Out of her depth…

Seems the Vice President Kamala Harris HAS STILL NOT BEEN TO THE BORDER. She has nothing to offer and no solutions to the overworked ICE staff, and the poor immigrants who find themselves locked up . Oh am I bad….she did offer something….LAUGHTER. She found it hilarious to be asked…and then promptly spent the nextContinue reading “Out of her depth…”

Spotlight on an independent potential councillor in Warrington

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to read that Beth Trainer will be standing as an Independent Councillor in the area I live.   Now, I know to my readers that name does not ring a bell but with the people of the area where I live, this lady is an absolute angel. During ourContinue reading “Spotlight on an independent potential councillor in Warrington”

We need a Shareholders Group in Warrington to stop the Council.

The poor mismanagement of our local taxes by the Labour led council got me thinking of how can we the people change it? How can we the people whose money they are spending on magic bean projects and pie in the sky investments….stop this irresponsible council from getting us further into debt. The first thingContinue reading “We need a Shareholders Group in Warrington to stop the Council.”

The nastiness of the Left…..

I thought I had seen it all with the left and their intolerance to everything in the world when it does not suit their “wokeness”…but even I thought that this was disgusting beyond belief…. Karen Geier decided to join in the many tweets that have been put out regarding the death of HRH The DukeContinue reading “The nastiness of the Left…..”