Defunding the police….60 shot, 7 killed in Chicago.

This weekend alone. 302 children have been shot at so far and that outnumbers getting Covid for the same age group. America when are you going to get rid of your useless Mayor in Chicago, and bring in stop and search, jail terms and real jail time, defund the councillors and jail them as aidingContinue reading “Defunding the police….60 shot, 7 killed in Chicago.”

Google are now brainwashing…

It’s employees and yep you guessed its based on racism. As to bring up someone’s colour is racist, and to say the term white privilege is racist but these nut jobs can’t see the irony. The endless leftist ideology of woke billionaires is boring on crackpot, infact they are crackpot. Tell the homeless veterans, orContinue reading “Google are now brainwashing…”

Biden abandoned his promise of getting every American out of Afghanistan.

President Biden in a previous interview stated that no American or vulnerable person would be left on Afghanistan soil and that the American Military would stay put until every person is out. How could he state that when he knew that he would be pulling the Military out? He knew and lied to the people.Continue reading “Biden abandoned his promise of getting every American out of Afghanistan.”

People like David Wyatt should be prosecuted for a hate crime, as he is deliberately belittling the Shoah……

An anti vaxxer decided to wear the Star of David to show that he is an anti vaxxer outside of Parliament.The star states “Not Vaccinated” and I could not believe how unbelievably offensive this is, and shame on the idiot for wearing it. David Wyatt stated that he had decided to do this “Ultimately outContinue reading “People like David Wyatt should be prosecuted for a hate crime, as he is deliberately belittling the Shoah……”

The Global Lefty Elite can keep their nasty little humourless claws off my memes……

If you are part of a global lefty elitist mob then I pity you as you have no sense of humour, actually you have no sense whatsoever….and you are definitely no fun….The EU is the poster child for that…. No wonder they all look miserable…

When will the FBI go after home grown terror?

A new poll shows that the majority of Americans want the FBI to investigate the real terror in the USA….that being the coordinated attacks and destruction that took place last summer and this year, and is still ongoing. It seems to the weird left wing bias Democrat party led by Creepy Joe and Cruella NanciContinue reading “When will the FBI go after home grown terror?”

America you need to wake up…..Creepy Joe and Cackling Kamala are a disaster….

Your POTUS is a man who cannot string two words together, and the mistruths he spouts at a supposed town hall meeting put on by CNN, and host Don Lemon who actually helps him is breathtaking. The double standards of not questioning statements is shocking, and the fact that CNN are doing it shows theyContinue reading “America you need to wake up…..Creepy Joe and Cackling Kamala are a disaster….”

Why is Oxford University covering up sexual assaults?

A new report out today blasts Oxford University and other such places of learning for covering up crime and sexual assaults. This now requires a police investigation into all those cover ups and if staff are responsible, jail them and throw away the key. This is nothing more than enabling sex offenders and then harassingContinue reading “Why is Oxford University covering up sexual assaults?”

Child rapists should have no human rights…

The Rochdale and Rotherham rapists have still not been deported. Nearly 2000 girls were raped, passed around like dirt and abused whilst the Council, Social Services and the Police did nothing. Why are they still here? When you abuse a child, you should have no rights and it is time the Home Secretary got ridContinue reading “Child rapists should have no human rights…”

Children should not be exposed to these dangers.

When a person who is reporting to be a transgender female exposes their penis to children in a female changing room, these children are definitely being put at risk. Mothers take their young children both male and female into the changing rooms as it should be a safe place to get changed. Obviously not atContinue reading “Children should not be exposed to these dangers.”

One crap movie to miss…

The Karen movie is nothing but a load of racist claptrap trying to continue the lies and narrative of white privilege, and white aggression… Is it me or is this just getting so predictably boring. 🙄🙄😴😴😴 Save your money or if it is burning a hole in your pocket, give it to a real charityContinue reading “One crap movie to miss…”