Starmer – soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime, and extra soft on criminals.

Sir Keir knee bending Starmer really has no idea of what your average United Kingdom person wants with regards to law and order, he never has and now he backs the release of a child murderer from prison.

What planet is Starmer on?

The killer in question needs to stay in prison until the day he dies and never mind the bleeding hearts in the parole board. It should be mandatory now…you take a life…be prepared to give up yours if not by hanging then by never leaving prison ever again.

Sir Keir Starmer pictured during Call Keir, a live phone-in on LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast

Colin Pitchfork raped and murdered two 15 year old girls in the 80s and he is now due to be released on parole.

Starmer of course taking the law breakers side stated that he has served the sentence imposed on him and should be released. Sir Keir told LBC Pitchfork had ‘served a long sentence and he served the sentence imposed on him by the court, and under our system that means there comes a point at which he has to be released’.  Always the Defence lawyer eh Starmer!

This murdering son a bitch not only murdered two young girls but he raped them too.

He raped and murdered Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth (shown below) and they have never had the chance to grow old, never had the chance to have a family, never had the chance to be with their family and all because this evil man took their lives for his own selfish perversion and Starmer thinks it is ok now he has served his time and he should be out.

Lynda Mann, 15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1983
Dawn Ashworth, 15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1986

That man will never repay his debt to society and he will never repay his debt to the families of those sweet, beautiful, innocent girls and shame on Starmer for backing the paedophile and murderer because he has been in prison. The law is an ass and he should never be released.

It is due to weak individuals like Starmer that child rapists and murderers are getting out of prison. After all look at what he did against Saville….oh yes…nothing.

He did nothing against the grooming gangs who raped and groomed their way through thousands of vulnerable white women, and Starmer….he did nothing….so are we really surprised he is stating this.

Detective Superintendent Baker, whose use of DNA evidence helped prove Pitchfork (pictured) raped and murdered 15-year-olds Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, said the full extent of the bakery worker's brutality in the attacks was never revealed
Colin Pitchfork….a murderer and paedophile…..remember this face folks.

Remember this face folks and keep your children safe because we know that no one really cares. The law is soft, the Government won’t do anything and Starmer has already shown in his capacity as Director of Public Prosecutions and the Crown Prosecution Service that he won’t do anything (he never stopped being a Defence lawyer…remember the defence of ISIS terrorists and the IRA), and that he is especially soft on crime, the causes of crime and those who commit crime. He really is not on the same page as us when it comes to demanding justice…….he could of been but he won’t, and the only way we can keep our children and those we love safe is to keep them with you, and out of the clutches of somebody like this. He will not change his spots and he is a continued danger, and will be so until the day he dies.

Maybe this evil pervert should have been handed over to the family in the beginning and then we would have seen justice.

Shame on Starmer for being so wooden in his response and shame on him for backing the very lapse law that allows this murdering pervert out of prison, and free to do this again, but then are we really surprised this is the stance the knee bender has taken?.

You cannot trust Starmer with the law and order we need in this country. He is soft on crime, the causes of crime and those who commit crime.

Just when Starmer didn’t think it could get any worse….it has…..

Seems Sir Keir Starmer is disliked as much as Jeremy Corbyn and even I thought that would have been damn near impossible, but yet he has managed it.

Satisfaction with Sir Keir's performance has tumbled to minus 29 - on a par with the figure recorded by his left-wing predecessor after 14 months in charge of the party

Labour will continue to lose because they have leaders such as this:-

Tories say Keir Starmer is 'losing the plot' by backing 'woke' causes that are not supported by the public. Pictured, the Labour leader taking the knee with deputy Angela Rayner

We don’t like to see our Leaders capitulate to the mob, but instead prefer a strong leader and then there is his time as the Director of Public Prosecutions. One where he refused to prosecute Jimmy Saville or the Grooming Gangs, and where he actively defended IRA and ISIS terrorists. So, that’s the man of law and order.


Then there is the saying nothing whilst the vilest of anti-semetism was going on, and he would have been quite prepared to have worked in the Government of a terrorist supporting anti-semite, and people can see this. They can see what sort of hypocrite he was and is.

Image result for Who Is Keir Starmer

He has no idea of what it takes to be a Leader of the party, but then when he was DPP they only received a 12% approval rating because he was in charge, and he has managed it again. He has taken an institution and thrown it into the bin. How does he do it!!

