Murdering Sharks

Fishermen film themselves hacking off a shark’s tail in Greenland via

Let’s tie their feet and throw them in a sea of sharks, and see how far those murdering punks swim.

Please share and get justice….sick of abusers.

Sadiq Khan brands Donald Trump ‘a 20th century facist’ via

Everyday Khan opens his mouth and hate spews out. If he spent as much energy on the spiralling knife murder rate as does calling The President, he might get something done.

Khan is a disgrace of a politician, a failure and a hate monger. He should be removed from office.

Warrington Drop In Bloods that is anything but…

Had to repeat my bloods today, due to becoming unwell. The Dr informs me with a smile that there is a drop in clinic in the surgery…..

Showed up at 0910 and promptly lost the will to live ….

What a shambles. You have to book in and then that is where the organisation finishes…..the receptionists are giving out numbers as if in a lottery, and never in order. Coupled with the fact one of them is telling patients there are no drop ins!!

People are waiting upwards of an hour whilst others waltz in…I was given 19…yet a chap arriving 40 minutes after was given 11….no guesses who got in first.

Then shock, horror there is just ONE lady taking bloods and from the wait in the reception, to another wait outside the bloods room

Totally disorganized and hopefully I won’t need to repeat. If retail outlets were offering the same customer service as the disorganized bloods department, they would promptly go bankrupt.

What a sorry state for the NHS.

Democracy Deniers

Why are the mainstream parties so eager to dismiss the BREXIT party?

I have been a life long conservative and have and always will admire Lady Thatcher, but the bunch that are in Government today are appalling. Labour are much worse with their flip flopping, anti semetic, socialist rants and the Lib Dems and Greens…..oh dear they just want to deny democracy…..and that is a slippery slope to dictatorial Politicians, and the eradication of our rights.

Hence, why I and millions of others voted for the BREXIT party, and will continue to do, as no other party can be trusted with our rights, civil liberties and our will to decide our laws by ourselves.

Alistair Campbell’s Comment

Watching the BBC last night, I had to endure the sight of Alistair Campbell. I do not and never will like the man, but to comment to the BREXIT party about keeping the “roubles coming in” was two things……

1. Showed what a sore loser he is

2. What a thoroughly loathsome character he is, and happy to label others wrongly….maybe we need to look further into Dr David Kelly.

Why the BBC insist on having someone classed as “irrelevant” in the Chilcott report is beyond me, but then we are talking the Bias Broadcasting Company.

I hope OFCOM and the BREXIT party challenge both Campbell and the BBC, as the loss of both from the screen will not be missed.

Idiotic MPs statistics

When will the idiots who say…oh if you add the lib dem, green and change UK vote together, then you have remain.

What the morons have not taken into account is that if you count the BREXIT party, the leave conservative and leave labour voters…then leave win.

I am fed up to the back teeth of this whinging statement of “people’s vote”. We are people and we voted. OUT WON.

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