Bidens new policy…

For dealing with terrorism…not the foreign Jihadi type but in their view those who disagree with the Administration, and it reads as though it is straight out of the How To Be A Nazi State Volume 1.

This is an attack on the fundamental freedoms Americans hold dear.

It even aims to turn family members on families, and come down hard on those who disagree with their decision to alienate white people.

Expect the book burning next….

The fightback begins…

In these woke times it is refreshing to know that the race baiters themselves have been cancelled.

A group of woke leftist privileged academics at Cambridge College were going to examine the links between Winston Churchill and the Empire. When I mean examine they were actually going to just use their usual hate Britain rubbish and their endless hate of everything that we have achieved to bore the audience with. Cannot call it an examination when they only have one view and that is a mindless one and the irony is lost on them in their privileged academic roles.

Well how delightful to know that they have been cancelled due to growing pressure, infact it is more than delightful, it is AWESOME. It has actually made my day and surely this is the fightback we need from the stupidity that took hold during the pandemic. Time to drop their stupid mentality and take up the mantel of what makes us great.

To say there was tantrum throwing by the privileged race baiting academics is an understatement. They don’t like it on the other foot do they?

Of course the working group was going to be stacked with left wing academics who were going to do nothing else but a hatchet job on one of our greatest Prime Ministers. They would not have looked at the thinking of the time nor at the achievements of Winston Churchill. Nope it was just going to be a woke fest of disrespecting a Great Britain.

Do these people never get bored of trying to trash our history? As we certainly get tired of their endless bilge and we all know that you cannot even get to count to 10 before the white privilege bandwagon comes up.

They had held an event called ‘The Racial Consequences of Churchill’, during which a panellist said wartime leader Sir Winston was the ‘perfect embodiment’ of ‘white supremacist philosophy’. Wow…how much have they given away what they think in just the name of the event and this bias was the reason they got cancelled. Their one sided useless narrative. I cannot believe these people are actual academics. What are they academics in? Stupidity?

The event also included claims that the British Empire was ‘far worse than the Nazis’.  How insulting to the memory of our Empire. If we were so horrible why on earth do we have far more in the Commonwealth? These people cannot see the benefits for the hatred in front of their eyes. We have never said it was perfect and their are areas where we let ourselves down but we have grown and learnt from the mistakes. These race baiters would ignore that totally in their hate speeches.

The Working Group, which was set up at Cambridge's Churchill college to examine the links between Winston Churchill (pictured), race and the empire, has been scrapped
Winston Churchill

Professor Priya Gopal, a member of the group, claimed she said the group might as well ‘disband’ after the college became ‘rattled’ from the event, but insisted that this had not happened and the college instead dissolved the group this week. Whether they were pushed or went before pushed….either way this is great news.

Sir Winston Churchill was a complex individual and he had his faults, but he was the right man at the right time and the world was saved from the horrors of Nazism because of his forward thinking, his outright dismissal of appeasement and his steadfast view that the Nazis needed to be destroyed.

Following the scrapping, Prof Gopal launched into a furious Twitter tirade at the ‘entirely white’ College Council and said it has an ‘institutional’ problem when it comes to ‘race’. God does these race baiters not get bored with their racist claptrap? This is akin to a tantrum throw and this time the spoilt brat didn’t get their own way.

The other race baiter Kahinde Andrews commented that our RAF should have been charged with war crimes for bombing the Nazis in Germany. Yet no comment on the bombing of Poland, Warsaw, Greece, Stalingrad, Leningrad and the United Kingdom and all the other countries they committed blitzkrieg on. No comment on the Shoah, the extermination of the gypsies, political prisoners, gay people, Russians, the disabled, men, women and children. Nothing…… It seems to haters such as Andrews that it doesn’t matter what the other side do, he would never support this side, he would never support Britain’s side.

Again, if we are such a racist nation…what the hell are these people doing here? Why don’t they leave us so called racists to our island. They would be happy to leave and we would be happy to see them go.