Now don’t get me wrong I am delighted but I can remember the days of old with Neil Kinnock and Tony Benn. They were at least understanding of the people but Starmer has no idea, and he never will have.

He is out of his depth and out of favour. This started when he was the man responsible for changing Labour from a leave to a remain party. Corbyn has spent years arguing against the EU and if he had listened to his own judgement who knows…..Again, I am delighted that he fell under the spell of Starmer and totally came up with this insane idea of pursuing a deal and then voting against it. How crazy but then Labour is full of bonkers people.

He has promoted the likes of Naz Shah who is openly anti-semetic, and who tells those who have been victims of grooming and rape to shut up for diversity, and who tweets her vileness as well as attending rallies against Israel, well it is supposed to be against Israel but she blasts Jewish people because she is an anti-semetic.

Image result for Keir Starmer Shadow Cabinet

He has carried on with more or less the same people on his shadow front bench that Corbyn had. So, the racists, the anti-Semites and the terrorist supporters that put us off the first time round, and he still does nothing when McDonnell or Abbott come up with their British hating bilge, and then allows race baiters such as David Lammy and Dawn Butler to spout their endless drivel and do nothing again, even when they back those rioting and terrorising. When will he learn that decent, hard working British people do not want to listen to their garbage.

He stands by and does nothing when his own MPs break the lockdown laws and join the protests of BLM, actively promoting the damage, the rioting, the defacing of our statues and trying to bring down our British history. He stood there and did nothing. Should not the Leader of the Opposition actually stand up for the British people? What a novel thought eh Sir Keir!

Starmer is from London and they were warned that the people would not tolerate another woke individual from the M25 orbital but yet again the Labour party ignored it and picked the one they were warned not too.

Image result for labour losers

People are not blind and they can see that the Labour party is controlled by the Unions who are hell bent on bringing this country to a stand still, and where with Labour in power we would be facing ruin. If the people can see it…why can’t the Labour party?

We are told that Angela Rayner is waiting in the wings as she feels powerful from the fact Starmer cannot sack her, and great…go ahead and that will make sure that a former Corbynista will never get into power and would lose even more seats than Corbyn did. The SNP could actually be the official opposition with 54 the way the other parties are going.

When Labour lose the Batley by-election that will take them down to 199 and dropping…..and the people of Great Britain view Starmer as less patriotic and we don’t like that in our leaders. He cannot change his spots and watching this is great for a political commentator.

So, well done to the Labour members who voted in Starmer and have made the Labour party even more unelectable, and grab your popcorn as the fall out will be epic and watch how they will turn on each other….its going to get nasty.

Labour will never get in with these people backing them.

The Labour party whilst it is controlled by the Unions will never get into power, especially when you have people like Howard Beckett in the running. This man is running to take over from Len McCluskey.

Howard Beckett is running to succeed Len McCluskey as general secretary of Unite, whose membership includes thousands of defence workers.
Howard Beckett is running to succeed Len McCluskey as general secretary of Unite, whose membership includes thousands of defence workers.

The latest offering from these unelectable union bosses who like a 5 star living is that the United Kingdom needs to scrap our multi billion pound defence budget and spend it on travellers.

There are two problems with that….

The first is that they are called travellers for a reason….they travel.

Secondly and the most important of all….what about the thousands of people who work in the defence history who pay into the Unite Union Coffers? I take it that losing their jobs will not matter.

I will ask again….where on earth do they find these people from?

Labour former defence minister Kevan Jones last night said the comments would come as a surprise to Unite’s members working in the defence industry. He said: ‘Thousands of Unite members play a vital role supporting our country’s defence. I think they will take a dim view of this suggestion by someone whose position is funded by their union subscriptions.’

Lets not forget this is the same man who was outrageously racist and sexist to a female Home Secretary demanding that she be deported, and all because she is an ethnic minority politician and by the way born in Britain…so where was she to go eh Mr Beckett?…..So when he is not being racist and sexist, he is wanting to throw thousands of defence workers out of their jobs.

Yeah…he is a keeper…NOT.

May I suggest that people actually vote in a leader who will not take your hard earned subscriptions to live the life of fancy and dining in first class restaurants, first class travel, hundreds of thousands of pounds in wages and expenses, and managing to get the ever so special interest free loans of nearly half a million pounds, and who doesn’t blow nearly £100 million of your subscriptions on a friend’s firm as the current retiring one has done.

