The idiot gene finds its home in the Labour party…..

Deputy Labour Leadership candidate Dawn Butler has sparked fury by suggesting that children are born without gender on a GMB appearance with Richard Madeley….

He asked her “do you think somebody that embraces transgender but nevertheless decides that there is a biological difference based on chromosoomes based on a penis that may not have been removed after surgery, are you saying that person is transphobic?”

Butler replied “If you are saying that a transwoman isn’t a woman then there are issues around that, talking about the private system doesn’t help the conversation because what you are saying then is a transwoman isn’t a woman by your own definition”.

Richard replied “You are confusing the questions with an opinion, I don’t hold that opinion at all” She demanded that Richard explain the penis reference and he stated that when a child is born they are identified and observed in a particular way”….


Ms Butler responded…A child is born without sex at the beginning”…..OMG where do they find these people? I gave birth to a daughter because she had no dangly bits…and two sons because they did….I didn’t have best out of three guess….

She is in the same category as the flat earthers….but definitely not someone on this planet. It seems that every idiot who wants to become an MP finds their niche in the labour party, and it is frightening that these people are sat in the commons having any say on our laws and what affects us (well thankfully not for the next 5 years)….do the people who vote her in really know what they are voting for?

As for me…I am going to lie down in a darkened room and say wibble….because of the state and lunacy of some of our politicians.

Khan needs to be grounded.

Yet again we are seeing pictures of Sadiq Khan with some member of the EU, and trying to act against the government, despite having no mandate, no government position and no request from the government to do so.

Barnier with Khan in the EU

When are the government going to hold this Mayor to account for the murder capital of the EU? He is too busy fluffing and dashing to and from Brussels and where he is now becoming a laughing stock. He is just the Mayor….so shouldn’t he just be opening curtains and turning up to fetes etc?

He might control the budget for the buses and the bins etc but he does not hold any mandate to even negotiate one jot in the EU and they are using him as their useful idiot for photoshoots. They know in the EU as does he that he has no power in London and when young people are killing each other with knives, the muggings, rapes and burglary numbers going through the roof…is this really what Londoners want to see? Especially as it will have been 1st Class travel which will now be on his expenses, and for which they are having to pay for.

He is the worst mayor that they have had. He is self obsessed, irrelevant and an absolute disaster for London. He has reduced it to nothing more than his expensive train set…after all he said when he was Mayor the London Underground prices would not rise…..and what a fibber…they did as soon as he got in, as well as the congestion charge going through the roof and he is hitting the taxpayers constantly and the poor people being scared at going out at night because he has no control, ….but then again he doesn’t care….he just wants to travel 1st class and getting involved in politics that is above his pay grade….as he knows that he is out at the next mayoral elections and that will put a stop to his gallivanting.

The government should clip his wings and tell him to do what he should be doing…making sure the bins are emptied and the buses run on time, and that the litter is off the streets as it seems he is incapable of doing anything else…or yes ….forgot he is very very good at endless whinging.

More ridiculous demands from the EU

Seems Barnier is now demanding that we return the elgin marbles as part of the negotiations….along with every other ridiculous demand. We need to just tell him to stick it and walk away.

They want us to give up the rock and our waters for their fish or they won’t take back the immigrants from France (well here’s an idea…take the boats back and dump on the French beaches), and its hell no with the Rock, and everything else that annoying Frenchman is demanding.

It goes to show that you cannot deal with these people and the idiot Barnier in the EU doesn’t realise that the harder he tries to play, the more we dig our heels in and hey…its obvious they don’t want the £39 billion which is great as it means our NHS, schooling and security services will get a bonus…so whoopee…and the EU….well see you, but won’t miss you.

We need to tell the EU see you on the 31st December 2020 for a farewell drink and away on WTO terms….after all they will demand reparations for them losing at Waterloo next….

Andrew Sabisky – Whoever hired this vile person needs to exit No 10.

Whoever hired this vile young person as an adviser needs a serious sacking at the very least….apart from his vile messages as listed below he is also a Eugenicist and we all know that eugenics is a pseudoscience based on prejudice and preinconceived notions and does not reflect the true scientific principles of validity, evidence and truth.

This is his veiled eugenics rubbish…..’Disabilities by race’ he reportedly said: ‘If the mean black American IQ is (best estimate based on a century’s worth of data) around 85, as compared to a mean white American IQ of 100, then if IQ is normally distributed, you will see a far greater percentage of blacks than whites in the range of IQs 75 or below, at which point we are close to the typical boundary for mild mental retardation.’

Reddit posts 

Reddit posts from seven years ago were highlighted by The National today in which Andrew Sabisky, apparently acting as an agony uncle, offered advice to users.

One exchange was with a woman who found ‘disturbing porn’ on her boyfriend’s computer, including erotic fiction about incest, paedophilia and rape. Mr Sabisky reportedly told her he didn’t ‘see all that much to worry about here’. “Fantasies are strange things. Unpredictable, of uncertain origin, hard to figure how they’ll relate to real life. I have a thing for incest erotica myself despite never having had those fantasies relating to my actual family. So long as he’s not actually breaking any laws and is restricting his viewing habits to girls 18 and up I wouldn’t be too squicked.’

On another occasion a Mormon man asked advice over his wife rebutting his sexual advances. He was told that his wife was ‘not very Christian’ and should ‘rewire’ her brain. Theologically speaking she is your wife and should submit to you as unto the Lord,’ Mr Sabisky reportedly wrote. 

So when he is not trying to get rid of a class of people by eugenics, he is calling people of colour the vilest of things or writing the above. At what point did the offensive fool pass vetting? They let him loose on defence projects and that is worrying. Boris does not need Cummings as much as Cummings thinks he does and Boris needs to stamp out this “Weirdo” drive Cummings is going on. No 10 needs to take back control and make sure such a vile person never gets through the door again.

Coronavirus – no mercy flights

David and Sally Abel are among 169 people confirmed to have the virus over the last 48 hours, taking the total on board the ship in Yokohama to more than 500. They will now be taken to hospital on the mainland just a day before their lockdown on board the Diamond Princess was due to end. ‘We have been proved positive and leaving for hospital soon. Blessings all,’ said Mr Abel, who has been providing regular updates from the ship. The UK government said today it was ‘working to organise a flight back to the UK’ for British passengers but it is unclear whether Mr and Mrs Abel will now be eligible to use this”.

Daily Mail

It is sad to read that they have both become unwell but can we really afford to bring people back with this horrid virus? It is like asking the plague to come and visit our shores once again. They must stay where they are as it only takes one to get out and boom….we have a misery on our hands and if they are being taken care off or have the access to medical care by a country who knows what they are doing….then for the love of god keep them there.

When all clear then of course fetch them home but can we really risk our young, elderly and unwell just because they are unhappy? For me…not a chance.

Somebody has a problem understanding…..

Lisa Nandy who is one of the people in the Labour Leadership Challenge yesterday was asked about the royal family and this is her reply “Ms Nandy said that the issue would not be a priority for Labour under her leadership, but that as a democrat she would not vote to keep the royal family – even though she would “quite like to see Queen Meghan at some point”.

It is rather worrying that such a simple question shows how poorly inadequate she is for leader…if you cannot work out the succession of Royal Princes and get that right….then how are you going to work out running the country?

Another duff one from Labour.