Woke Archaeologists strike again…

God do these woketards never stop?

Why waste your time apologising?

You should be like me as I apologise for nothing as every word I write….I mean. It is refreshing to know you don’t care one jot what others think…

Try it sometime it is liberating.

Must be my age as no leftist woke tardiness will cancel me, nor will I ever agree with them….but then the virtual signalling left all have something to hide, and karma will get you.

Shame on the woke companies…

Who have pulled their advertisements from GB News.





Octopus Energy

Ovo Energy

GB News is a breath of fresh air compared to the BBC, ITV and Sky. They put both sides of the issue to the viewers and let you make up their own minds, and for the woke snowflakes to get worked up about this news channel must be something good, and they must be rattling the basement dwellings of these woketards.

Andrew Neil

Trade unionist and journalist Paul Embery tweeted: ‘Stop Funding Hate is a sinister group whose ultimate aim is to prevent the dissemination of opinions with which they disagree. Don’t let anyone pretend otherwise’.

Mind you when you realise the sort of bottom feeder who creates hate sites are we surprised. A website BoycottGBNews.org has also been set up by a business called ‘Ripples Campaigning’, which according to Guido Fawkes is run by former BBC journalist by Louise Wikstrom whose social media posts have previously backed Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

Yep, another BBC bottom feeder who can ignore the fact that Corbyn is a terrorist supporting anti-semite, but oh god don’t have a news organisation that tells the truth, and this is why people like me are going to make GB News successful, as failure to do so will result in the leftist agenda at the BBC and all MSM winning. They will tell us what news they think we need to hear and nothing else, and that is the first attack on freedom of speech.

Also, we know that their “news” as we lightly call it is nothing but lies, spin and more lies.

I will certainly not be doing any business with these companies, and OVO has now lost a customer and we need to make a stand or else we will be told by a select view only what they want us to hear, and that is a creeping marxism and we must make a stand against it.

I am thoroughly enjoying GB news and knew with Andrew Neil at its helm that it will be a great success, and those woke idiotic firms who give way to a little bit of criticism…remember we the customers have the final say and GB News chairman Andrew Neil has also hit back at IKEA and its ‘criminal’ former French boss Jean-Louis Baillot. He said: ‘IKEA has decided to boycott GB News because of our alleged values. Here are IKEA’s values — a French CEO who is a criminal with a two year suspended jail sentence for spying on staff’.

Mr Neil had this message for IKEA last night and also retweeted messages calling the decision 'pathetic Woke virtue signalling' and accusing 'corporations making fools of themselves'
IKEA’s values….

Ikea states that GB News does not conform to their humanistic standards, but can they explain why they have SIX STORES IN SAUDIA ARABIA where homosexuality is banned? Hmmm wonder what that is called…oh yes hypocritical virtual signalling.

Comedian and writer Geoff Norcott wrote: ‘Ok, well Kopparberg UK is no longer a drink for me. That’s how knee-jerk b******t works right? While another commented: ‘Thank you for brining this to my attention so I won’t buy any of your products again. You obviously mean it’s a drink for ‘everyone’ who prescribes to your way of thinking.’

Another person added: ‘What an outrageous response! I have one bottle of Kopparberg left in my fridge and it will be my last. These vile companies that don’t believe in free speech or freedom of thought do not deserve our custom.’ Meanwhile another person said: ‘I’ve got four bottles of Kopparberg in my fridge. Now getting poured down the sunk! Pandering to woke zealots will do your company harm, I for one won’t be buying or drinking your product again. Great job.’

I have a feeling that there are 6 firms who will leave to regret their decision and who have just lost a considerable amount of custom through their own stupidity.

Booing does not mean you are racist, it just means you are fed up of the virtual signalling…….

I am with The Rt Hon Jacob Rees Mogg when he states that football fans should be allowed to boo if the England football team takes the knee.

The wearing of the shirts with BLM on that were at the height of the game (and when no one was allowed in to the grounds) and taking the knee is nothing more than a political statement from a bunch of extremely rich football players, and you have to ask yourself what have they done to help the poor community they are dropping to the knee for? Not much of anything really and it is just a statement that makes them feel better and no one else. It is virtual signalling before they go back to their multi million pound mansions, fast cars and wealthy living.

There was a fallout over wearing poppies to remember the fallen and when we remember the fallen, we are not remember just one particular set of people but all people who died fighting for our freedom and where they lie together as brother in arms, it does not say what they colour of their skin is on their military headstones and I am more than willing to take the knee before the military dead as they deserve the respect that we all can give.

However, it does not make you racist just because you do not want your team to take the knee in an empty gesture as it is empty.

