They have so far survived Zeus….

Today is my boys birthday….my furry boy Zeus is 6 and of course he had to have presents, although Mr Points of Sue did point out he gets presents every day….but today is special. Anyway I bought him a squeaky fish for £4.99 and a ball for £4.99 as well as his favourite chews andContinue reading “They have so far survived Zeus….”

The depths of barbarity….

I have read two articles today that reduced me to tears. One concerning a mother and her baby, and one concerning dogs as both are dear to my heart. I like millions of others saw the horrific pictures of a young pregnant mother being carried from the wreckage of a maternity hospital. Her pelvis wasContinue reading “The depths of barbarity….”

A 4 legged hero of the RAF….gets the Dickens VC….

A retired RAF Police dog has received the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross for protecting British and Allied troops in Afghanistan. German short-haired pointer Hertz has been honoured for his life-saving devotion to duty while deployed in 2013. He was the first dog in British military history trained to sniff out mobile phones, voiceContinue reading “A 4 legged hero of the RAF….gets the Dickens VC….”

Zeus wins again…another squeaky toy gone.

Another toy bought for Zeus bites the dust. Bought a squeaky toy today from the Food Warehouse for Zeus costing £1.29, and it felt a good weight and thought this should do it….it wasn’t a ball and I thought ooo maybe Wrong…it lasted 6 minutes. So back to the drawing board to find a toyContinue reading “Zeus wins again…another squeaky toy gone.”