Starmer – soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime, and extra soft on criminals.

Sir Keir knee bending Starmer really has no idea of what your average United Kingdom person wants with regards to law and order, he never has and now he backs the release of a child murderer from prison.

What planet is Starmer on?

The killer in question needs to stay in prison until the day he dies and never mind the bleeding hearts in the parole board. It should be mandatory now…you take a life…be prepared to give up yours if not by hanging then by never leaving prison ever again.

Sir Keir Starmer pictured during Call Keir, a live phone-in on LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast

Colin Pitchfork raped and murdered two 15 year old girls in the 80s and he is now due to be released on parole.

Starmer of course taking the law breakers side stated that he has served the sentence imposed on him and should be released. Sir Keir told LBC Pitchfork had ‘served a long sentence and he served the sentence imposed on him by the court, and under our system that means there comes a point at which he has to be released’.  Always the Defence lawyer eh Starmer!

This murdering son a bitch not only murdered two young girls but he raped them too.

He raped and murdered Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth (shown below) and they have never had the chance to grow old, never had the chance to have a family, never had the chance to be with their family and all because this evil man took their lives for his own selfish perversion and Starmer thinks it is ok now he has served his time and he should be out.

Lynda Mann, 15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1983
Dawn Ashworth, 15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1986

That man will never repay his debt to society and he will never repay his debt to the families of those sweet, beautiful, innocent girls and shame on Starmer for backing the paedophile and murderer because he has been in prison. The law is an ass and he should never be released.

It is due to weak individuals like Starmer that child rapists and murderers are getting out of prison. After all look at what he did against Saville….oh yes…nothing.

He did nothing against the grooming gangs who raped and groomed their way through thousands of vulnerable white women, and Starmer….he did nothing….so are we really surprised he is stating this.

Detective Superintendent Baker, whose use of DNA evidence helped prove Pitchfork (pictured) raped and murdered 15-year-olds Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, said the full extent of the bakery worker's brutality in the attacks was never revealed
Colin Pitchfork….a murderer and paedophile…..remember this face folks.

Remember this face folks and keep your children safe because we know that no one really cares. The law is soft, the Government won’t do anything and Starmer has already shown in his capacity as Director of Public Prosecutions and the Crown Prosecution Service that he won’t do anything (he never stopped being a Defence lawyer…remember the defence of ISIS terrorists and the IRA), and that he is especially soft on crime, the causes of crime and those who commit crime. He really is not on the same page as us when it comes to demanding justice…….he could of been but he won’t, and the only way we can keep our children and those we love safe is to keep them with you, and out of the clutches of somebody like this. He will not change his spots and he is a continued danger, and will be so until the day he dies.

Maybe this evil pervert should have been handed over to the family in the beginning and then we would have seen justice.

Shame on Starmer for being so wooden in his response and shame on him for backing the very lapse law that allows this murdering pervert out of prison, and free to do this again, but then are we really surprised this is the stance the knee bender has taken?.

You cannot trust Starmer with the law and order we need in this country. He is soft on crime, the causes of crime and those who commit crime.

Biden cannot tackle Putin and Putin knows this….

Putin is akin to the world’s best Bond villain and the Biden Administration must be sweating buckets knowing that their man is going to be meeting him in Geneva later today. I should imagine there are some very wrought nerves being lost right about now….

Putin is a master manipulator and he doesn’t care one jot what the Western world think of him, in true villain style and he must be rubbing his hands in glee at the thought of getting a one to one with a man who is clearly suffering from dementia. After all, if you look closely at the video above his wife has to lead him away and this is so common in people who do not know where they are.

Putin is already sending his ships to scoot round Hawaii as a threat and he is a threat because he knows the man in the White House is uniquely weak in terms of being a President, and China has turned its tentacles to Taiwan. It is akin to a large great white circling its victim, and Putin has the same no soul in his eyes as a shark does and the damage he will do will be monumental.

