Thinking of HM The Queen..

On the day that would have been her beloved husband’s 100th birthday.

There was much sadness at the passing of a man who had dedicated all his adult life to this country. Whether it was fighting bravely in WW2 or being the very rock Her Majesty relied on…his passing was felt by many.

I wish Her Majesty much love on what must be a very sad time.

There needs to be legal charges aimed at the BBC, and the Princes sue those involved personally.

I like millions of others remembering watching Diana, the Princess of Wales discuss her unhappy marriage in an interview with Martin Bashir.

I thought it was not a great career move after all the divorce rate is high in this country and it does not matter if you are a Prince or a pauper…when the marriage is wrong, its wrong and time to get out of it, but no one suspected that this poor woman was subjected to lies, fraud and what amounted to a threat really. Basically tell us everything or we let everyone know who is talking about you… low can you get!

What is criminal and I fully agree with HRH The Duke of Cambridge is the lies that the Bias Broadcasting Corporation committed to in effect “snare” the Princess.

We have read time and time again how the Princess of Wales would let the press know where she was, and yes of course she used the press to her advantage but then they all gained. She would knock her husband off the front page and the newspapers would make money. It was almost a quasi contract in reality, but how shocking to be presented with lies and fraud to get you to take about the very things that should have remained private.

A separate review was launched into why Martin Bashir was re-hired in 2016. (PIctured, Bashir and Diana during the controversial Panorama interview.
Martin Bashir and the Princess of Wales.

There are now going to be 3 enquiries following Lord Dyson’s report into the lies and the fraud perpetrated by the BBC and its employees.

Today, the new Director General Tim Davie insisted that the BBC will show clips of the interview despite the effect it has on her sons, and that Martin Bashir is still being paid by them….well us. I thought the new Director General had promised to make the BBC less sleazy and more open….it seems he is achieving the opposite. This interview should never see the light of day again.

There should be a ull criminal investigation because the BBC have admitted using doctored notes and bank statements to fraudulently show that some of her staff were supposed to be getting paid for talking about her to the BBC, and that increased her paranoia and resulted in the Queen pressing for the Wales’s to divorce.

How different might things have been if the BBC had not lied, committed fraud and were basically no better than what you scrap off your shoe in how they behaved to a woman who was having mental health problems. Where was the concern for her health?

The Director General of the BBC has admitted that Bashir will be paid up until the end of next month. I don’t want to pay for lies and fraud, and I certainly don’t want to pay for him. People struggle to pay that BBC debt some months especially those on a low income and to know that their hard earned legal money is being used to pay for this is not something that will adhere them even more to the BBC.

Bashir is saying that he has a note saying the Princess was happy with the interview, but again how do we know that she was not forced to write this? She was forced by their lies into the interview so it is in all probability that she wrote that because of their lies and being pressured too….It is not a big leap from one to the other. He also states that he is proud of the interview….not much of a statement from the gutter really.

The BBC is past its sell by date.

It is nothing more than a woke winge fest by presenters and staff who really you would find so boring if they carried on endlessly in the pub that you would call for a cab, and where you would definitely avoid them at a party. The BBC today is that dodgy relative you never discuss and whose photos are put away because you are embarrassed by their antics…that sums up the BBC in a sentence. Dodgy, liars and fraudsters.

We had had enough of them with their anti British, anti Brexit stance and their “news” is a joke as it is that one sided it really is not news and Prince William was perfectly right when he stated:

I hope they throw the book at all of those involved and they end up in Court and in jail. You cannot do that too people as it has its consequences and at the time two boys were in the middle of this, and imagine how William feels that he could not protect his mother from the very institution that should not have done this. I would be reeling if it was my mother and would be starting legal proceedings against each and every one of them. He would be backed by the Royal Family and most of the country.

The BBC is guilt of being morally and criminally bankrupt and Tory MP Julian Knight, chairman of the digital, culture, media and sport committee, demanded to know why the BBC re-hired Bashir as religious affairs correspondent in 2016. Bashir was later promoted to religion editor, all while Lord Hall – blasted for leading a 1996 whitewash probe into Bashir – was BBC director-general. Mr Knight told MPs yesterday: ‘My sources suggest Mr Bashir was not interviewed, [but] simply appointed. Was Bashir rehired in essence so he would keep his mouth shut?’

I hope William and Harry sue all those involved and this involves Lord Hall (who should be stripped of his peerage, Martin Bashir and all those who actively knew what he was up to and did nothing. Instead they sat back and watched a wife, mother and desperately unhappy woman be subjected to the most vilest of practices, and if there are no consequences then this will happen again.

Time to get rid of the BBC.

