Why is Charlotte Nichols MP for Warrington North…

Privy to information of the collapse of Together Energy and the criminal way the Labour Warrington Council have fecklessly saddled us with this debt, and the taxpayers not?

She spends the majority of her time in Islington and does not pay into our local taxes. Any information should be available to all Warrington Council taxpayers, and not with an MP who is noted for being missing all the time, and where the local game is Where’s Charlotte.

I trust the Labour majority Council have given the information to Andy Carter, Tory MP for Warrington South. Wouldn’t want any allegations of colluding going on….and let’s face the facts…ANDY CARTER LIVES IN WARRINGTON, and he pays taxes here.

Working on it?? Don’t make laugh….she is not even working on getting to Warrington.

Shame on you leftist America, BLM and the Democrats…

For not defending and for defunding the Police.

The Police are the good guys….the BLM rioters, Antifa, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and that pathetic American hating AOC Cortez women are responsible for this….along with all the pathetic wokies who need a band wagon because they are useless in real life

They want anarchy….it keeps them in power and money….Stand up for your Police they are the good guys..


My political View…

I have been asked by one of my readers Tim to explain my opinions with regards to politics, as he is fascinated by my opinion but cannot work my approach on whether I am left or right in political views

If you had asked me this under Baroness Thatcher I would have been right of the Tory Party, as I believed in less Government interference in society not more…and as a soldier at the time she was PM I knew she had our backs.

I agreed on everything she did from curtailing Arthur Scargill, refusing to talk to terrorists, to fighting for the Falklands and taking the fight to the EU. I agreed with the ability to buy your former council house, and even the hated poll tax as I lived in a house with 5 adults, my widowed Aunt lived next door and up until that point she paid the same council tax….so in principle it was fair.

I voted Conservative again after she was ousted but the rot had begun to set in, and I disliked John Major and still do, and was not surprised to find out he had sold us out to the EU. He did nothing for Britain and was beaten by Tony Blair.

I have never voted Labour as the policies of Tony Blair never appealed to me. He and his cabinet were corrupt. Lord Mandelson having to leave cabinet twice for committing fraud yet ending up in the EU showed what calibre of men were in his cabinet, and in power It was in a way confusing to see where the Tories stopped and Blair began as he was all for capitalism and making so much money, and even started privatising the NHS.

I remember once Lord Mandelson saying he had no problem with people making themselves filthy rich, and from a Labour Government it smacked of corruption and something about him and the Labour Party didn’t sit well with me.

The opening up of our Borders for voters to ensure the power stayed with the Labour, or so they thought was the beginning of the end for honourable politics.

Infact the decline for me started under Major.

During the 15 years these two had power we had the signing away of our rights to the EU without telling the people, an illegal war, fraudulent ministers, comfort letters to terrorists, Blair doing work with every murdering despot such as Gaddafi, lining his own pockets, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands, the death of Dr David Kelly…and in those 15 years…nothing for the working man. Not really….we were thrown scraps from the rich peoples table and there was no growth.

Back came the Tories under Cameron, May and now Johnson. We have watched a Parliament try and thwart the will of the people, energy companies committing criminal greed with no Government minister keeping them down. The energy companies should be Government run and I know that is not how a Tory thinks, but I am lucky I can pay high gas prices but what about those who cannot?

If that is socialist thinking….then so be it. The utility companies and the trains should be run by the Government for the people at an affordable price. . Come April 500 pounds will be added to an already crippling bill and the rich get richer, and yet the Government is only thinking of ways to lessen the impact. It should take these industries straight back for the taxpayers.

The NHS should not have a 2 tier system for those who can pay getting priority. I am guilty of that….my darling mother needed a pace maker and we were told the only way they eould help is if we found her on the floor. Open the bank account and out of the woodwork comes the consultants. They couldn’t do enough and each check was £250, a ECG £550, reading notes another £500…just signing in for an appointment £50.

The private ward….yep in a NHS hospital. The choice of the finest menus for which I would get a bill, and not the usual unedible plates that some unlucky people find themselves with.

The NHS should have their budget met but NHS tourists stopped, and that includes those tipping up unwelcome on our shores.

The school system should have more money not less, and maybe if they hadn’t acted stupidily and spending some £37 BILLION pound on that useless app for Covid then we would have better functioning schools. 35 in a classroom is outrageous and there has been no real investment in our schools for years

I would cancel the student debt of those doing real courses like teachers, Doctors, engineers etc. My own son has a debt of £65 thousand pounds for his Doctorate, and this country has lost someone who could have made a huge difference in terms of science, and like all of those we desperately need he has moved abroad where the money is.

We are not wealthy by any means but it cost us over £40 thousand pounds to help him, whereas if these were free with grants…and the caveat that you must work within the system for 6 to 9 years…..just think of the advances we could make.

If we time barred our brightest and offered them free education, we would prevent the drain we have. All we are doing is letting people in with no qualifications who will Iive off us, and letting those go who we need and why???

Corporate greed. Our education is no longer real places of learning but businesses, and year in year out politicians state that something must be done, yet they saddle our young with debts that would crush people normally

I think in the end run I am no longer a Tory but I am not Labour and certainly no Lib Deb.

Politicians are in it for themselves. They lie, lie, lie and lie again. They are there for their own power and nothing else. There is no honour in Parliament nor No 10 and this rot set in starting with Major.

We have people on benefits being forced to pay for utilities that are out of their income abilities and was it really necessary to take the £20 pound uplift of them? That’s just mean and they could use it now.

We have pensioners who have worked all their lives, and whose taxes put the majority of dishonest MPs through Parliament with no debt for them, being told they are greedy expecting a promise to be kept with the triple lock and who will struggle like the lower paid to heat or eat.