I cannot take either of these two seriously. There are far more intelligent academics who have written extensively about Winston Churchill and that includes his flaws and we as a nation predominately still admire and respect Sir Winston, and 2 race baiting academics and their stupid group will not diminish our pride in a war time leader.

They could always hold their group in the very place it belongs……the gutter and I will await the incoming from the usual leftist trolls as something like this always sets them off. Note for you if you do…..its your time you are wasting as I just delete them….in the bin where they belong.

How sad to not recognise heroes.

I wrote an article today about celebrating heroes as I plan to create a website where such individuals and their deeds will be listed as we owe to them to remember them, and sadly it seemed to bait one….there is always one (although I seem to get more than one)….who would not appreciate the fact that the Dambusters and men like this are the reason why they have freedom. Instead I got a comment saying not my heroes.

That got me thinking what a very sad individual this person is and I decided that whilst I would use his comment, I would not post it with his name and it would not be listed on here my site as a comment. Operation Chastise the bombing of the dams was performed by young men who ages ranged from 21 to 25 and who when called upon for Operation Certain Death went willingly as they knew that their fight and the fights of millions of others was crucial to the freedom of this country, and the world in a wider aspect.

I for one am full of pride that we can look back on their achievements and that is the difference between me and the person who wrote that comment. I have pride in Great Britain and I have real life heroes to appreciate and educate others hopefully when the website is up and running.

You see I was brought up to appreciate the sacrifices and to respect totally our brave servicemen and women who put their lives on the line everyday of the week whether past or present, and especially to have pride in those who have gone before us.

There will always be the odd one who has no respect for the very people who shaped our history, and I actually feel sorry for them as to have no respect in your country and its history is something I cannot imagine, but then people like the one who commented not my heroes have no pride in anything and that is sad.

I know that having pride in our British history is supported more by people like me thank god and he will always be in the minority and after this ignored.

The Ultimate Dambusters Collection | PopMatters

I will say it again….I will take the knee for my monarch, in the church and to remember men such as the Dambusters as they have earned the respect we owe them.

As for the individual who cannot see that….how sad for you.

Woke Archaeologists strike again…

God do these woketards never stop?

Why waste your time apologising?

You should be like me as I apologise for nothing as every word I write….I mean. It is refreshing to know you don’t care one jot what others think…

Try it sometime it is liberating.

Must be my age as no leftist woke tardiness will cancel me, nor will I ever agree with them….but then the virtual signalling left all have something to hide, and karma will get you.

We should celebrate our heroes….

If I were a teacher there would be none of this PC nonsense in my classroom….

I would teach the children about our heroes….and be proud of it.

Men like Guy Gibson VC….the Leader of the Dambusters….174 raids on Nazi tyranny by the age of 25. No safe spaces needed for real men…and by god they were real men.

I am going to create a new page where everyday people like this will be celebrated, and kept in our memory and thanks. They deserve that….and our respect and our taking the knee as in church, to my Monarch and our glorious dead….as that is the only time my knee will bend.

The Biden Administration

Has let in more criminals into the USA in 120 days than the Trump Administration did in over 2 years.

The USA is now heading for a crime spree that will not be controlled. These criminals include murderers, rapists, paedophiles and drug pushers….and your Administration has let them just walk in.

I thought the UK Government were bad at keeping people out…but yours is worse…they are actively taking them in.

They won’t care…he is too out of it and the VP is too busy doing something else, well anything else….

America…surely you didn’t vote for this!!!!

Shame on the woke companies…

Who have pulled their advertisements from GB News.





Octopus Energy

Ovo Energy

GB News is a breath of fresh air compared to the BBC, ITV and Sky. They put both sides of the issue to the viewers and let you make up their own minds, and for the woke snowflakes to get worked up about this news channel must be something good, and they must be rattling the basement dwellings of these woketards.

Andrew Neil

Trade unionist and journalist Paul Embery tweeted: ‘Stop Funding Hate is a sinister group whose ultimate aim is to prevent the dissemination of opinions with which they disagree. Don’t let anyone pretend otherwise’.