Beckett, who is demanding a wealth tax to pay for the pandemic, has his own property empire. He owns at least three properties, including a flat in Bloomsbury, central London bought for £640,000 without a mortgage six years ago. Absolutely abiding by a true socialist mantra…a property empire. How very socialist. Honestly I would have to ask union members do you think they care about your lot.? He is happy to see thousands thrown out of work, that is you out of work and your family financially bereft and without a property empire to keep you going.

You only matter because you pay for their privileged lifestyle and isn’t it funny how there seems to be no ethnic minorities in the running for the role, not one. Just very white men oh and one woman and ethnic minorities are not represented here, and as time goes on everyone will have to work a lot longer and of course the costs of being a member of Unite will only go up….but then it is to keep the privileged few in even more privilege and I am sure that keeps you warm at night.

What a pity that the only people who can afford to be socialists are those who have lots of money, lots of properties and who plan to live off the hard work of others, after all if you look at the Unite boss being paid in access of £150,000 plus a year, it takes a minimum of 15,030 payments of those earning less than £18,000 or those who are on more than £18,000 a year…well that takes over 10 thousand payments to pay for the leader’s wage alone and that is not including the add ons, so can you imagine how much they all cost including the very very generous expenses they have? It seems running a union is very profitable to some.

Yep, they are definitely looking after wages….their own and the rest well……your job is expendable to them.

Zarah Sultana is doing nothing more than protecting her seat.

Zarah Sultana has written to the Prime Minister demanding to know why Victor Orban is here and then had the gall to mention anti-semetism, when with her pal Corbyn she is one of the most vocal anti-Semites in Parliament.

She has tweeted about a one state Palestinian state where the Jews were not willing to be assimilated, and in another told someone who is pro Israel to jump off a cliff. Where on earth do these people come from and why are they always in Labour?

She has the gall to compare Afghanistan and Iraq to the Shoah. The murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and her vile rantings about the Jewish state of Israel just gets worse and worse. She is no position to demand anything from the Prime Minister regarding the visit by the Head of State of Hungary.

Do not get me wrong I am not enamoured with this Head of State being here either as he has the vilest of opinions of just about everybody, but like any other Government they have to do deals with the devil. I want them to stop dealing with China because of their appalling human rights record but that is not my decision to make, but for someone like Sultana to suddenly be concerned with the Jewish people is suspicious. Could it be that ending up with a majority of only 401 makes her feel vulnerable? After all in 2017 the Labour party had a majority of over 8,000…what a drop.

When will Labour learn that the people do not want to see or hear from people like her and I am afraid it is too little too late and there will be no Brexit party to take the votes next time and it will be a straight forward out and good riddance. Parliament won’t miss her……

A Labour general election candidate who said she looked forward to the death of Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu and George Bush is facing deselection by the party, HuffPost UK can reveal. Zarah Sultana, had also backed “violent resistance” against Israel.

In a deleted tweet seen by HuffPost UK, she also argued Israel had been “created through ethnic cleansing, sustained through occupation, apartheid and war crimes”. She added that Jewish students who attended “Zionist conferences and trips” were “advocating racist ideology”.

And in another Facebook post, revealed today for the first time, she accused  Jewish students of being bankrolled by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “It must be hard to make a ‘positive case for Israel’ within NUS [National Union of Students] when you’ve got to sugarcoat racist settler colonialism. […] Well unless you’re on Bibi’s paycheque.”

Labour MPs attacking Israel on social media have been warned they risk stoking division within Britain with Jewish communities this week being forced to bring in extra security after an increased level of threats.

The ‘March for Palestine’ could see tens of thousands take to the streets in London this weekend calling for “an end to Israel’s violations of human rights and international law”. Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana was among those who joined protestors in a demonstration outside Downing Street on Tuesday night in which demonstrators carried banners comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. In a second tweet she posted her “solidarity, love and …prayers to the Palestinian people” (

Zarah Sultana lost over 7,000 in the last General Election and I hope the people of Coventry come to their senses and vote out this dreadful woman at the first opportunity. This is not about looking out for the Jewish people as she has said enough vile things about Israel and Jews that we know her true feelings, but this is more a question of trying to save her seat as she knows that at the next election she is looking at being booted out, and it won’t be a moment too soon as there should be no place in Parliament for anyone who spouts this vileness about Jewish people and due to the failings of Labour to curb their MPs the attacks on Jews in this country has risen and continue to rise.