England's Mason Mount, right, and Declan Rice take the knee ahead of kick off in Sunday's opening Group D game at Wembley

The fans who could have saved for months for these tickets do not want to see politics. They go to the beautiful game to get away from politics and now they are having it rubbed in their faces. It is not fair and they do not want to see it, and what do they get called?? Racists….and it is wrong to call them that as you do not know them personally, and you don’t know who they live with yet the woke media call them racists…..tolerant again…NOT.

Wow, without the fans who follow the team there would be no teams and no England team and maybe the Manager should think about it as the fans are not as lucky as him when it comes to the very generous wages, and don’t fall back on a multi million pound lifestyle.

So, maybe it is time they put the fans first and stopped taking the knee and instead create youth clubs and lessons from their billion pound clubs for those children whose parents are on poor wages, and live in poor areas where there is a lot of violence like London where there are more teenagers being murdered than anywhere else in Europe, and surely it is much better to arrange help for the young people we are so tragically losing rather than take the knee, as getting them off the streets with something to do will give a huge drop in this dreadful dreadful statistic, but nobody with the ability to help seems to want to do anything to help. Too busy virtual signalling to actually give a damn.

Instead of seeing them as racists, why not see them as just fed up football fans who want to escape from the last 12 months of madness and who just want to see a game of football. Not the politics, not the knee bending, not the lecturing but just a game of football.

Is that too much to ask from a football team?

The true racists are entitled white liberals…

Or in other words those jumping up and down supporting BLM, whilst holding their own racist views of black people.

Seems the BLM movement need to look at people like me for support, rather than those nasty racist liberals….I view everyone as equal, and we all have the ability to make something of ourselves regardless of your skin colour unless you are Liberal….then you look down your nose at everyone.

First four steps to success….stay in school, be respectful to your parents, and the police,and don’t break the law.

See how easy it is young people.

This lady knows what she is talking about…

The cancel culture is pure communism and needs stepping on….before our children suffer, as the real world will eat these indoctrinated snowflakes alive….as no one cares about your hurt fee fees, unless you are a pathetic woke individual living in your bubble.

Can you imagine the mental health professionals required when they realise their educators lied…

Dr Donald Moss can take his report…

And shove it up his white backside. The irony is lost on that idiot, and amazing how many of these so called experts are appallingly bad at their job. Are we even sure he is qualified? As surely no one supposedly that enlightened can write such rubbish.

I would encourage my readers to buy the beano comic as it is more enlighting, more entertaining and even more truthful than Moss and his woke garbage, and if anyone is a disease and contagion on society its someone like Moss and his crap ideology.

Time to take the trash out and he is first….

Critical Race Theory…

In our schools and places of education are worrying, especially when a racist psychopath wants to kill a white person for just being white.

This dangerous racist should be locked up….never mind taking part in a lecture at Yale. No wonder they wouldn’t release the topic.

People like that racist bigot are a disgrace and it is child abuse forcing young minds to listen to this…and those who invite her are enablers.

Why is this man even considered?

Yet another day of the wokeararty getting offended by something. Gosh is must be tiring to be them and I should imagine they are offended because they get out of bed. Permanently offended at being permanently offended…these fools are exhausting.

The latest offering of a first class idiot comes from across the pond.

A very privileged Matthew Katzman is defending the removal of HM the Queen from Oriel College, Oxford. He states that she is white privilege and that she represents the imperialism.

Lets have a look at Katzman and his own white privilege.

He attended a school that costs $48,000 a year. Don’t see many people being able to afford that. So yep white privilege.

He grew up in an affluent area where the majority of politicians and high earners live. No living amongst the poor black people for him. so yet again white privilege.

The school he attended is the same one that Obama sent his kids to and of which Biden grandchildren attended. So, again a school for only the privileged few of high learners. No poor children going to that school.

He is now attending Oxford University where only the privileged few can go unless you are on a grant. Again, the height of privilege as those who are working class cannot afford to go, but then Katzman Sr is a partner in commercial law at Steptoe and Johnson, and I should imagine he has spoilt this persistently offended son since birth.

Amazing how he is not offended at the life he and his family have, that mega mega rich and comfortable life So, yes we can see this permanently offended oik is one of the very privileged white individuals.

There is nothing more hypocritical than a very rich woke fool getting worked over something that does not concern him.

Matthew Katzman, 25, in a photo from his social media page

What this woke idiot does not realise is that HM The Queen heads up a commonwealth that is based on WANTING to join and wanting to be a member. HM The Queen has done more to make us a family of nations than any other living individual, and people have joined because of her, and her grace enabled those nations who felt outsiders to realise that they are much loved members of a very big global family, but then this woke idiot cannot see it as he is too busy being offended at being offended. This is what happens when a brat never hears the word NO.