A Russian sailor participates in naval war games in the Pacific in video released by the Russian ministry of defense. Russia's massive war games, the largest since the Cold War, come as Biden prepares to meet with Putin
A Russian sailor participates in naval war games in the Pacific in video released by the Russian ministry of defense. Russia’s massive war games, the largest since the Cold War, come as Biden prepares to meet with Putin
A Chinese Air Police 500 AWACS similar to one that encroached on Taiwan on Tuesday is seen above. Taiwan reported the largest ever incursion into its ADIZ, with 28 warplanes breaching the identification zone
Chinese Air plane over Taiwan and Taiwan reported that TWENTY EIGHT planes breeched their air space.

There is already the admittance that Biden will not hold a joint press conference with Putin. We know it is because Biden will look weak when Putin goes off script for questions and we all know he will do that and it has been decided that Biden will not speak side by side. This does nothing more than make the supposed leader of the free world look incredibly weak and both Russia and China know this and that is why they are building up their war drills.

Why do you think they are circling? They know that he is weak and they will continue this build up of their armed forces and any threats from Biden who really is not well is something they will just dismiss.

Is Biden going to only have pre submitted questions from his choice journalists or will there be a collection from everywhere, especially Russia as trust me they will have questions that they have not submitted, and this will do nothing more than cause confusion and if they don’t take questions freely then it shows a total weakness.

Biden cannot win which ever way he deals with it, and this is because he is putting up front and centre as a strong President when in reality we know he is a President with dementia and shame on the administration for agreeing to this.

If he cannot because of his cognitive ability take free thrown questions then he should not be doing a press conference, and he should not be having a meeting with a man who is the wiliest of creatures and who knows that all he has to do is throw Biden off the pre-determined script, and then boom the world will see what he is like and it will not end well for Biden.

Putin in his typical Bond villain role will delight in this humiliation and will press it further and further, and there is not only that but Putin knows he has China with them and what a better way to show the West how weak they are by demolishing the President of the United States of America.

President Putin is the human equivalent of a great white…

Never thought I would feel sorry for President Biden but humiliation is waiting for him and no one should be subjected to that in the name of politics, and all because some Americans hated Orange Man Bad. Surely it would be better to have a strong man put his points across and who cannot be caught out rather than trying to minimise the damage before it even starts.

In closing I hope I am totally wrong but I doubt it as one of the problems with dementia is that people who become stressed out cannot finish conversations, get lost in thoughts and go off the subject matter and this is what is going to happen to Biden. It is a shame really.

Terrorist supporter says “pretty please”

I am of course talking about Shamima Begum. Another day and another whinge fest at her wanting to come back to the one place she left voluntarily.

She is now trying to show that she is a westerner with her method of dress, and no doubt there are some who will believe that changing for jeans and t-shirt means that she is westernised….well no it doesn’t. She is still the same vile person who joined ISIS and clothes do not change whats inside you. She is rotten to the core.

The former East London schoolgirl left Britain to join Islamic State when she was 15 in 2015
Terrorist supporter Begum.

She is now saying that she wants to come home pretty please and that she is wanting to help others who have suddenly learnt the errors of their ways now they are in a camp in Syria, but of course she does not require to be put through any such thing as in her own words…”she was just a silly kid”.

Lets not forget this is the same “silly kid” who said it didn’t bother her seeing someone decapitated and seeing heads in bins. It didn’t bother her that ISIS who she supported wholeheartedly were:

Murdering Yazidis.

Selling young Yazidi women and children and babies as sex slaves, and murdering those they considered too old.

Throwing homosexuals of the roof for being nothing more than a gay person.

Beheading children for daring to have a western ring tone on their phone.

The mass murdering of those who homes they took over.

Crucifying people because it showed terror.

Beheading foreigners who had come out to help those less fortunate themselves.

Locking a Jordanian pilot in a cage and setting fire to it.

Using death, threats and intimidation to restrict freedoms that people had come to know.

Organising and taking part in terror bombings throughout Europe and the USA.

Destroying some of the most priceless architecture the world has known.