Angela Rayner needs to give it up and give us a rest from the Corbyn Cult…..

Angela Rayner is still banging the drum for anti-semetic terrorist loving Jeremy Corbyn when she states that Corbyn would have done a better job during the Covid pandemic.

What planet is this woman on? Corbyn couldn’t even keep his party together so what mess would he have made of the country? A dreadful one. When you are the worst Labour leader for almost a century then we were very lucky the people saw sense and knew a bad un when they saw one, and he and his chums are bad uns.

angela rayner jeremy corbyn coronavirus
Angela Rayner has got be working without a full set of marbles.

The country had the choice of voting for Corbyn and thank god decent people could see what he and his mob of MPs were and gave them a political kicking, yet this daft woman is still singing his praises. What planet is she on? It is certainly not this one and all the Labour front bench are now is comedy gold.

This goes to show why Labour is not electable. I mean for the love of Mike there is talk of actually touting Eddie Izzard as a Labour leader, obviously once he has been parachuted into the ever so safe seat which must be few and far between now, but how desperate are they becoming? I cannot see Izzard appealing to former mining towns and as a Conservative voter I would love to see those even more unelectable than Starmer get in, and having Rayner as Deputy Leader is one of the reasons why Labour will not get in.

She and the party have no understanding of what this country wants and she does not seem to accept that twice Corbyn stood as leader of the Labour party and twice this country told him no, yet she is still spouting her nonsence that he can do a better job.

Can you truly imagine the state of the country if that man and his mob of misfits were running the country. What a bankrupt state we would be in and the laughing stock of Europe yet she cannot see this and that is worrying as what on earth are Labour voters voting in?

We have had race baiting Abbott insisting it was attempted murder of the BLM activist, and if she could have gotten away with saying it was a white man she would have. Instead, fancy the disappointment of knowing that it was 4 black men but that still did not stop her and her vile race baiting. The Home Office even said she was lying and wrong and that is dangerous and she knows it.

This is the calibre of Labour MPs that is on show and they wonder why people are turning against them.

The comments on this via twitter were gold….

One said: “I’ve not seen one single thing that gives me a reason to agree with that.”

Another dryly commented that Ms Rayner’s statement on Jeremy Corbyn was “undeniable considering his bold and decisive leadership on the Brexit question.”

Another user said simply: “Delusional.” 

Another user commented: “I’ve not seen one single thing that gives me a reason to agree with that.

Lots of Labour left have claimed ‘millions’ of suicides because of lockdown. Corbyn would have had us in one never-ending lockdown because he hates business.”

If I was Starmer I would find a way to get this smiling assassin out of her post of Deputy Leader as she is too brain washed on the Corbyn project and the voting public can see this, and their is a majority of people who are not to keen on him, and dislike her even more and that’s because she is Corbyn in a skirt and they can see this. She will do no more than bring back his vile rantings and I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t offer him a job and back in the party.

I give Starmer two more months before he is ousted and Momentum will vote her in as Leader as they still have the strangle hold on the membership, and that needs to be stopped or nothing will change from the disaster that they are…. but happy days for the likes of me as she will never get voted in to power, and the Labour party must be prepared to lose even more seats and end up nothing more than a large Lobby group.

Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer

It’s Corbyn…..

Is anyone surprised that he is standing up for his terrorist chums Hamas?

After all this is the man who led the Labour Party right into an enquiry for the disgusting antisemitism, and hate that put the same in the same bracket as the BNP and earned him the title of the worst Labour Leader for almost a century. Great title for the hate peddler.

I knew that Corbyn would always come out on Hamas’s side as he is rather partial to terrorism, and the acts his terrorist chums undertake.

Corbyn and the IRA
Corbyn and yet more terrorists.

Maybe the activists will drop…

Their demands for defending the police which is a stupid argument to start with, and instead of blaming everyone else…..start fighting against black on black attacks as it is heartbreaking to see so many young people dying in London.

Somehow I don’t think this will happen as it doesn’t suit their narrative, especially when you get race baiter Diane Abbott spouting off. Just wondering when Dawn Butler will start now…..