What galls me is that he is a visitor to this country and therefore should respect our laws and our traditions, and above all respect our Head of State when he is here. I wouldn’t dream of going to the United States of America and demanding the removal of the Flag, nor a portrait of the Head of State, however much I might dislike them as it is offensive to the citizens of that country, and he is being offensive to we the subjects of the Queen.

He is allowed to criticise her as much as the next person but not to demand the removal of any portrait. That is nothing more than a spoilt little brat wanting to make his mark and he needs throwing out of the country as he has offended this country. The majority of people love our Royal Family and adore our Queen and to have a foreigner of all people leading this up is totally insulting. He needs to go back to his country and leave us alone as he is a guest here and nothing else. Rip up his student visa Boris……

I hope the world sees him for what he really is, and that is just a spoilt permanently offended fool and when he finally gets into the real world he will realise that people really don’t care one jot for his hurt little fee fees, then maybe he will realise what he is and how wonderfully delicious to know that this world is going to eat him alive.

The Prime Minister needs to kick this individual out of this country as disrespecting HM the Queen in such a way means that his presence is no longer required.

Just when Starmer didn’t think it could get any worse….it has…..

Seems Sir Keir Starmer is disliked as much as Jeremy Corbyn and even I thought that would have been damn near impossible, but yet he has managed it.

Satisfaction with Sir Keir's performance has tumbled to minus 29 - on a par with the figure recorded by his left-wing predecessor after 14 months in charge of the party

Labour will continue to lose because they have leaders such as this:-

Tories say Keir Starmer is 'losing the plot' by backing 'woke' causes that are not supported by the public. Pictured, the Labour leader taking the knee with deputy Angela Rayner

We don’t like to see our Leaders capitulate to the mob, but instead prefer a strong leader and then there is his time as the Director of Public Prosecutions. One where he refused to prosecute Jimmy Saville or the Grooming Gangs, and where he actively defended IRA and ISIS terrorists. So, that’s the man of law and order.


Then there is the saying nothing whilst the vilest of anti-semetism was going on, and he would have been quite prepared to have worked in the Government of a terrorist supporting anti-semite, and people can see this. They can see what sort of hypocrite he was and is.

Image result for Who Is Keir Starmer

He has no idea of what it takes to be a Leader of the party, but then when he was DPP they only received a 12% approval rating because he was in charge, and he has managed it again. He has taken an institution and thrown it into the bin. How does he do it!!

Now don’t get me wrong I am delighted but I can remember the days of old with Neil Kinnock and Tony Benn. They were at least understanding of the people but Starmer has no idea, and he never will have.

He is out of his depth and out of favour. This started when he was the man responsible for changing Labour from a leave to a remain party. Corbyn has spent years arguing against the EU and if he had listened to his own judgement who knows…..Again, I am delighted that he fell under the spell of Starmer and totally came up with this insane idea of pursuing a deal and then voting against it. How crazy but then Labour is full of bonkers people.

He has promoted the likes of Naz Shah who is openly anti-semetic, and who tells those who have been victims of grooming and rape to shut up for diversity, and who tweets her vileness as well as attending rallies against Israel, well it is supposed to be against Israel but she blasts Jewish people because she is an anti-semetic.

Image result for Keir Starmer Shadow Cabinet

He has carried on with more or less the same people on his shadow front bench that Corbyn had. So, the racists, the anti-Semites and the terrorist supporters that put us off the first time round, and he still does nothing when McDonnell or Abbott come up with their British hating bilge, and then allows race baiters such as David Lammy and Dawn Butler to spout their endless drivel and do nothing again, even when they back those rioting and terrorising. When will he learn that decent, hard working British people do not want to listen to their garbage.

He stands by and does nothing when his own MPs break the lockdown laws and join the protests of BLM, actively promoting the damage, the rioting, the defacing of our statues and trying to bring down our British history. He stood there and did nothing. Should not the Leader of the Opposition actually stand up for the British people? What a novel thought eh Sir Keir!

Starmer is from London and they were warned that the people would not tolerate another woke individual from the M25 orbital but yet again the Labour party ignored it and picked the one they were warned not too.

Image result for labour losers

People are not blind and they can see that the Labour party is controlled by the Unions who are hell bent on bringing this country to a stand still, and where with Labour in power we would be facing ruin. If the people can see it…why can’t the Labour party?

We are told that Angela Rayner is waiting in the wings as she feels powerful from the fact Starmer cannot sack her, and great…go ahead and that will make sure that a former Corbynista will never get into power and would lose even more seats than Corbyn did. The SNP could actually be the official opposition with 54 the way the other parties are going.

When Labour lose the Batley by-election that will take them down to 199 and dropping…..and the people of Great Britain view Starmer as less patriotic and we don’t like that in our leaders. He cannot change his spots and watching this is great for a political commentator.