There is also the discussion that Begum was one of the terror female so called police who whipped others for daring to break what they considered their laws.

Begum now looks very different from her previous image as a jihadi bride in a hijab and head scarf

Now, you tell me is that someone who should be let in? The only miscarriage of justice here is that anyone like her who followed these bunch of cockroaches are actually back in the UK. We should have hung them all as they lost any right to justice when they murdered their first victim.

She is not sorry….she just does not want to live in the camp she is in.

Ask yourself would she be wanting to come back to this “awful westernised society” if ISIS were still in control. We know that answer is no and she would be lording it about with the power of life and death of those they considered lesser beings.

I don’t know what she is constantly complaining about, she is in her caliphate. A Muslim land where there are laws and ways of living that suit her ideology. This is a far easier place to live than the one her and her terrorist friends were going to inflict so she should be happy. She is in the land she wanted to be in.

What should happen is that this awful woman should be handed over to the Yazidi women and what remains of their men to come up with a fitting form of punishment, and if it is execution then so be it. She lost the right to any form of defence the minute she fled to join these terrorists. Don’t forget…this “silly kid” was producing radio and media broadcasts encouraging others to join.

She is not sorry. She is just sorry that the life of wealth and terror she planned to inflict on others did not go to plan and that is why she wants to come here.

Well, thanks to the Home Secretary she is not our problem and I don’t know why she keeps moaning she wants to come back. Surely Bangladesh is the ideal place as her father lives there and that is another Muslim country and again, she would be living the life she wanted to inflict on others, only on a lesser scale. It must be really burning that the life of terror she had planned for others did not bear fruit.

No, what she wants is a life of ease and a bit of a celebrity as we know now that this god awful woman will be on TV and other other form of media who sink low enough to have her, and why should my hard earned taxes and indeed the hard taxes of millions of others go towards protecting her. Let her run any gauntlet as that is nothing more than she deserves.

She is wasting her breath asking to come back as she is not required in this country, her or terrorist chums as when you commit acts of terrorism you lose the right to live anywhere near decent people and I don’t care if she spends the rest of her life stuck in a tent, and that it is awful and the living conditions deteriorate as this is nothing more than she deserves….it is called karma.

So suck it up terrorist lover….no one really cares that life for you is awful and I hope the Government continue to keep her out.

This is a hidden diamond…

If you are visiting Stoke on Trent at all during the summer months or even when it is cold and we are opened up again, then please pay a visit to the Castletown Distillery in the heart of the town.

They make their own rum there and you, the customer can mix your own too and it is one of the coolest places I have had the opportunity to visit and give it a 10/10. Staffordshire Gin founders Jay Davies and Claire Gibbs have opened Castletown Distillery Bar and Shop in the former Blues Bar building in Hick Street, Newcastle. The venue offers premium quality spirits, craft beers and hot drinks as well as ‘experience days’ where customers can learn how to distill their own gin, vodka or rum using one of the five mini stills which have been installed at the venue.

The waiting staff were wonderfully pleasant and you were not left waiting long. Obviously due to it being Covid restricted there was limited space, but we found a seat outside and it was a very nice way to spend the afternoon.

They fetch a menu to you and this is a drinks menu and they make the most amazing rum and the different smells are lovely, and it was not too pricy at all. You don’t have to have rum and you can have anything from spirits, lager, ale, diet coke or even a tea or coffee but the whole place is clean, the staff cleaned between patrons and as I stated you were not waiting long to be served.

We were lucky and got in before the rush arrived as it is popular, and the fact that you can have a tour and make your own rum was not lost on some. It is all in all worth a visit.

You are at the back of the high street and there are no cars disturbing you and the people passing are not many and that makes it even nicer, and it was a relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours and if you can then go visit, stay and have a drink….you won’t be disappointed.

The gin lab

The Gin Lab where you can mix and match.

Well I met one….I actually met one……

What is it I met today….a self entitled git who needs lessons in manner and driving!!

Let me explain…..

