This is just getting beyond ridiculous…

There is a war going on in Ukraine, the NHS at the point of collapse again, uninvited economic migrants tipping up on our shores, food prices going up double digits, petrol and diesel at a price that most people are struggling to pay for and then on top of it…..the utility bills going up 54%,Continue reading “This is just getting beyond ridiculous…”

Never mind investigating one Peerage….all of them need removing.

Sir Keir Starmer needs to take a step back and think before blasting the Government over Evgeny Lebedev. Starmer has stated that he wants all information on this peerage made public….but he forgot one small detail….he actually text the gentleman concerned and congratulated him. Why did he not call for it then? Guess when thatContinue reading “Never mind investigating one Peerage….all of them need removing.”