Do we accept changes easy?

One of the major stumbling blocks of being human is our inability to accept changes when not agreeable to us.

Whether that is changes at work, in our home life or in politics. It is one of the most difficult things to accept, as we have the free will to object, and often do so.

I know the battle I had myself when working at a major North West hospital and wanting to bring in changes. It was not staff redundancy, nor was it a budget cut and no staff would be moved but I still hit the brick wall of human stubbornness.

I succeeded in the end and saved them over £2million in the first 6 weeks, but it taught me a valuable lesson and that is never underestimate people, and despite making huge savings I found that my most valuable of insights.

Maybe this is what politicians are doing.. underestimating and I fear that will result in a deal that no one will be happy with, and no one wants.

It seems you can’t make everyone happy all the time…and if you can, bottle it and sell it as a rare human emotion.

When a female MP sets back equality.

Amber Rudd has today stated that the reason Theresa May’s deal was rejected and the “bad” treatment given to her was because she is a female, and that basically they are all sexist.

What utter tosh and is an insult to those MPs who everyday fight for women to have their rights. It is insulting because unlike Labour, the Conservatives have had TWO female leaders and for me it is poor form and a desperate attempt to blame anything but those who tried to either cancel Brexit or sell a bad deal, of which she is one of them.

May I suggest she find somewhere else to rant and rave other than on the world stage, and that if she does that she does it without casting the most scurrilous of accusations that are literally based on nothing, or we will have watered down the equality to such an act that even criticising women will be deemed sexist…..

Forcing a Delay even if a deal is passed….or how to continue to thwart democracy by Remainers.

No wonder this country is in turmoil and the route of it all must be rest with parliament. Even if there is a deal the remainers are now hell bent on forcing a delay…they say to “sort out the details”…

Now you have to ask yourself what on earth have they been doing with the last 3 years? They have tried every trick in the book to force us to stay in the EU and it is rather disconcerting that they just do not know when to stop.

They should have accepted with grace that they lost and that they should have been more concerned with shouting it from the rooftops to get a good deal, and to ensure that a British Prime Minister managed to get the best for the British. Definitely not being concerned with the 27 countries that we will cease to be part of come the 31st October 2019.

They have a misplaced sense of honour and what on earth will they do when we leave on the 31st October either through a good deal or no deal? I tell you one thing….there will be a spike in the need for psychiatrists as they will all need counselling, the MPs that is as they will finally have to face reality.

That reality …. well a British PM will have given the majority what they voted for, that democracy has finally been seen to be done and that we are out….oh and that they will be out of employment as people can see that Boris Johnson is doing the job that Theresa May should have done, and that is standing up for Britain.

Their antics has resorted in people like me demanding a harder Brexit than previously wanted….that and the EU being just as undemocratic as the remainers, and I am sure many of us would have wanted to continue our sense of “British Fair Play”, but because they have tried and continue to try to force their will on us…it can only end badly for the EU and for those soon to be jobless MPs.

When do we get taken over by the “Peoples” word?

What is “The people’s this and people’s that”

One of the most irritating comments of this century is things such as the “people’s vote” or Jeremy Corbyn and his “people’s railway”…..

Why do they have to use the word people before it? We had a people’s vote and that was out…and the railways are being used by the people always have and always will do…do they think putting the word “people” before it makes it any more than a diversion?

Why cannot we not just say it for what it is…..the MPs refusing to accept the vote, sulking and wanting a second referendum before dealing with the finish of the first, and because they are conning the public and the railways to be referred to as British rail seeing as they run in Great Britain.

A Girls Best Friend

My Fitness Pal – The Under Armor App

I have battled for and generally lost my battle against my weight for a considerable amount of time due to having difficulty walking but hurrah I have found an app that lets me eat what I want so long as I stay within the allotted calorie intake.

I can decide to lose 1, 1.5 or 2lbs a week and having decided to go for the in-between and was so pleased that there is no point systems as I cannot get my head around the Weight Watchers site, and also no feeling of doom and gloom or a constant bombardment of advertisements showing super skinny gorgeous women.

Well I have been working on it now since May and have lost 40lbs which is just awesome (she says patting herself on the back), and the best thing is not having to diet but it has made me more aware of what and how much I eat.

The app is free and if you are like me and you hate dieting….get this app from the app store and give it a go.  Mr Points of Sue has, and he has lost 21lbs too which just gives us a boost and the desire to keep going.

Who knows I might end up that skinny gorgeous woman yet….or just slim will do at my age!

The heartbreak at the loss of a brave police constable.

The Funeral of a brave Police Officer – Andrew Harper

Yesterday was one of great sadness for the wife, family and colleagues of PC Andrew Harper, but it is also a sad for Great Britain as we have lost a wonderful policeman and a loyal servant of the crown.  We really should be demanding harsher sentences for the killers of the police as if they can do that to a police officer who upholds the law, then what on earth can they do the rest of us?

The saddest picture of all is seeing the young wife of PC Harper placing his helmet on his coffin as you must wonder about what might have been, and the pain and suffering that just breaks your heart.

Our police do a very difficult job and often with their hands tied behind their back and surely it is about time we stood up and protected them by demanding life without parole of those who end the life of a police officer…in my view is should be the death penalty but the MPs won’t bring that in…so life without parole is the best we could hope for and should demand. 

My deepest sympathies go to the family of PC Harper and his colleagues and it was and is truly heart-breaking.  

Jeremy Corbyn, the labour party and the denationalising of the railways.

Jeremy Corbyn, the labour party and the denationalising of the railways. 

Jeremy Corbyn and the labour party are being costed on the total cost of their policies and it will hit the Trillion pound.  It is will result in over 90% of the income of Great Britain being owed out and basically he will bankrupt us.  

Well he has now decided that he needs to denationalise the railways and that they will decide on the price, and they will of course make it a fraction of the cost….this will have the effect of the bottom falling out of the pension world and causing untold hardship to those who have saved responsibly, and secondly it shows he has no understanding of the workings of the EU as it will not allow this to happen as it is against their open competition rules.  Also, most companies who own our railway systems are European and not a chance they will allow it to happen.

If he cannot even get this right….how on earth can he be trusted to get anything else right.