Needed to go to the shop to get some bits for my cats and even though I am disabled I will not take up any of the parking spaces specified for the disabled, as I will use my walking sticks to get to the door and am always thinking that there are worse people than me and like to leave the space for them.

Well today….I actually saw the most self entitled moron park his top of the range Range Rover in one of the only two disabled parking spaces. There was only one space that was left for a disabled driver and there were parking spaces elsewhere….infact there was plenty of parking available……but not this entitled young brat……he wanted the space right outside the door.

... Empowerment to Entitlement: The corruption of the self-help movement

Out he gets with no sign of disability, but I am always aware that there are some disabilities that you cannot see but nope….there was no blue disability card. He just got out taking up the very valuable space and denying the space to someone who needed it, as without access to the space a disabled person can often not park their car as having to walk across a car park can be exhausting, or they needed to get to the disabled wheelchair that stores have. It is not easy at all when you are disabled to even do something so easy as shopping.

So, me being on my disability crusade stated to Mr Points of Sue that was definitely a disabled parking space and he really should of thought of others, lets not forget he denied a disabled person the right to park their car. So, he pressed the button on his expensive car and the boot opened, and another part lowered and he put in his heavy shopping with no difficulty and there was bags and bags of shopping.

Then, when finished he got in his car and promptly left the car park going the wrong way and way too fast forcing another car to swerve from him and the language was blue from his car to the person who was driving the right way..I had never seen anything like it before.

Not only that but he had just pushed his trolley back and decided that parking it back properly was not for him and instead he just pushed the trolley across both piles of trollies, and left it there at an angle that made it difficult to take others back. This caused distress to the poor woman who was behind him and who had to try and push his trolley in first to then park hers, luckily a chap came to her rescue and helped her as the one thing that people forget is that shopping is not so easy for those with disabilities, and this lady was taking up the other disabled spot as is the right thing, and even putting something back like a trolley can be a terribly difficult thing to do, and I should know as I struggle so much with it that Mr Points of Sue is the one to do it for us.

SELF- ENTITLEMENT - Marriage Chronicles

What really shocked me is that this young man was aware of what he was doing and didn’t care. He didn’t care that he had taken up the only free disabled space without thought for those less fortunate than him, and then created mayhem when he was living as he could have caused a crash when he took off like a bat out of hell, and I hope he doesn’t kiss his mother with that mucky mouth.

Surely, it is about time supermarkets took photographs of those cars who abuse the parking system and who will take away an area that is specifically for people with disabilities, and fine them as the parking area is not a right but something the store will offer and if you abuse it… are not allowed to use it again. I have seen some people struggle so much with their shopping when someone has taken the space meant for them, and thankfully I am always with Mr Points of Sue or my daughter to go shopping as I would struggle too, but I can walk those few extra yards to the door….what about those who can’t? What do they do???

Surely basic human polite behaviour would tell a person that they are there for people in need. Even if we go to a car park and the only area available is mum and tot….or disabled, we will not use as there are others in much greater need than us.

Whatever happened to manners and thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves? Sadly this young man had neither and really needs lessons in not only manners, but also the speed limit and how to exit a car park the right and safe way as which ever way you look at it, he is rude, arrogant, bad mouthed and a danger in his car.

Incapable of answering a simple question…

If he veers from the well rehearsed set of pre approved questions, then you can see Biden has problems and his cognitive ability is already severely impaired and it is getting harder to continue the con that he the President is all there mentally speaking.

It is shameful of the Democrats to put this old decrepit man forward on the World stage, and not only that but putting him in a stressful position as that will only exacerbate his dementia.

Dear God Vladamir is going to eat him alive, and that is why the Biden administration have decided he WILL NOT give a joint interview.

As they know and we know his cognitive weakness will be on show, and he will stumble and fall on his answers and he will regardless of having or not having a joint interview, prove that the President of the United States of America is a weak and very feeble man, and it is 100% certain that all the questions would have had to have been submitted already.

