Terrorist supporter says “pretty please”

I am of course talking about Shamima Begum. Another day and another whinge fest at her wanting to come back to the one place she left voluntarily.

She is now trying to show that she is a westerner with her method of dress, and no doubt there are some who will believe that changing for jeans and t-shirt means that she is westernised….well no it doesn’t. She is still the same vile person who joined ISIS and clothes do not change whats inside you. She is rotten to the core.

The former East London schoolgirl left Britain to join Islamic State when she was 15 in 2015
Terrorist supporter Begum.

She is now saying that she wants to come home pretty please and that she is wanting to help others who have suddenly learnt the errors of their ways now they are in a camp in Syria, but of course she does not require to be put through any such thing as in her own words…”she was just a silly kid”.

Lets not forget this is the same “silly kid” who said it didn’t bother her seeing someone decapitated and seeing heads in bins. It didn’t bother her that ISIS who she supported wholeheartedly were:

Murdering Yazidis.

Selling young Yazidi women and children and babies as sex slaves, and murdering those they considered too old.

Throwing homosexuals of the roof for being nothing more than a gay person.

Beheading children for daring to have a western ring tone on their phone.

The mass murdering of those who homes they took over.

Crucifying people because it showed terror.

Beheading foreigners who had come out to help those less fortunate themselves.

Locking a Jordanian pilot in a cage and setting fire to it.

Using death, threats and intimidation to restrict freedoms that people had come to know.

Organising and taking part in terror bombings throughout Europe and the USA.

Destroying some of the most priceless architecture the world has known.

There is also the discussion that Begum was one of the terror female so called police who whipped others for daring to break what they considered their laws.

Begum now looks very different from her previous image as a jihadi bride in a hijab and head scarf

Now, you tell me is that someone who should be let in? The only miscarriage of justice here is that anyone like her who followed these bunch of cockroaches are actually back in the UK. We should have hung them all as they lost any right to justice when they murdered their first victim.

She is not sorry….she just does not want to live in the camp she is in.

Ask yourself would she be wanting to come back to this “awful westernised society” if ISIS were still in control. We know that answer is no and she would be lording it about with the power of life and death of those they considered lesser beings.

I don’t know what she is constantly complaining about, she is in her caliphate. A Muslim land where there are laws and ways of living that suit her ideology. This is a far easier place to live than the one her and her terrorist friends were going to inflict so she should be happy. She is in the land she wanted to be in.

What should happen is that this awful woman should be handed over to the Yazidi women and what remains of their men to come up with a fitting form of punishment, and if it is execution then so be it. She lost the right to any form of defence the minute she fled to join these terrorists. Don’t forget…this “silly kid” was producing radio and media broadcasts encouraging others to join.

She is not sorry. She is just sorry that the life of wealth and terror she planned to inflict on others did not go to plan and that is why she wants to come here.

Well, thanks to the Home Secretary she is not our problem and I don’t know why she keeps moaning she wants to come back. Surely Bangladesh is the ideal place as her father lives there and that is another Muslim country and again, she would be living the life she wanted to inflict on others, only on a lesser scale. It must be really burning that the life of terror she had planned for others did not bear fruit.

No, what she wants is a life of ease and a bit of a celebrity as we know now that this god awful woman will be on TV and other other form of media who sink low enough to have her, and why should my hard earned taxes and indeed the hard taxes of millions of others go towards protecting her. Let her run any gauntlet as that is nothing more than she deserves.

She is wasting her breath asking to come back as she is not required in this country, her or terrorist chums as when you commit acts of terrorism you lose the right to live anywhere near decent people and I don’t care if she spends the rest of her life stuck in a tent, and that it is awful and the living conditions deteriorate as this is nothing more than she deserves….it is called karma.

So suck it up terrorist lover….no one really cares that life for you is awful and I hope the Government continue to keep her out.

Am going out on a limb here……

Two Palestinian families are in court in Jerusalem to try to stave off evictions.

Now I am very pro Israel but find this wrong. Evicting people from their houses just because they are not Israeli is wrong. It is against their human rights and this is one part of the Israeli law I have never agreed with.

