When will Dawkins be answerable to the law for a hate crime?

Richard Dawkins is well known for his campaign of wanting children in the womb diagnosed with Down Syndrome to be aborted. There are protected groups who would not have to put up with this, and quite rightly this includes gay people, trans people and other minorities but why is there not a hate crime lawContinue reading “When will Dawkins be answerable to the law for a hate crime?”

Still no visit to the border…

By the Vice President and no explanation why. The whole system has collapsed and the ones to blame are Biden, Harris and the Democrats. Every child, teenager and adult that dies is on their watch. Every family separated is on their watch and the spiralling costs to the taxpayer is on their watch. As forContinue reading “Still no visit to the border…”

The viciousness that is Nancy Pelosi..

I cannot for the life of me think that anyone could vote for that seriously nasty piece of work Nancy Pelosi. When she is not goading the mob into rioting, destruction and theft, then she is calling a world pandemic the Teump virus which is totally done standards…but that mean old woman doesn’t care….and whenContinue reading “The viciousness that is Nancy Pelosi..”

The perverse nomination and succession of Iran to the Women’s Rights Group…..

I had to check the date today to make sure it was not the 1st April…after all this must of been some kind of joke…Iran and Women’s Rights….who in their right mind agreed to that? It is a monstrous nomination and women will no longer have a champion to fight their cause in the UN,Continue reading “The perverse nomination and succession of Iran to the Women’s Rights Group…..”

No border visit….

A month in and Kamala Harris has done nothing about the border situation. She has not visited, has not given a press conference and has no government task force to help resolve the situation of thousands heading towards the States. She has however had a taxpayer funded home decorated to a high spec and noContinue reading “No border visit….”

The Verdict is in….and it is the right one.

It was the right verdict and it was the only verdict and I hope Derek Chauvin gets the rest of his life locked away, but what it didn’t need is for some Democrat threatening violence on the streets if the verdict did not go the way they wanted. The Law and Politics are two separateContinue reading “The Verdict is in….and it is the right one.”


When not peddling their vile antisemitism, they are demanding the abolition of the rich…. Wow….how many people do they want gone??? This needs to be investigated for threats and hate…. To be honest though…is anyone surprised by the vile Labour Party? Earth is overpopulated; there are too many rich people To solve the climate crisis;Continue reading “Labour…”

There is a need to stop China….

I would like to point out first that this is not an attack on the people of China but rather there leaders and the Communist Parliament and people in charge. This build up in the South China seas needs to be stopped and China must be treated as a rogue state and afforded no rightsContinue reading “There is a need to stop China….”

Blaming the victims….is a new low.

Former cricketer Imran Khan has openly stated that only by dressing modest would women lower the risk of being raped. What planet is this man on? It is offensive and he is offensive. Women do not ask to be raped and any excuse to play it down is disgusting. Women are raped because men thinkContinue reading “Blaming the victims….is a new low.”

This is a humanitarian crisis….and Biden is causing it….Harris is laughing!

When I first saw the video of a young boy of 10 crying on the Texas border my heart went out to him. How could it have ended up that a small boy had been left alone all night and wondering in a desert. This little boy was so scared that he actually approached aContinue reading “This is a humanitarian crisis….and Biden is causing it….Harris is laughing!”

Burgon defends China over Great Britain.

This is the China that Burgon is defending and trying to belittle the effort by the Government… Tells me all I need to know about Labour. A China who are committing genocide on the Uighur minorities with forced abortions, sterilisation of women, rapes of women and children, working adults and older children to death andContinue reading “Burgon defends China over Great Britain.”