I disagree with everything Ms Johnson stands for, but as a mother I hope she recovers as she has children and children need their mum home.

Starmer and the Labour Party always have a one sided approach……

Blaming a minority for the problems of France will not end well.

It seems that everything that could wrong is going wrong for President Macron.  He seems to see himself as that great Emperor Napoleon but sadly falls very, very short of that and will now meet his Waterloo but it won’t be at the hands of the British.

You know your Presidency is in trouble when 20 semi-retired Generals send you a letter accusing you of letting down France and that there will be a civil war.  As anyone knows when you have lost the military, you have lost your leadership as you can only be as strong as those who are prepared to guard you and your country, and Macron has lost this.   I am however disappointed that these soldiers have chosen to use the religion of one group of people to vent their anger at, when in reality they need to vent it at the politicians who have sold their country down the river.  One of the most important reasons why people join the military is to protect freedoms and this includes the freedom of religion.

He is perhaps the only President of France to ever lost the respect of so many senior officers and his response….to threaten to jail the military officers and those who had retired to stop their pensions which will only enflame them more.  For a French President he has no idea of the freedoms that are expected by the French citizens and any threat made against one….is a threat made against all.

This has resulted in a further letter being sent to the President by the military and he needs to look in a mirror and understand he is losing the support of the military, and if he had any honour about him (which I highly doubt) he would resign so that France can recover, but he won’t.   France is now on the verge of a civil war and the one thing that people appreciate far more than a President, is those who have joined the military.

Although there has been protests and riots by the yellow vests for over a year now, not that the mainstream media would inform you as that does not suit their narrative, but the French people have been very unhappy with this President for a very long time, and the debacle at the port in Jersey where the fishing boats and two Naval ships scarpered has now put fuel on that fire of discontent.

I do not agree with the fact they feel that Macron has surrendered to the Islamists and that this is nothing more than a minority being picked on and for the wrong reasons, and that their unhappiness in what is happening is being blamed on others which is wrong. 

I still remain totally opposed to showing any pictures of the Prophet as it upsets those of the Muslim religion, and to do so deliberately shows a disrespect to the faith that so many hold so dear.  It is very much a case of respecting that people are allowed to practice their faith and that is one of the most important freedoms of France, or any country that allows freedoms.   French citizens expect their choices to be respected.  You do not have to like any particular religion, but that freedom of choice enables you to pick another religion, but at the same time you don’t have to be rude and insulting about others and their choices, and that is the problem I have with the letter.  It is unworthy of any military leaders in the free world and if you look at the real cause of the problem…it stops and starts with their President and the EU..

There has always been a problem with the EU and the interference from them and for a country and its leaders to allow others to take over their borders, their laws and their rights was always going to lead to a clash.  The fact that some are blaming the Islam faith for the woes that is happening in France is wrong, and it will just create more hate and more suspicion. 

This is pure and simple the interference of the EU and having unlimited movement.  It was always going to be that those moving illegally from other countries would have nowhere to go and the EU and the countries who signed up to Schengen should have been prepared for this, but as usual they are acting long after the situation has deteriorated, and you only have to see the mess that now litters the streets of what was once one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   This is lack of forward planning, lack of having a quota and lack of controlling your own borders.

Neither the people of Paris nor those who are illegal immigrants should have to live like this as it is a tinder box waiting to happen, either with breaking the law or outbreaks of illness. 

I think that the blame for this mess should also rest with the German Chancellor, who on finding out that the German Economy does not have enough people to help look after the elderly…opened the door not only on Germany but also for Europe, and it seemed that she did that without the agreement of the people of Europe,  I do however think that this shows the naivety of both the EU, the German Chancellor and the French President and they are all to blame for this, and the fact that nightly now somewhere in Paris is burning and being victims of rioting.

Macron must know that he is going to lose the 2022 elections and has now started to come over as tough on those who are illegal immigrants, but he is pointing the blame at the wrong people and it is nothing but a ruse.  He and the monstrosity that sits in Brussels are responsible for this and I can see it now that if the military continue to be disgruntled he will take up their cause, otherwise France will elect in their first female President.  I think the only good thing about getting Marie Le Penn is that France will exit the EU and the whole thing will come crashing down.  FREXIT.

