The UN is a failed organisation and are not helping those most in need…….

As we watched with awe the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games we were reminded that it was to show a shining light on the togetherness of the World through sport, but why are we kidding ourselves for the next 2 weeks.  The world is not a together place and it is becoming more andContinue reading “The UN is a failed organisation and are not helping those most in need…….”

MPs call to boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

I am fully behind the MPs who are calling on the Government to boycott the Beijing Winter 2022 Olympics due to their repeated human rights abuses against the Uighurs. We must not be seen to reward a country or a communist administration who are continuing in the genocide of the Uighurs. What sort of messageContinue reading “MPs call to boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”

What a surprise…China covering up.. Can we really say we are surprised that China has done cover up after cover up? The Covid 19 virus started in China and shame on the WHO for being so easily conned, and producing that whitewash report. What a waste of trees to produce that rubbish. They might as well have just toldContinue reading “What a surprise…China covering up..”

There is a need to stop China….

I would like to point out first that this is not an attack on the people of China but rather there leaders and the Communist Parliament and people in charge. This build up in the South China seas needs to be stopped and China must be treated as a rogue state and afforded no rightsContinue reading “There is a need to stop China….”

Burgon defends China over Great Britain.

This is the China that Burgon is defending and trying to belittle the effort by the Government… Tells me all I need to know about Labour. A China who are committing genocide on the Uighur minorities with forced abortions, sterilisation of women, rapes of women and children, working adults and older children to death andContinue reading “Burgon defends China over Great Britain.”