That is why Biden and the Democrats won’t have a joint conference as they know the Russian journalists will ask what they want to, and not stick with a plan, and can you imagine the massive coup if they show him for how he really is? The decision is already under way and The Russian Government will do their upmost to catch him out, and to be honest it won’t take much.

This will embolden the enemies of democracy as with him in charge, they have nothing to fear.

How can they continue to lie to the American public, and bat off calls for a medical for the President. If anything he should have one and put that too bef..but he won’t and they are resisting calls for it to done. Despite demanding it and getting it from President Donald Trump. Do they think the world’s worst secret won’t get out??

Hypocrisy all over again….and again…and again….

Booing does not mean you are racist, it just means you are fed up of the virtual signalling…….

I am with The Rt Hon Jacob Rees Mogg when he states that football fans should be allowed to boo if the England football team takes the knee.

The wearing of the shirts with BLM on that were at the height of the game (and when no one was allowed in to the grounds) and taking the knee is nothing more than a political statement from a bunch of extremely rich football players, and you have to ask yourself what have they done to help the poor community they are dropping to the knee for? Not much of anything really and it is just a statement that makes them feel better and no one else. It is virtual signalling before they go back to their multi million pound mansions, fast cars and wealthy living.

There was a fallout over wearing poppies to remember the fallen and when we remember the fallen, we are not remember just one particular set of people but all people who died fighting for our freedom and where they lie together as brother in arms, it does not say what they colour of their skin is on their military headstones and I am more than willing to take the knee before the military dead as they deserve the respect that we all can give.

However, it does not make you racist just because you do not want your team to take the knee in an empty gesture as it is empty.

England's Mason Mount, right, and Declan Rice take the knee ahead of kick off in Sunday's opening Group D game at Wembley

The fans who could have saved for months for these tickets do not want to see politics. They go to the beautiful game to get away from politics and now they are having it rubbed in their faces. It is not fair and they do not want to see it, and what do they get called?? Racists….and it is wrong to call them that as you do not know them personally, and you don’t know who they live with yet the woke media call them racists…..tolerant again…NOT.

Wow, without the fans who follow the team there would be no teams and no England team and maybe the Manager should think about it as the fans are not as lucky as him when it comes to the very generous wages, and don’t fall back on a multi million pound lifestyle.

So, maybe it is time they put the fans first and stopped taking the knee and instead create youth clubs and lessons from their billion pound clubs for those children whose parents are on poor wages, and live in poor areas where there is a lot of violence like London where there are more teenagers being murdered than anywhere else in Europe, and surely it is much better to arrange help for the young people we are so tragically losing rather than take the knee, as getting them off the streets with something to do will give a huge drop in this dreadful dreadful statistic, but nobody with the ability to help seems to want to do anything to help. Too busy virtual signalling to actually give a damn.

Instead of seeing them as racists, why not see them as just fed up football fans who want to escape from the last 12 months of madness and who just want to see a game of football. Not the politics, not the knee bending, not the lecturing but just a game of football.

Is that too much to ask from a football team?

A plea to watch….

There is an amazing you tube channel called Special Books by Special Kids, and they are really special amazing human beings.

These beautiful young people are fighting the cruellest of diseases, and they do so with much grace, laughter and smiles as is humanly possible.

I was having a painful day till my friend sent me this link and asked me to share this, and she is right in what she says…..In this world where we barely seem to tolerate each other, there are a group of young people who are simply a joy to be with, and who ask for nothing more than acceptance.

In a world that seems dominated by hate, just go onto this you tube channel and share in their joy, their laughter and their amazing personalities. It will make our squabbles petty, mean spirited and just nasty.

These young people on the videos are just sweet, darling angels and let’s get their videos out to show that we do care, and take them into our hearts.

The Democracy of the World during WW2…were there no other countries…

Fighting? Biden is now comparing himself to a War President….Bit of an insult to a real War President.

Wow how to insult the very people who welcomed you to their country in the last couple of days. If my history is right….there was Britain, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and the brave men and women who had fled occupied Europe to fight in the allied Armed Forces.