So, well done to the Labour members who voted in Starmer and have made the Labour party even more unelectable, and grab your popcorn as the fall out will be epic and watch how they will turn on each other….its going to get nasty.

Save the Armed Forces from being made a laughing stock……

Another day and another woke interaction into our Armed Forces and this time we the taxpayers get to pay £110,000 for the privilege of having somebody tell us that it is sexist to call someone a Rifleman and Airman. What planet are this people on!!! By the way this is only one that we know of and no doubt there are many more of these woke individuals thinking they know better on the MOD payroll.

I am ex Army and I am bloody annoyed that these woke people try to interfere in something that does not need interference into. We need fighters and certainly not those who take offence at a name…..

For my own thoughts the £110,000 would be better spent actually employing people who will fight for us, not fight against the armed forces because they think they know better.

They don’t and diversity in the Armed Forces is just an interference that will get in the way. I don’t mean opening up the Teeth Arms units as they have done this and it is a good thing, and if a woman can do the same as a man and I mean to actually do all the training then they have earned the right to be addressed by the rank and title as a man as they fought so hard for this privilege.

When I joined the Armed Forces if I had been lucky enough to actually join a Teeth Arms Unit then I would have been so proud to of been called Rifleman, but sadly due to being a woman in the 80s military I couldn’t, and I feel so envious of those who can now join those very units that have a wonderful history of being faithful servants to this country, and along comes someone who wants to turn our Armed Forces into a clap happy one …because this is the start of it…god help us.

Have they actually asked those who work in the Armed Forces and earned their right to be there or did they wake up one morning and think oh I know…lets take offence at something that does not need taking offence at?

Do these people never think that whilst they are trying to turn our military into a snowflake generation that they forgot to send that memo to the enemy. Grief can you imagine if the ridiculous diversity mob got their hands for real on our military personnel…. I can see it now….”don’t fire that gun…it goes really loud and bang…why not jazzy hands instead” or “lets tell those trying to kill you that they are not your enemy and you believe in peace, love and diversity”…

Absolutely ridiculous that any Armed Forces would even employ such people. You join the Armed Forces to defend this country and to defend and kill if necessary, and as my father always said after having served in WW2 that war is hell, and you don’t want someone there who will be a liability but you want someone you know will have your back, as you have theirs and will kill the enemy without a minute thought.

As General Patton said……..

See the source image

The way our Armed Forces are going the WI will be ore dangerous and why!! Due to the fact that some tick box obsessed civil servant brought in people who should have no say in what the ranks are called, and who really should keep their beaks out and stay out of our Armed Forces.

People go through a lot of hard training to wear their cap badge and it is with pride that you are referred to by your units rank. That is something these pen pushers don’t understand and why….because they see offence in just about everything.

Well I see offence in the garbage they are pushing and we still need the men and women who will fight. Not someone who is a waste of money trying to change things that do not need changing. It is really appalling that in this day and age when we are having to count for every penny for our military, and then the MOD abuse the taxpayers by hiring such people as these woke diversity warriors. They need to get rid and bring back the old sweats to show the military how it is done. I.e. show them the real world not this one where the permanently offended are permanently offended.

The military in Russia and China must be laughing their socks off, and what message does it send that calling a woman Rifleman is going to hurt their little fee fees….Women in the Armed Forces are stronger than that and do not need this woke crap in their work life.

Dear lord they will be taking offense at khaki uniforms next and want our Armed forces to wear pink because its nicer and not so aggressive to the enemy. You couldn’t make this **** up, your really couldn’t and thank god I was in when such people would never have gotten near the military in a month of Sundays.

The change that this is bringing in is not a good one……and should be got rid off at the first opportunity and someone needs to remind whoever is pushing for this diversity changing rubbish that it is real men and women who join our Armed Forces not woke leftists that need saving…..

Image result for 40 Commando
Image result for british army rifleman
Image result for british army women
This is what heroes look like….

Activism lines a few pockets with millions….

BLM activism has been very profitable for some…..in true Marxist fashion…but those at the bottom continue to suffer.

Stalin would be so proud of them keeping all the money, especially telling others they understand their suffering whilst busy snapping up multi million dollar houses . Surely these could be handed over to the poor???

Sharing the wealth it seems does not apply to the activists at the top….

Maybe the activists will drop…

Their demands for defending the police which is a stupid argument to start with, and instead of blaming everyone else…..start fighting against black on black attacks as it is heartbreaking to see so many young people dying in London.

Somehow I don’t think this will happen as it doesn’t suit their narrative, especially when you get race baiter Diane Abbott spouting off. Just wondering when Dawn Butler will start now…..

I disagree with everything Ms Johnson stands for, but as a mother I hope she recovers as she has children and children need their mum home.