Rebecca Wrong Daily gets it wrong daily again.

It seems Rebecca Long Bailey is determined never to have a labour party take control of the helm and be the government. She is now demanding changes to the party where it makes it easier to get rid of the moderate MPs and make the nominations open to momentum with their vile policies, their rabid anti semetism and where everything that they stand for is offensive to the public with any brains.

This will make it easier for momentum and the leftist rubbish to gain more MPs which is laughable as the electorate rejected their monstrosity in the first place.

At a London campaign event on Tuesday Ms Long-Bailey promised to introduce open selections of MP candidates if she becomes leader in place of Jeremy Corbyn in April. That would make it much easier for sitting MPs who want to seek re-election to be booted out. Ms Long-Bailey said: ‘We need to rip up our outdated rule book that has held back our members for too long and throw open the door to a new generation of MPs and candidates. ‘Being an MP or elected representative is a privilege that must be earned, and I want to open the discussion now on how our candidates should be selected, how we nurture and bring through talent in our movement, whilst recognising and valuing the experience of sitting MP’s.’ Efforts by Momentum to make this happen before December’s election proved unsuccessful, with no MPs standing for re-election being de-selected (Daily Mail).

She has already been referred to as Corbyn in a skirt and describing him as a 10/10 leader is hysterical. She has no idea that he is disliked and she will be equally disliked with her nasty policies and the backing of momentum. Lets face it anyone in momentum really is the pondlife of politics.

From a conservative point of view it is funny to watch the Labour party pull itself apart as none of them are fit to be the leader, but then there are no particularly good MPs in Labour that would be able to take the Government on, which is great for us and will guarantee that Boris gets in again.

I should imagine that all 4 of them in the Labour leadership challenge are totally blind to the fact that they are not liked, not respected and their policies are divided, non coherent and they will be subjected to the same humiliation at the next election as this one. Still I guess the £131k the leader gets makes it all worthwhile…FOR ONE OF THEM.

Its LAW….Hurrah

HM The Queen has at long last signed the Brexit Withdrawal Bill and we are now LEAVING…we’re OFF…..hurrah!

The announcement of Royal Assent was made in the House of Commons by deputy speaker Nigel Evans shortly after 2.30pm this afternoon. He interrupted proceedings and said: ‘Royal Assent. I have to notify the House in accordance with the Royal Assent Act 1967 that Her Majesty has signified her Royal Assent to the following act: European Union Withdrawal Agreement Act 2020.’ 

I have my Union Flag ready and will be flying it high a week on Friday, and at 2300hrs…my neighbours and I will be out in the avenue with a bottle of bubbly and hearty congratulations all around, and yes we have invited our neighbours. They moved to the UK from Europe to make a life here and they are as happy as we are, and we have grown to be very fond of them.

The thing remainers didn’t understand and still don’t….we don’t hate Europe infact quite the opposite. I love the people and the places in Europe. I have been to Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Holland and France and everywhere we went…the people were lovely and welcoming and I hope that doesn’t change. What I hated was being ruled by a monstrosity who didn’t understand us, was determined to humiliate us at every turn and who wanted nothing more than to turn us into a vassal state bank account. I wanted British law written by a British Parliament and where our law makers are accountable to the electorate. A sovereign nation and masters of our own destiny.

That is why remainers will never understand and why they think wrongly that we are fascists. The question I want to ask is how can you be fascist against an organisation as it is not a country, has no residents, no religion, does not produce goods and is not self reliant…but rather they are just a drain on the welfare of good neighbours and create divisions and hardships time and time again. It will not end well for them….thank god.

Not our problem anymore as I said…we’re going and we are glad to be going…We’re OFF (as stated by the great Anne Widdicombe).

THIRD Chinese city is put in lockdown as experts warn deadly coronavirus outbreak is MUTATING – as Singapore and Vietnam become the latest countries to confirm cases.

This is truly awful and those poor people who are suffering from this virus are in my thoughts. I have a wonderful young friend out in China and she is teaching and I am praying that she will remain safe.

The experts think that the virus has come from the illegal meat trade of snakes or bats and it is a pneumonia type virus ….and that upto 10,000 people have been infected already. That is frightening. It has now spread to the US and Europe and we must try and do everything we can to protect ourselves in the UK.

I am of course worried for Mr Points of Sue as he has a lung disease for which he requires life saving medication and if it hits our shores then we are going to go into bunker mentality, putting our prepping skills to good use and not be seen for about a year. …. but seriously this must be terrifying for those people who suffer with lung or heart complaints.

The fact that it is spreading so easily is really concerning

This means the illness has now spread to nine countries, including the US, and European health officials fear the never-before-seen virus will reach the continent where the UK and other nations are already on high alert. 

“It was revealed today that an American man infected with the deadly virus – which Chinese officials have warned will mutate and become deadlier – came into close contact with at least 16 people before he was put in isolation.” Daily Mail

This is seriously worrying that the virus is spreading so easily and it is being viewed as the same as the SARS 2003 outbreak and the recent Ebola outbreak.

The British Government has a lockdown on anyone coming from the city of Wahun and that all passengers will be put into solitary…but surely they should ban the flights completely as we all know the superbug virus is lurking, and waiting for man to take his eye off the ball and the victims will be the elderly, the children and those with serious illnesses….hence the worry for Mr Points of Sue.