America you need to stop him speaking.. just stop him before he makes fools of you any further, and insults and damages the “special relationship”, which he has done already by trying to dictate to us.

Don’t ever remember Biden being on the United Kingdom ballot paper, by the way I wish he would stop with the Irish ancestry….most of his relatives come from England, and it is a couple of hundred years since the Irish ones…mine are more recent, and yes I am English….very very English and Great British.

Still….no votes in it for you eh Joe!! Always spin, PR and lies to grab a vote, but get away from the delusion you are a War President….as you are not.

Another day and still no Kamala….

Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the border nor Europe apparently……queue her hysterical laughter……What sort of crass stupid reply is that? I cannot believe you voted for these two…I really can’t. Do you not care that the World is laughing at your choice of leadership.

Rumors swirl about Kamala Harris' mental health as she keeps bursting into uncontrolled fits of laughter

Another day and no Kamala at the border, and you won’t see her there as the people of the United States of America will see how out of control the border is, how out of control the people smuggling is… the way…..95 sex offenders have been caught coming in to the United States of America in a short space of time (half of them had already been deported under Donald Trump), and they waited until Biden and Harris opened the borders up to come back in. As they knew under Trump they would not get in.

All it shows is the bottom feeders in any society waited until the weakest President you could vote for… in, and then they knew they could start their vile trade. They must of been laughing all the way to the bank.

Children are being smuggled to become prostitutes as are young women, and other children are drug mules. To say Biden and Harris care about the children is entirely wrong…..they don’t.

The Biden administration have already admitted they are not sure how many sex offenders, drug runners or people smugglers have managed to get into the States….so you need to keep your children safe, and why!!!! Because your President and Vice President have left the most vile people in, and they don’t seem to have any idea of how to stop it. If they did they would have been there from day one.

After all they will have done their job of wrecking the States before much longer as rapes, murders, assaults are up over 600% and that is a lower estimate than the true one. 21 people died in New York in 24 hours….is that really what you want?

Thats your reality folks….

Under Donald Trump this did not happen as they controlled immigration and yet the Democrats are more concerned with the immigrants, than the people who they are supposed to represent. Funny how the Democrats are not kicking off about the failures of Biden…

When these vile people have their feet under the table, and start to ply their vile habits on the people…..dont blame ICE, don’t blame the Police and instead blame the President and his cackling Vice President…..

Who will go the border one day…yeah right!!! She won’t go as it will show they have lost control….and they have. Never mind where’s Wally….Where’s Kamala and we know where she isn’t …

Rumors Swirl About President Harris’ Mental State After She Bursts Into ANOTHER Uncontrolled Laughing Fit – News Punch

Blog or garden…guess which won..

Beautiful day yesterday and 3 eager helpers in the shape of my darling grandchildren and what to do what to do,….I know instead of being stuck behind my computer screen lets garden…

My roses are looking magnificent and can’t wait till more open, and the blueberries are coming along nicely.

My heaven on earth and where I teach my grandchildren to care for nature, and enjoy the beauty of nature. They are fascinated by the bees nest, the spiders webs, the moths, butterflies and even the snails.

Who voted this woman in?

Ilham Omar is the terrorists friend. She hates the United States of America and actively campaigns against it, yet the stupidity of some people ignore that…and vote her in. Some people need to stop voting as they don’t seem to understand the term enemy of the state.

Whoever agreed to put this terrorist supporter on the Foreign Affairs committee needs jailing, as it is akin to allowing a pack of foxes into the henhouse, and watch with glee the mess and carnage they make.

She is an anti semitic American hating terrorists friend and have a word with the people who voted her in. She is not there for their benefit but just hers, and the United States of America is slipping further and further down the line of securing their own security and all because of the terrorists friends you vote in.

After ALL Biden supports the IRA and you have to ask yourself, if he can support them….what on earth is he capable of doing to your country?

Wake up America, take back control and start with her….vote her terrorist supporting backside out.