However, until that point there is now the whole problem of what to do to prevent a civil war and this current President of France is weak, and he is has no honour and will do and say anything if he thinks that it will get him a vote.

Image result for Yellow Vest Protesters
Image result for Yellow Vest Protesters
Image result for Yellow Vest Protesters

The riots of the Yellow Vests have gotten out of hand and when you have no control over rioting, you will find that there are others happy to join in to destabilise a country, and this is sadly what is happening in France today. A majority of French voters last month said they agree with the Generals who threatened a coup if Macron cannot prevent the rise of radical Islam, according to a poll.  In signs of a deepening chasm between the president and the electorate, a poll published last month by news channel La Chaine Info has found that 58 per cent supported the letter, while 42 per cent were opposed.   This is something that is quite disturbing as if you shake that bag of hatred, there is no going back, and it will not just be civil war but also a religious one and that will just grow larger and draw in more and more people.  It needs to be nipped in the bud now, and the fact that so many illegal immigrants are now in France needs to be addressed for both their sake and the sake of the French people. 

Failure to act will lead to death and bloodshed and nobody wants that.

It is not a radical rise in France as like everywhere you get the odd religious maniac but the fact that the people of France voted for a man who had no experience, and who gained the Presidency because they were fed up with the corrupt men that had always gained power in France and Macron has always been unable to carry the mantle of the President of France.  

Macron double crossed the previous President and came from nowhere and within a year had created a party and won the Presidency because the French thought he would make a difference, and he has not. Infact he has made things worse and the people of France know this. He was untried, untested and has moved from failure to failure and the people of France have paid for this, and like all people who need to try and understand the failures within their own country will always blame others. They need to look at the man who is their President.

France needs a new direction and they need to step away from the EU. Schengen has been an absolute disaster and the uncapped immigration has led to people looking for someone to blame and this is not the France that we have admired before now.

It is time to change those at the top as failure to do so will result in more rioting, more destruction and more deaths and it will be the innocent who will have to pay the price for the folly of President Macron, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the EU.

Diane Abbott is comedy gold.

You can always rely on good old Diane Abbott to come out with crazy interviews, policies and speeches. The current one is if the Labour Party want to win an election, they need to go back to the Corbyn era.

Guess having a Conservative 81 seat majority isn’t enough for Ms Abbott, and it looks like she totally wants to destroy the Labour Party.

If the Labour Party ever want a chance at winning its best they deplatform her….

For me I want more of her as it means the raving loons of the Labour Party scupper their own chances… that’s karma…

Smoke and Mirrors…

Everything that Starmer does is smoke and mirrors. It is akin to just shifting the deckchairs on the titanic….

After all he had the answer about Rayner when nobody in Hartlepool wanted to speak to her.

The Labour Party has gone and in its place is a lobbying group with no power, no idea and nothing interesting to say.

Its Civil War

Seems the Labour party, well Keir Starmer has now decided to devour its own to shift the blame and the first casualty is Angela Rayner.

The Manchester MP was removed by the leadership the day after Sir Keir said he would personally take the blame for a series of reverses on Thursday that included losing in Hartlepool for the first time in half a century.
Newly discovered enemies.

Rayner has been fired as the Party Chairman and the blame for Hartlepool has landed on her desk. Yet didn’t Starmer say he was to blame? Surely he should have resigned if he was to blame for their pitiful showing?

True to form someone else gets the blame.

The defenestration of the party’s most senior woman – who represents a Northern seat – from a key role is likely to spark a backlash from all sides of the party. One usually supportive Labour MP said: ‘Not the best idea. She has been useless in the campaigning role, but then so has his own office.’  and a frustrated moderate MP said: ‘His office is full of political incompetents who act like they are in an edition of the West Wing without any political antenna. They make no attempt to connect with the PLP and think elected politicians are an inconvenience.’ 

Meanwhile from the left of the party former shadow chancellor John McDonnell piled in. ‘Keir Starmer said yesterday that he took full responsibility for the election result in Hartlepool & other losses. Instead today he’s scapegoating everyone apart from himself. This isn’t leadership it’s a cowardly avoidance of responsibility,’ he tweeted.