Daily Mail – “One professor yesterday warned the outbreak has a death rate similar to the global Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918, which went on to kill more than 50million people. Data suggests two in 100 people who catch the virus will die”.

I don’t think man will ever be happy until we have either killed each other in war or through a virus that we make as lets face it, killing each other is our favourite hobby.

My heart goes out to the victims and if there is a need to restrict all flights as the world has gotten smaller and now it is making it easier for all sorts of nasties to get in areas that would have been impossible at one time. Guess advancement is not always a good thing.

(C) Daily Mail
  • Cases have now been reported in 25 provinces in China, with 593 patients now infected overall across the entire world
  • Patients suspected to have the infection are being tested in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Canada 
  • Technology giant Huawei has postponed its annual developer conference in China by more than a month following the outbreak of coronavirus
  • Lunar New Year celebrations planned for Beijing this weekend have been cancelled over fears large gatherings may spread the virus
  • Singapore became the eighth country to confirm it has a patient infected with the coronavirus
  • Vietnam became the ninth country to confirm cases – a Chinese father and son are ‘in good condition’ in a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City
  • US authorities said at least 16 people are monitored in Washington State after coming into contact with a man there who is infected 
  • Social media has shown chaotic scenes in Wuhan, the London-sized Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak, as it comes to the end of its first day in lockdown 

I and no doubt millions of others will be watching this with alarm and hoping that we are spared what must be a dreadful, dreadful virus.

If we let them be…maybe Meghan and her dad will meet and forgive each other.

I watched the programme last night with Thomas Markle and I felt sorry for him. I really do as he has been hung up high and dry by all parties concerned. Surely it was up to the Institution of the Royal Family…i.e. the grey men to ensure that Thomas Markle had help, advice and a press officer to help him, as lets face it how many of us could suddenly be thrust into the world cameras and come out of it normal?

I dislike publicly speaking as I get nervous, so god knows what this poor chap felt like as every move he made was dissected and no doubt ridiculed. .

I think why I feel sorry for him is that his daughter is still here, and very much talked and photographed yet he cannot see her nor his grandson. It must be so painful for him and yes I will state painful for her…as I think it has gotten to the point that she must feel that somethings cannot be fixed.

I no longer have my father and for the last 18 months of his life a very silly argument robbed me of the chance of seeing him. I heard however one day that he was poorly and in hospital, and I knew my siblings were not going to be there so I asked my youngest son to go with me and one nervous daughter entered the ward.

I saw dad and he gave me a big smile and I sat with him and told him that I loved him very much. I never expected my dad to say sorry (he had been anti semetic towards my husband), and it had gotten too much for me and I said some dreadful things and walked…but I always missed him as I am sure Meghan misses hers, and thankfully I was given the chance to make it up with him.

We might have only had 30 minutes together and sadly my dad died not long after that but I look back knowing that before he passed we got to say I love you once more. Maybe, if the press backed off and let them be so that they could get together in private they might realise that they need each other…. as one day he won’t be here and it is bad enough coping without your father at any age, but to know that you did not speak before hand could be devastating.

I think her dad if he separates himself from the other Markles where Meghan and Archie are concerned, and make sure they and the rest of the world know they are out of bounds and discussions she just might feel a lot happier, have more strength and the love back of her dad…..after all with dad backing you….you can achieve anything.

Looks like Bercow can kiss goodbye to a peerage….

Thank god common sense is prevailing and it looks like Bercow will not get a peerage even after Jeremy Corbyn tried in a sly way to get his equally nasty mate one.

You have to ask yourself did Bercow agree to cause all the trouble he did with Parliament because Corbyn had offered him a peerage, especially as in 2009 he wanted out of Europe. Was the whole thing a ploy to make the conservative party fall, get Corbyn elected, keep his post as speaker and then get a guaranteed peerage and Government role? Anything is possible with Bercow and we know that Corbyn cannot be trusted whatsoever.

Anyway the good news is that the Government office can block any peerage and because he is now under investigation for bullying (which I can imagine the annoying pipsqueak did by the bucket load) that he won’t be allowed a peerage as it expected those who are made Lords are expected to behave above and beyond, and we know that Bercow can’t.

Even joining the Labour party which I am of no doubt he will do because he is so desperate to get that peerage, will still not get him in the chamber as Boris Johnson and the cabinet are determined he will pay for what he did to the people, and the arrogance with which he did it.

The way he spoke to Black Road was disgusting and Lt Gen Leahy (former Black Road) is a gentleman and he as now raised his head above the parapet and stated that Bercow does not deserve one. The former Clerk to the Commons has made a complaint about his bullying and it seems he was quite happy to reduce staff to tears, staff going off sick andBercow smashing things against the wall in temper. Is that really how we expect the Speaker of the House of Commons to behave?

Talking about dreadful behaviour….Corbyn cannot be serious to put Tom Watson up for a peerage. He has behaved in a disgusting manner towards members of the Lords and I am sure they don’t want him in there. After all any of them could be subject to his nonce finder general crusade and who would want that sort of man in there? He accused Lord Brittan, Lord Bramhall and Lord Jenner in the most slanderous way and he should not be rewarded for allowing 4 men….including Harvey Proctor to be investigated for the most awful lies that he instigated and for that he should receive nothing.

Their Lordships should behave with integrity, honesty and upholding the good name of the Lords chamber and both Bercow and Watson are incapable of doing this.

As a taxpayer I don’t want to pay for these two, not one brass farthing and they should just be left out in the cold and forgotten about.