Dad’s Army Lost Episodes

I am a fan of Dad’s Army and remember watching it with my dad, who had been in the Army in WW2 and we laughed and laughed. Joyous memories

I was so thrilled to know that there were 3 episodes that were lost being lovingly remade, and I am not disappointed

I know they are not the same characters as sadly all but two have died, but it was a homeage to a much loved group of home guards.

For me, Timothy West playing Godfrey is the most believable as he plays him beautifully.

Let’s get it “Ain’t half hot mum” available and on TV as it is funny and wonderful acting. Never mind the permanently offended stazi PC brigade…let’s have Windsor Davies back shouting “Shut up” with his wonderful Sgt Maj voice.

Jaw Dropping

Well I received something today that I had not expected. A reply from the Warrington South MP Faisal Rashid.

I thank him for his prompt reply and it is good to know that some MPs answer within a decent amount of time. The Tory party Chairman for Warrington South has not answered my questions and I still do not know the date of the supposed visit.

I will however be filming the interview with Mr Rashid and putting it on my blog and on my facebook account for people to make up their own minds.

Watch this space…….

Writing my book – The Longing

I did not realise when I started on my epic journey of writing a book just what it entailed. Thankfully my computer types for me due to injuries to my hands and with arthritis, CRPS etc, but I know that I am enjoying every minute of it. It is a welcome break and it allows one the freedom to let your imagination flow.

When finished it will be going up on the Amazon Kindle for those who want to read my first endeavour into book writing, as well as a synopsis on here as a taster.

Hypocrisy of the Rich

Carbon off-set scheme will have no ‘meaningful’ effect via

How stupid of the rich to state that oh we just chuck money at the eco problem, after dumping more carbon in one trip than the average person uses in a year.

Elton John has done himself no favours as we know the Sussex Markles don’t care what they do, how much they spend or who they wind up with their sanctimonious claptrap.

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