Mind you when you realise the sort of bottom feeder who creates hate sites are we surprised. A website has also been set up by a business called ‘Ripples Campaigning’, which according to Guido Fawkes is run by former BBC journalist by Louise Wikstrom whose social media posts have previously backed Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

Yep, another BBC bottom feeder who can ignore the fact that Corbyn is a terrorist supporting anti-semite, but oh god don’t have a news organisation that tells the truth, and this is why people like me are going to make GB News successful, as failure to do so will result in the leftist agenda at the BBC and all MSM winning. They will tell us what news they think we need to hear and nothing else, and that is the first attack on freedom of speech.

Also, we know that their “news” as we lightly call it is nothing but lies, spin and more lies.

I will certainly not be doing any business with these companies, and OVO has now lost a customer and we need to make a stand or else we will be told by a select view only what they want us to hear, and that is a creeping marxism and we must make a stand against it.

I am thoroughly enjoying GB news and knew with Andrew Neil at its helm that it will be a great success, and those woke idiotic firms who give way to a little bit of criticism…remember we the customers have the final say and GB News chairman Andrew Neil has also hit back at IKEA and its ‘criminal’ former French boss Jean-Louis Baillot. He said: ‘IKEA has decided to boycott GB News because of our alleged values. Here are IKEA’s values — a French CEO who is a criminal with a two year suspended jail sentence for spying on staff’.

Mr Neil had this message for IKEA last night and also retweeted messages calling the decision 'pathetic Woke virtue signalling' and accusing 'corporations making fools of themselves'
IKEA’s values….

Ikea states that GB News does not conform to their humanistic standards, but can they explain why they have SIX STORES IN SAUDIA ARABIA where homosexuality is banned? Hmmm wonder what that is called…oh yes hypocritical virtual signalling.

Comedian and writer Geoff Norcott wrote: ‘Ok, well Kopparberg UK is no longer a drink for me. That’s how knee-jerk b******t works right? While another commented: ‘Thank you for brining this to my attention so I won’t buy any of your products again. You obviously mean it’s a drink for ‘everyone’ who prescribes to your way of thinking.’

Another person added: ‘What an outrageous response! I have one bottle of Kopparberg left in my fridge and it will be my last. These vile companies that don’t believe in free speech or freedom of thought do not deserve our custom.’ Meanwhile another person said: ‘I’ve got four bottles of Kopparberg in my fridge. Now getting poured down the sunk! Pandering to woke zealots will do your company harm, I for one won’t be buying or drinking your product again. Great job.’

I have a feeling that there are 6 firms who will leave to regret their decision and who have just lost a considerable amount of custom through their own stupidity.

Where is the justice for a 7 week old beaten to death by his father.

Another day and another monster has been jailed for killing his child.

Brian Penn with Kaleb
Brian Penn (pictured left with Kaleb) 

This monster beat his son so hard that it killed him. His beautiful 7 week old son, and he gets jail time for what equates to a manslaughter charge. Another case of someone who should be sterilised to make sure he does not do it again. After all do it once…you are capable of doing it again and we cannot risk any more children dying because they are being born to this monster.

Now I am not a lawyer but manslaughter? Where is the murder sentence…life or in my preferred world hanging from a rope following 3 clear Sundays.

The baby suffered a skull fracture, a bleed to the brain, a serious brain injury and fractured ribs and was so badly injured, he died two days later at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Medics described his injuries as only seen after a ‘fall from a height or road traffic incident’. 

I am getting sick and tired of children being beaten to death by the very people who are supposed to protect them, and it really is about time we had proper sentencing as this murdering scumbag will be out in 6. The baby would be just over 6 years old then if he had lived.

Why not jail him for what could be considered the child’s natural life…say 80 years?

He beat a baby….a 7 week old baby to death. At 7 weeks maybe the only thing they can do is hold up their little heads. They certainly cannot fight back against a grown 30 year old man who is beating him to death.