Andy Burnham has now thrown his hat into the ring as he has decided to start talking leadership challenge. Now he might have scored the woke votes in Manchester but there was not really a high attendance. He gained 473,000 votes out of a turnout of 700,000 , but the population of Greater Manchester is 2.5 million….so the London Mayor gained below 20% of the population vote, and it seems to have gone to his head and he now thinks he is a viable threat to the leader of the Labour party.

I am of course delighted by this constant infighting by Labour and Andy Burnham was rejected twice for the leader and yet the delusions of these people is staggering. He actually thinks he can take over the Labour party in the future and win a General Election. Excuse me whilst I fall about laughing. Do they actually think a random ex Northern MP can lead the party?

If the decision was too run then no doubt a safe seat will be made available for him to parachute himself into and take it from there. If he had any merit about him, he would take on an unsafe seat and win it but then we are talking politicians here and they don’t do that.

Stick to the Mayoral job Mr Burnham and leave the Labour politics to……………………………….hmm……………………….nope cannot think of anyone to be honest who can actually take on the Labour party.

I read a story today that when both Starmer and Rayner went up to Hartlepool, nobody knew who they were and nobody wanted to meet them and yet they still did not get it. People just cannot take to him or her and Starmer cannot sack her as deputy leader as she was voted into that role. Oh dear Keir…you have used her as a scapegoat and still have to work with her.

The BBC brought out the usual Labour politicians that few like such as Diane Abbott, John McDonnell and Adonis and they wonder why this party is not trusted by the people. Nothing says you understand the people like Starmer doesn’t when he is wanting to bring out Yvette Cooper. Copper along with the other condescending MPs spent 3 years calling Brexiteers racist gammon, idiots, not understanding what we voted for..etc etc. Yep Starmer really gets what the people want.

The next Labour Prime Minister is not amongst the woke in the Labour party and until they get rid of the likes of Starmer, Abbott, Butler, McDonnell, Burgon and the others who talk down to us, they will continue to have no idea of what the public want and have no idea of what makes us tick, and they will continue to be a fringe opposition. They will have no power and become more pitiful as the time goes on.

By the way someone should tell Starmer that moving to the North does not make him anymore electable, it just leaves us with yet another huge bill to pay for the rent on a house he uses whilst trying to convince us he is one of us. In his dreams….again he has no idea.

The Labour party of old is what is needed now. Those who were not woke as it really gets on the pip of the voters and those who actually want to help the nation and not themselves. They need a Labour party that will not take the knee to an organisation hell bent on rioting and mass disorder, and one that actually listens as this current lot are not capable of listening, understanding or knowing what it is the electorate want.

Instead they virtual signal all the time and pandering to the woke and the metropolitan cities whilst ignoring those very people that used to vote for them was never a vote winner. Starmer and his crop of MPs will continue to show that the Labour party have no hope of being elected as people can see through them, their sneering and patronising and the results of this speak for themselves.

The next couple of days are going to get very interesting with the Labour party as there will be the sackings and egos bruised, and then they will be waiting retribution and start to act against Starmer in an attempt to bring him down. They definitely eat their own.

As I keep saying grab the popcorn its going to be epic.

Warrington voted for the duds….again.

I like many of you are now seating back and watching the Labour party tearing itself apart after a dismal showing in the elections, and I have to confess that I actually voted for the Independent candidate in the Warrington area but I did vote for two Tory candidates as well…as my hand doesn’t even quiver over the Labour vote…it is a straight forward no as Socialism and I have absolutely nothing in common. Socialism is spending other’s money until there is none left and that leads me straight onto the Warrington Labour Councillors who control the council.

Imagine the disappointment of knowing that yet again after the local elections we are now stuck with the majority same dud councillors that we had before the election.

Warrington Town Hall

In my area we have 3 councillors who have really done nothing and who when we were flooded out were nowhere to be seen. The lady who was the independent Beth Trainer was getting things together like accommodation, hot food, replacement white goods, chairs, TVs etc. She was contacting companies in the area to get them to donate to those who were in need, and even got the people who were not affected by the waters but who lived in the area to make hot meals. She went round personally checking on the area day after day and the local councillors…..nowhere to be seen.

She has continued to help those who are most in need and has started a charity that helps those who have nowhere else to turn, and yet again….the councillors missing.

During the floods there was no interaction from the councillors apart from a PR shot of one of them packing food a couple of days later. I know it was not on the day or the day after as you could not get in or out and they did nothing to help. Whilst this area was cut off, Beth was getting all the help together so that she could get into action the minute it was cleared.

