Lets celebrate a hero…

“Boys, I only did my duty; the old flag never touched the ground!” William Harvey Carney was born into enslavement in 1840. It’s not certain how he became a free man, but based on most accounts, he escaped through the Underground Railroad. In 1863, he joined the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. And on July 18th,Continue reading “Lets celebrate a hero…”

Why are we not surprised?

Sir Bendalot has let off a lot of groomers for years ignoring those raped and trafficked, he decided not to prosecute John Worboys the black taxi rapist. He didn’t prosecute Jimmy Saville and defended the IRA and ISIS terrorists, and wants ISIS threat Shamima Begum back in the country, and took the knee to aContinue reading “Why are we not surprised?”

A good person will always shine….

The world famous football player “Sadio Mane of Senegal” (West Africa), whose income is 186K per week, was seen in many places with broken mobile phones. In an interview when asked about it, he said I’ll get it fixed. When asked why you are not buying a new one, he said I could buy aContinue reading “A good person will always shine….”

We should demand the Government properly fund our police…

I have been very lucky and not really had the need for the police, but I can imagine those who have feel grateful to see that comforting sight of a police car pull up. I know it is becoming fashionable to bash what they do and of course how they carry themselves, but in everyContinue reading “We should demand the Government properly fund our police…”

Is virtual GP and Consultant appointments the way forward?

Being not only a Governor of two hospitals but also being disabled, I have had a lot of interaction with the NHS one way or another and I can only praise the way they have coped in these very strange times. I know that some people are saying that there is now a 5 millionContinue reading “Is virtual GP and Consultant appointments the way forward?”

Leaving water out for animals, and shade if possible.

As a lot of you no doubt realise I am very much an animal person. My beloved Zeus was born with special needs and Mr Points of Sue and I have rescued 3 cats, sadly one passed away due to cancer of the throat. Fudge and Sooty above, Zeus below. All my fur babies, andContinue reading “Leaving water out for animals, and shade if possible.”