Europe….nearly 40 billion euros to Russia and less than a billion to the Ukraine in so called aid should make you ashamed of yourselves…. Give Ukraine aid andContinue reading “Prayers for Mariupol.”

Russia’s Shame

**** Warning pictures of a graphic nature**** As the daughter of a WW2 Veteran I grew up reading book after book about the War, and I always drifted again and again to the Battles of Stalingrad and Leningrad, as well as the battle of Kursk and how the heroic Russians dealt a severe blow toContinue reading “Russia’s Shame”

Bidens Judicial Appointee is soft on paedophiles…

You could not make this grotesque thing up, but Bidens appointee to the highest Judicial appointment in America gives out the lowest sentences possible or below to paedophiles. Guess the victims don’t count in her world… Judge Jackson should not be let near the Supreme Court benches never mind make judgements there after this revelation,Continue reading “Bidens Judicial Appointee is soft on paedophiles…”

We cannot and must not leave this humanitarian crisis to Poland.

My readers on here know that I am not one for taking in those migrants who tip up on our beaches illegally and I am still convinced that we should turn them away and back to the safe places they come from…for instance France and Germany, but those fleeing the war in Ukraine are differentContinue reading “We cannot and must not leave this humanitarian crisis to Poland.”

The depths of barbarity….

I have read two articles today that reduced me to tears. One concerning a mother and her baby, and one concerning dogs as both are dear to my heart. I like millions of others saw the horrific pictures of a young pregnant mother being carried from the wreckage of a maternity hospital. Her pelvis wasContinue reading “The depths of barbarity….”

Putin is trying to provoke the world…

Into a fight he cannot win and one where he must not win. The world has to destroy him and his cronies and sadly the people of Russia will suffer. Raise up people of Russia and overthrow the monster and regain your freedom and the world will welcome you with open arms, as you willContinue reading “Putin is trying to provoke the world…”

Give the man his planes…

Dumb and dumber in the Whitehouse, along with Secretary of State Blinkard have claimed its a mis communication problem which is to blame for Ukraine not getting Jets. Well no mistakes now….give President Zelensky what he needs. What they really means is they are blocking it….as Biden wants this whole invasion and murder of theContinue reading “Give the man his planes…”

A plea to Russian mothers…

You can stop this war. You can tell your children not to fight and march for them on the streets. Your children are murdering other children because a tyrant in the Kremlin wants more land. You will not benefit from it and your children will not benefit from it but there are 12,000 sons lyingContinue reading “A plea to Russian mothers…”

The death of 18 month old Kirill breaks all our hearts…

He is one of so many victims murdered by the despotic tyrant in the Kremlin. What could an 18 month old baby have done? What threat was he to Putin? The child was killed in a bombing and so many innocent men, women and children are dying because Putin is power mad. As a motherContinue reading “The death of 18 month old Kirill breaks all our hearts…”