In the 21st Century that is disgusting.

We are told that we are signing contracts all around the world, yet the benefits are not reaching those who need it the most. It is only reaching the already wealthy.

All I see today is dishonesty, greed, sleaze and the poor getting walked all over.

It is not the Conservatives but all politicians and I guess in the end you could call me disillusioned. I do not consider myself as belonging to any party.

I believe in capitalism but not on the very things that people are being priced out of such as the trains and utilities.

Monies that the Government have is not their money but ours, and it is mismanaged to a criminal degree, and only those who are in power or their friends profit and it is the poor who suffer and that is wrong.

I believe in a strong military and not cut to the bone like every Government has done since Major.

I do not believe we should get involved in any incursion by the Russians into the Ukraine, because if we cannot afford more money for the NHS then how do we afford that?

I am an advocate for shutting our borders and anyone not here legally should be thrown out of the country. When we are struggling with our own people’s needs, why should we consider theirs? They need to go home and fight for their own country.

We should invest in our children more and look after our elderly, free education for the young and free health care for the elderly.

We should have stronger laws for MPs and PMs who break a code of ministerial or parliamentary law. We are in this mess because we vote in such a low quality of individual.

We need more police on the streets, capital punishment brought back. Longer jail sentences and no cushy cell…hard Labour and using prison as a deterant, and we need the Met to be scrapped because it was rotten from the top down.

Councils should not be allowed to gamble recklessly with taxpayers money as it affects the poorest and most vulnerable. It closes libraries, museums, sport centres, day care centres, places for the young and elderly to go and shuts down transport badly needed.

Again the poorest and most vulnerable suffer and true to form like MPs the councillors behave in a shocking manner and its always the few who benefit not the many.

Finally I would get rid of the woke garbage that is gripping society. There is no them, they, zee, zem etc. Having toilets that are safe and for one sex only. There would be none of this wokeness or BLM taught in schools. No PC madness and none of this white privilege nonsense but good old fashioned maths, English, English language, sciences, history, geography etc. Things they will need in the world….

I guess in the end the ideology of your youth turns out to be a disappointment of your older age. You tend to only see what you want until the day you open your eyes and realise that the beliefs you held were towards false corrupt people, and when you do….the voting stops.

A woman who pushes her man…

When a group of tourists visited a crocodile farm, the owner of the place launched a daring proposal;
-Whoever dares to jump, swim to shore and survive, I will give 1 million dollars.

Nobody dared to move, suddenly a man jumped into the water and desperately swam towards the shore while he was chased by all the crocodiles.

With great luck he arrived, taking the admiration of everyone in the place, then the owner announced;
-We have a brave winner.

After collecting their reward, the couple returned to the hotel, upon arrival, the manager told him; he was very brave to jump, then the man said;
-I didn’t jump, someone pushed me!

His wife smiled …

Moral: “Behind every successful man, there is a woman who pushes him.”

Guy Verhofstadt dreams of Great Britain….

Otherwise why would he be bothered about what does or doesn’t happen here? He is obsessed like some jilted boyfriend.. its creepy…

The queues are longer at Dover because of individuals like him bringing in anal retentive checks, but then we all know that Verhofstadt is anal and retentive.

Maybe the irritating little Belgian needs to look to Europe and see what is massing there in the guise of Russia, as one day in the not too distant future they will have to ask for our help, and unlike Verhofstadt we are not petty and we will help, as that is what we do. After all we did it before and we will do it again.

Hundreds of thousands of British Servicemen, the flower of our youth lie under the soil of Belgium sacrificed for their freedom and where they lie is British soil, and it will always be British soil but the petulant stomping Verhofstadt doesn’t see it that way.

He can see no further than a dictatorial Europe where power and money lie in his greasy grasp. Why is he bothered? Oh yes the cash cow of Europe left and that must of hit his pockets hard.

Poor thing….having to exist on hundreds of thousands of Euros a year, access to private cars, private jets, opulent spending in malls created only for them and first access to vaccines and medical care, whilst the people of Europe died, and telling countries their budgets are cut….well fire him first….save a fortune. After all the people of Brlgium didn’t want him and booted him out of power.

Always the funded gravy train for a select few…..Reminds me of something….oh yes Stalinism or Nazism at its best.

He needs to realise he is one of the major reasons why Brexiteers voted out. We don’t want our lives dictated to by a jumped up little wannabe Corporal in the EU, and maybe if he used that endless hot air to a greater good thousands of houses could be kept warm

Surviving the Zeus stress test…

The Fenrir Hammer has survived the Zeus stress test. My son bought it for him at a cost of £15 with £5 postage is indestructible. Website below.

If you have a chewer like me it is awesome and you can put treats in the Hammer too. Available for all sizes.

“The Fenrir Hammer – Fenrir Canine Leaders UK” https://www.fenrircanineleaders.co.uk/products/the-fenrir-hammer?variant=40857940328644

One very happy pup…..

Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance…..

When the poster boy for a Bond Villain looks and acts like this ..

and the leader of the Free World is like this…..

Then the build up on the Ukraine by Russia is serious and deadly. Secretary of State Blinken is a failure and Afghanistan showed that….and Russia is not scared of the USA….after all Swampy Joe and Cackling Kamala are in charge.

The Ukraine will be overrun by Russia because no one is worried about the doddery old man in the Whitehouse. Funny how this never arose under Donald Trump. Like or loathe him ..he kept the peace because he was unpredictable, and you need that in a leader and Swampy Joe is weak, embarrassingly weak.

This is going to cost us the lives of our younger generations, and the sons and daughters of our countries are going to suffer the most, and all because of an old man out of his depth and very weak.

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