This will further inflame a situation and it needs to be descaled and this will not do it.

This is forced expulsion and it is wrong.

What harm are these families doing living in their own homes? You cannot force a family out just because they are not Jews and then hand it to someone else….this is wrong.

I hope they win and don’t have to move, but I doubt it and that does not sit well with me….as everyone has a right to live in their own home.

Harris just does not want to go….

To the Border and now that she is being called up on it, she tells people not to go to the Border as they are not welcome.

What is it to be Kamala…..you saying one thing and your President saying another.

Harris doubled-down that she will not be visting the border during her trip – or any time soon. 'I will continue to be focused on [addressing root causes of migration and corruption] as opposed to grand gestures'

Kamala Harris was given the task of reducing the number of people at the border, and to reduce the number of children who are kept in cages and to reduce the number of children who are separated from their parents, and she has done the square root of nothing and she just does not want to go.

She now says it will be nothing more than a PR stunt…..that is what she has now come up with as an excuse to not actually go.

Whats up Kamala don’t you want to see the mess you and Biden have made?

This is what the Republicans are thinking and they are not wrong….she is just avoiding the going to the Border and accepting that both her and Biden are responsible for this mess…

Republicans were not happy with Harris calling a trip to the border a ‘grand gesture.’ ‘Traveling to our Southern Border is not a grand gesture; it is her responsibility as the ‘Border Czar’ and Vice President of the United States,’ Republican Florida Representative Byron Donalds explained.

Vice President Harris is refusing to travel to the border because she will be forced to acknowledge the crisis she and the President have created if she does,’ he continued. ‘Local, State, and Federal leaders and law enforcement officials will be the first to let the Vice President know that there is a growing crisis on the border and that ignoring it or evading her responsibility by examining the root causes will only exacerbate this crisis.’ 

Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy also tore into Harris’ bid to tackle the crisis as ‘spend now strategize later’. In a statement he wrote: ‘Today marks 75 days since President Biden chose Vice President Harris as his administration’s point person to ‘[stem] the migration to our southern border.’ She still has yet to travel to our southern border and see the extent of the crisis she and President Biden have created over the past six months. 

Instead of upholding her responsibilities to the American people and our communities impacted by the border crisis, Vice President Harris decided to focus her efforts on studying the ‘root causes of migration’ from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries.  ‘That’s why she’s in Guatemala today, her first foreign trip since becoming Vice President, where she just held a press conference during which she dismissed going to the border as nothing more than ‘grand gestures,’ and declined to say when she’d actually go.

‘This unconventional approach is nothing more than a cynical political decision to ensure the blame doesn’t fall on her shoulders by distancing herself from Biden’s Border Crisis.

This is their mess and the poor people have to suffer. They are told that America is open for business under Biden and Harris and then they just wash their hands of the responsibility. Seems with the hapless duo it is always somebody else’s fault.

Biden stated that if something happens under a President then he is responsible, and we know that Biden is seriously declining so this now falls on the shoulder of Harris and she must bear total responsibility for this mess. She knew exactly what she was and is doing, and by refusing to go to the border she is making it worse.

She is either giving out grand gestures or laughing….either way it is an insult to those people who were promised an open border by the President and Vice President and then who are now being tortured mentally in the cruellest of ways by this its open…its not open….its open. Former President Trump was not like that and if he had of been there would have been uproar. Yet there is nothing from the wokeararty about the treatment given out by the Democrats to those trying to get into the States.

The hypocrisy is astounding and the longer it goes on, the longer the poorer people will suffer.

Harris’s only comment is to move the jobs to Guatemala. Is she for real? Take away the jobs from America and you put hundreds of thousands out of work and that is her solution…to put taxpayers out of a job. Kevin McCarthy further stated

‘Now Vice President Harris and the Biden administration want to take the typical Democrat approach of throwing more taxpayer dollars at a problem without first thinking through a coherent strategy. Over the next four years, President Biden is proposing we send $4 billion in aid to Central America with the pretense this will help curb the historic migration happening at our southern border. But there are two glaring problems to their proposal of spending our way out of the border crisis: Aid programs have failed to stem migration in the past and border order apprehensions of individuals from countries outside of Central America are rapidly increasing. 