I hope that he meets a really big man in jail who loves his mum, loves his children and hates child murderers and that this murderer is frightened everyday whilst he is in there, and I hope that he meets the real justice as 12 years is not justice and it is an insult to those of us who hold our children so dear.

Brian Penn was originally charged with murder and attempted murder but was found guilty of culpable homicide and assault following his trial at the High Court in Glasgow. I wish we were more like the United States of America as this monster would not see the late of day again.

Why should we have to pay for his upkeep with 3 meals a day, a warm bed, medical and dental help and god knows which bleeding hearts brigade society lining up to “work” with him. Why should we pay for that when this beautiful little boy had his life snatched away at 7 weeks.

7 weeks is 49 days folks and that is 1,176 hours, 70,560 minutes….that is all this monster allowed this poor boy before he beat him to death with his own hands.

Where is capital punishment when you need it……..

Starmer – soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime, and extra soft on criminals.

Sir Keir knee bending Starmer really has no idea of what your average United Kingdom person wants with regards to law and order, he never has and now he backs the release of a child murderer from prison.

What planet is Starmer on?

The killer in question needs to stay in prison until the day he dies and never mind the bleeding hearts in the parole board. It should be mandatory now…you take a life…be prepared to give up yours if not by hanging then by never leaving prison ever again.

Sir Keir Starmer pictured during Call Keir, a live phone-in on LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast

Colin Pitchfork raped and murdered two 15 year old girls in the 80s and he is now due to be released on parole.

Starmer of course taking the law breakers side stated that he has served the sentence imposed on him and should be released. Sir Keir told LBC Pitchfork had ‘served a long sentence and he served the sentence imposed on him by the court, and under our system that means there comes a point at which he has to be released’.  Always the Defence lawyer eh Starmer!

This murdering son a bitch not only murdered two young girls but he raped them too.

He raped and murdered Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth (shown below) and they have never had the chance to grow old, never had the chance to have a family, never had the chance to be with their family and all because this evil man took their lives for his own selfish perversion and Starmer thinks it is ok now he has served his time and he should be out.

Lynda Mann, 15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1983
Dawn Ashworth, 15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1986

That man will never repay his debt to society and he will never repay his debt to the families of those sweet, beautiful, innocent girls and shame on Starmer for backing the paedophile and murderer because he has been in prison. The law is an ass and he should never be released.

It is due to weak individuals like Starmer that child rapists and murderers are getting out of prison. After all look at what he did against Saville….oh yes…nothing.

He did nothing against the grooming gangs who raped and groomed their way through thousands of vulnerable white women, and Starmer….he did nothing….so are we really surprised he is stating this.

Detective Superintendent Baker, whose use of DNA evidence helped prove Pitchfork (pictured) raped and murdered 15-year-olds Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, said the full extent of the bakery worker's brutality in the attacks was never revealed
Colin Pitchfork….a murderer and paedophile…..remember this face folks.

Remember this face folks and keep your children safe because we know that no one really cares. The law is soft, the Government won’t do anything and Starmer has already shown in his capacity as Director of Public Prosecutions and the Crown Prosecution Service that he won’t do anything (he never stopped being a Defence lawyer…remember the defence of ISIS terrorists and the IRA), and that he is especially soft on crime, the causes of crime and those who commit crime. He really is not on the same page as us when it comes to demanding justice…….he could of been but he won’t, and the only way we can keep our children and those we love safe is to keep them with you, and out of the clutches of somebody like this. He will not change his spots and he is a continued danger, and will be so until the day he dies.

Maybe this evil pervert should have been handed over to the family in the beginning and then we would have seen justice.

Shame on Starmer for being so wooden in his response and shame on him for backing the very lapse law that allows this murdering pervert out of prison, and free to do this again, but then are we really surprised this is the stance the knee bender has taken?.

You cannot trust Starmer with the law and order we need in this country. He is soft on crime, the causes of crime and those who commit crime.