Whatever happened to respect….

Having and running several media platforms I like to engage people as much as possible and the topic of conversation over the weekend has been the funeral of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

The general chit chat of comments was interesting and even though some disagreed with others there was always the respect to each other, and the respect given to the fact that a 99 year old man had passed away, but for the first time I had to ban one of the contributors as her comments were offensive.

The first post started off calling Prince Philip a racist and that they went shopping rather than watch the funeral. I don’t have a problem with any private individual going shopping but then the insults after it were galling and they had very little to back up her very nasty accusations…as usual…the intolerant left like to accuse with no facts. Questions were asked of what made him racist and then jaw dropping time….all those who support the Royal Family are racists and sympathisers with racists and they do not want those type of people using her business!!!! You know the majority of people who admire the House of Windsor……

What on earth has happened to some of the people in this country? Although I think they have probably been watching and reading too much of the lies and spin from the Sussex’s as they like the gullible to believe them, and the nastiest comments towards the Royal Family have come out since that pack of lies was aired on Oprah.

Well….by this time I had had enough and so had a great deal of the readers.

Why is it when people love the flag, love this country and admire and respect the Queen and the Royal Family are we suddenly cast as racists? By the way this wokeist had no idea whether the people they were calling were ethnic minorities…nothing. It seems that the minute you respect the Royal Family you are a racist.

Where on earth do these people come from?

Although, I should imagine they back the Warrington North MP who was disrespectful and openly gloated she went shopping instead of showing respect to the very person she swore an oath too…… god….what is wrong with people.

The person writing the offensive rubbish couldn’t even bring themselves respectful in the fact he served 6 years right through the war, and without people like HRH The Duke of Edinburgh fighting for the future then they would not be here…..

They hate everything we stand for so much that they cannot even be nice when somebody is being buried, and they have to turn up with their nasty remarks with snide and sneering…

Well I did the only thing I could do and that is get rid….as I don’t mind having a difference of opinion but somebody with those kind of thoughts are not welcome on the platform I run…..

As my parents always said…have some manners and don’t talk ill of the dead. It seems manners were not passed on to some….

See the source image

Your Majesty….

Millions watched the very moving funeral of your beloved husband, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

It was beautiful and moving and once again your rock and your steadfast understood this nation he swore an oath of allegiance to when he knelt before you. The whole service was perfect.

That part of the ceremony where we saw you alone broke the hearts of millions, and you were not alone as the people of The United Kingdom put there arms around you and we will continue to do.

The love that you have for each other is there for all to see. We all owe a debt to your husband and we can do this by supporting his wife, Our Queen to the end of her days and this is a debt we will honour.

Who are…

The morons who bring up race at a funeral? HRH The Duke of Edinburgh is being laid to rest on Saturday, and who the family invites have got absolutely nothing to do with anybody else.

Shame on you intolerant leftist whingers for being offended at something that is made up in your own heads. It is disrespectful to HM The Queen and not just because she is Queen but because she is someone who finds herself a widow after 73 years, and above all it is disrespectful to the wishes of the man whose funeral it is.

Race baiters see an opportunity to be offended, even if they have to make up a faux outrage.

Get a life and let those who are mourning this loyal servant of our country get on to do what must be a moment they are dreading.

HM The Queen and the Royal Family have my deepest sympathy.

God save the Queen and may he send her some comfort at this sad time.

The Duke and Duchess of Woke…

Should learn from the legacy of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and behave like Royals. As for the Duchess saying she adored Philip and they had a bond…..the Royal experts have stated that she saw him so little that it wouldn’t have had time to develop a friendship.

Lets not forget this is the couple who turned down Christmas at Sandringham and Summer at Balmoral, their excuse for Balmoral ..Archie was too young to fly. Then they promptly went off to Elton John’s pad via his private plane. 4 private jet flights that year….ever the eco warriors.

Prince Philip would have seen straight through Meghan Markle, and I doubt he had any words for her that were adoring after she and her wet husband trashed the very institution he and his wife, Our Queen stood for.

The Duchess states she did not come to the funeral as she did not want to be the centre of attention. Only a true narcissit would come up with that rubbish. The person everyone is concerned about is a grand old lady who has lost her husband after nearly 3/4 qtrs of a century together, and who now finds herself alone.

Harry needs to grow a set for once and tell his wife to shut up, but he won’t because he is weak….very weak, but expect the sob stories of how she was ignored regarding the funeral with her lapdog nodding…..

If I was Prince William I would check Harry for a wire….or say very little as whatever they say will end up with Gayle King or Oprah….with them playing the victims again for the highest price. They are really clueless and have no shame.