Hospitals selling fruit

At Warrington hospital they have allowed a fruit and vegetable seller to set up a stall. The fruit is lovely, fresh and for instance the satsumas are huge. I purchased red apples, plums, cherries etc as well as all my vegetables and salad and all for a cost £25.00 per week.

I think it is a brilliant idea as the hospital encourages healthy eating, the seller is earning a living and the hospital getting paid for the stall.

The food to be purchased there is much nicer than any supermarket, and I will be a weekly customer. Well done Warrington, and let’s encourage more of this.

Dinner Diet Day 4

One piece of chicken, lightly salted and cooked on a very slow heat.

Cost £2.39 for chicken and divided between 4.

1 medium Cyprus potato, (35p) and frozen veg…£2.00 between 4) and gravy…(bisto ..usage was £0.40p)

All in all a lovely healthy Roast chicken dinner for £1.55 per person. It has filled me up and I don’t calorie count, but rather portion control and always make sure 1/2 of my plate are vegetables.

Only 3 days to the next weigh in…..

Eurovision…..what a con

What is they say…music brings the people together!!! Well not when they are voting for the UK.

I watched in disbelief as San Marino and Iceland got more points and they were really awful.

Madonna warbled and sounded dreadful, and the whole show was just a political con, and to think we are a major contributor. Time to end the con and leave….

Day 3 Tea

My meal was surprisingly lovely.

Take 1 small Cyprus potato and mix cottage cheese with prawns (add to the 🥔), and then sweet tomato’s and cucumber.

I don’t calorie count but build my meal around the main part, I.e the small potato and then when you fill it, it looks full even though you will eat less.

Home made jellied fruit after and it was lovely and cool.

Diet plan day 1

My meal tonight was lovely…..

1 Young’s battered fish…249 calories

8 large chips and some mushy peas.

Followed by a jelly with fresh strawberries in it.

The whole lot was 650 calories, and very full.

The whole lot cost £4.00 for 2 dinners.

Tomorrow I will be making my own recipes and uploading pictures.

I am aiming to lose 10lbs a month minimum, so follow me….

Diet and Breakfast

Beat 2 large free range or organic fresh eggs, a thin slice of salmon (salmon bits will do) and a pinch of pepper. 1spray into a pan and low heat….scramble.

Eggs were £1.80p for 6 for 3 breakfasts.

Salmon pieces £1.65 for 3 breakfasts.

Total cost £1.15 for a delicious healthy meal.

Slowness of eating helps and chew every mouthful and savour it and it is lovely….When hungry mid morning have a banana….but no bread. Allow 2 slices per day but only wholemeal…save till lunch.

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