As Vice President, Biden has already tried spending our way out of a migration surge. He ‘led an enormous push to deter people from crossing into the United States by devoting hundreds of millions of dollars to Central America.’ However, that never panned out. In fact, in Guatemala specifically, the $1.6 billion America provided in aid over the last decade proved ineffective. 

Everything Biden and Harris do will prove ineffective as they are the most ineffective duo ever to have been put in the White House, and I strongly suspect that there are a lot of Americans with buyers remorse as some of the emails sent to me seem to say so, and I almost feel sorry for them as such was the desperation to get rid of Orange Man Bad that they were blinkered and voted in someone totally inept.

The Border Patrol reported that encounters with individuals from nations other than Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador jumped by 35 percent since March 2021, and individuals from over 160 countries have recently been apprehended.

America cannot really want it on show that you have a Vice President who laughs at everything hysterically when confronted with her failures, or a President who forgets his lines, wonders off pat and says and does the creepiest things about children.

Call Trump a lot of things but he got the job done and at least children were safe around him, both those who he came into contact with and those on the border as he refused to accept unaccompanied children as he knew it was a ploy for entry, and never under Trump would there have been the night time trafficking of children around the country as they have done under Biden. What are they trying to hide? Spiriting children to go nowhere in the middle of the night. It is wrong on so many levels.

The whole thing stinks of a weak President, a weaker Vice President and a totally inapt administration. No wonder China and Russia are not scared of America and are laughing, they see who is in control and yes it is that bad…………….

Customs and Border Patrol number show record numbers of encounters with illegal crossers with a record-high of 178,622 in April alone, continuing on from massive spike in February and March

Customs and Border Patrol number show record numbers of encounters with illegal crossers with a record-high of 178,622 in April alone, continuing on from massive spike in February and March.

This growing humanitarian issue will get bigger and bigger and there will be more and more deaths and we will be seeing pictures of children who have lost their lives, and all because another set of politicians cannot control who comes in and out of their country. We have the same useless ones here and it is the poorest and most destitute who suffer. Not the President and not the Vice President and it would have been kinder to say the border is shut and stemmed the flow from day one, but it is cruel beyond belief to give people hope when in reality there is none.

To say it now after that horse has bolted shows that America did not choose well in their Administration and like all the rich and elite who it now seems are running countries…..they don’t really care as it is nothing more than ego trip for them, and like all politicians they do not care about the poor….they just talk a good talk yet their actions show nothing and that speaks louder than words.

The Uyghurs need more than a toothless tribunal.

Whilst it is commendable of the United Kingdom Government that they are having a Tribunal into the human rights abuses committed by China, is there anything in this that will make them stop committing the rapes, the murders, the slavery and the intended genocide of a group of people all based on the fact they are Muslim?

The tribunal based in London are listening to the testimonies of those who have had this terror inflicted on them, and whilst it is something the world need to hear, there is also the need to act on this and force the Chinese to stop it. I fear however that nothing will be done….it never is.

The forcing of sterilisation is a human rights crime.

The raping of Uyghur women in a bid to outbreed the people is a human rights crime.

The forced abortion of Uyghur women is a human rights crime.

The forced labour of Uyghurs is a human rights crime.

The murders and mass executions bordering on Genocide is a human rights crime.

The indoctrination of the young is a human rights crime.

All of the above are being committed by the Communist Chinese State on a group of people who have not caused any issue, and who just want to be left alone and where it is based purely on religion. Have we not seen this already with disastrous consequences in the last century?

There is also the issue of those companies who actively work with the Chinese Communist State and use the slave labour of these poor people. These are Western Companies and I have blogged about them before and shame on them if they are still using these oppressed people. Shame on the CEOs who put their greed before demanding the rights of those who really are suffering and that is something this tribunal can do. Call out those companies and CEOs and make them stand trial for profiteering from the suffering of others.

Something has to be done to hold these people to account….

The  “Uyghur Tribunal” has no state backing and any judgement would not be binding on any government, but it has drawn a furious response from Beijing, which dismissed the hearings as a “machine producing lies”. If it has no binding judgement then why on earth do this? Those in need have to have some concrete help and not well meaning meetings that do nothing. There has to be some light at the end of this nightmare tunnel for them.