People offered to help because it was her. People picked and delivered furniture, took away the rubbish, arranged for skips (bearing in mind the good councillor were doing nothing), and she even managed to find somewhere to store everything for those who would need them at a later date. Basically, this lovely woman is truly an angel and what makes me disappointed is that those in this area took all the help from her but so few voted for her. I know Beth will do it all again because she is as I have said a beautiful soul, but the gratitude of the people in the area was left seriously wanting….as they voted in the people who did nothing. That is definitely the definition of insanity.

Councillor Russ Bowden and in his inept team have taken this town to the point of bankruptcy and the madness is that by voting them in again, the people have given him and his team the go-ahead to put through their outrageous plans to finish off the town for good by bankrupting us as their investments fall short every time, and we are the ones who have to pay for this. Their continued poor choices will eventually cost us dear in this town.

Services will be cut and these include the help for those most in need…children, the disabled and the elderly. There would be no choice because how can a town with only 210,000 people carry a debt of £1.6 billion and rising? There has to be something that gives and the services offered by the council will be the first and no doubt we will hear the bleating again and again that it is the fault of central government, when we know that it is in actual fact their fault and their poor investments.

I know it is democracy and I accept that the majority in the town voted these people back in, although why for the life of me I do not know why and no doubt as the council tax goes up nearly 5% and the services are cut… they will be the first ones to start moaning and I cannot wait for the day I say I told you so….

Until then I have created a website where I plan to scrutinise everything this council does as I am determined they will not lead us down the path to bankruptcy and can only hope that the Government step in before they do. We already see so little for the large amounts they charge and it will only get worse but they did manage to vote themselves an increase on their expenses….so they are alright I guess and they did manage that.

One of the major issues with the campaigning was that we HAD NO FLYERS FROM THE TORY PARTY, nor the Liberal Democrats. Now don’t get me wrong the Labour councillors kept true to themselves and actually never came to the area to knock on doors, but instead their flyers full of lies and spin was posted through our doors and whilst I ripped apart every claim, there are many who didn’t and believed the rubbish that they were writing.

The most outrageous lie and spin was when they stated they would sort out of the flooding….well they did nothing last year and now that they are back in, I expect them to do nothing as they have the votes and can ignore us until the voting comes around again, but they did get their loyal foot soldiers to post it through the door (mine went in the bin), but they did do it.

So, note to Tory party…if you want people to vote it might be a good idea to actually let them know what you are about.

It was quite telling when I posed the question to over 900 people ….”when was the last time you saw the councillors in the area2? Now this was purely for the people in the area and not one of them could remember. Infact, I actually had to look up who the area counsellors were.

There was the usual PR spin of them outside the local hub that is now being built some 5 years late with the line of getting it done. That was actually other funding and not the council funding and they only had to rubber stamp it….still I guess 5 years is better than none but please don’t take actual credit for something you didn’t do, and come the opening day I will of course bring it to the attention of the crowd there and that will be my first video podcast. After all we have to start trusting politicians as they are known for not being open and honest and I would hate for them to actually not be truthful with the people present., so I plan to ask them questions in front of the crowd purely for journalistic means and to add to the website I have created.

It is so important now more than ever to keep an eye on what these councillors are doing especially as the threat of bankruptcy is getting bigger and bigger everyday. It now seems that we have to police our councillors and prevent them from doing anything that will cost us. After all, the only benefit seems to be the directorship or two that seems to materialise with our forced investments which are of course scooped up by the councillors themselves.

I will be making a FOI request to find out just where the payments for these directorships go as this is our money…not theirs and it should go straight into the town coffers. Won’t believe it until I actually see it in black and white. and again all of this will be on the new website and open for people to scrutinise which is more than the councillors do.

My aim is to get this council to stop spending recklessly and to actually put the town at the forefront of their roles and not their egos and they need to stop the financial incursions on our behalf. It is no good waiting for the local newspaper to write about it as they are so pro Labour that they are actually becoming a laughing stock, and it is not unusual for them to bury Labour news on a bank holiday or refuse to allow comments…so it is time to do it ourselves and tell the council that their method doesn’t work and we cannot afford these continual high risk investments, and it now needs to stop…JUST STOP.