Image result for the treatment of the uyghurs
Image result for Uyghur Protest

We have already watched our Governments do nothing with regards to the virus from China but this is something that they could say was unavoidable, but not the torture and genocide of a people because of their religious beliefs. Where are the other Muslim countries? Should they not be demanding that this stops? Anybody with human feelings, emotions and who are disgusted by what they are doing should demand it stops.

Where is the basic decency of nations to demand this stops?

It is an eternal shame on this country and other democracies that nothing is being done, and that each day there are more rapes, tortures, abortions and murders, and what is laughable is that China is actually on the UN Human Rights Council. This has to be the most offensive seat in any political body and shows why the UN is weak, toothless and can do no more than send a strongly worded letter that just gets thrown in the bin.

China Appointed to Influential UN Human Rights Council Panel – The Diplomat

We in the West are allowing the Chinese State to get away with genocide and doing nothing about it. When you think of the fact that it is the anniversary of D Day and you think back to those brave young men and women who went to fight tyranny committed by the Nazis, and yet we see the same thing happening again. It makes it even more telling that decades later that a country committing these human rights violations now enjoy a seat at the table of an organisation that was created to prevent such a thing happening again.

It is an insult it really is. It is an insult to the people who are suffering.

Image result for Uyghur Protest
Image result for uyghur concentration camp
According to the United Nations, at least one million Uighurs have been detained in the internment camps in China's northwestern Xinjiang province [Alberto Pezzali/AP Photo]
he first witness to testify on Friday, Qelbin

“Guards in the camp did not treat the prisoners as human beings. They were treated less than dogs,” Qelbinur Sidik said through an interpreter. “They enjoyed watching them being humiliated and their suffering was for them their joy.” Female prisoners were allegedly abused when they were taken for interrogation.

“They were not only tortured but also raped, sometimes gang-raped,” Sidik said. “The things that I have witnessed and experienced, I can’t forget.” Sidik said she was also subjected to forced sterilisation. ‘Uyghur Tribunal’ opens with testimony of alleged rape, torture | Human Rights News | Al Jazeera

Can we really just stand by and do nothing? If we can then we should hang our heads in shame………

When will Dawkins be answerable to the law for a hate crime?

Richard Dawkins is well known for his campaign of wanting children in the womb diagnosed with Down Syndrome to be aborted. There are protected groups who would not have to put up with this, and quite rightly this includes gay people, trans people and other minorities but why is there not a hate crime law against those who peddle their garbage against Downs Syndrome and those with disabilities?

Who made Dawkins a god giving him the decision of which child lived and which child died? Having achieved his dream…where would it stop? Children who will be short? Children who could not have the development that he expects by a certain age? The Nazis tried that and it was called eugenics and they started off by murdering the disabled and the vulnerable….

In an interview with the broadcaster Brendan O’Connor of RTE Radio in Ireland, Dawkins attempted to defend how he had responded in 2014 when one of his 2.9 million twitter followers sent this to him: ‘I honestly don’t know what I would do if I were pregnant with a kid with Down Syndrome. Real ethical dilemma.’ Dawkins pinged back: ‘Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.’

What is immoral is that so many follow him and that his views are just downright disgusting. What a terrible individual with odious vile thoughts.

A group is now campaigning to have this man cancelled by the publishing company who he is currently using. Penguin Random House are currently being lobbied to cancel the business relationship they have with Dawkins. Lynn Murray, whose daughter Rachel has Down’s and who runs the Don’t Screen Us Out campaign, told a newspaper: ‘His publishers should stand with people with Down’s Syndrome, uphold their own equality policies and cut ties with the professor, whose uninformed opinions about Down’s Syndrome are also out of sync with today’s public standards of equality and diversity.’

She is absolutely right and Penguin by having this business relationship with this man is in a way saying that really they don’t care about equality, nor diversity so long as it brings them money. Well that is one publisher off my list as I don’t deal with companies who actively work with people like Dawkins and who by what he is advocating should be classed as a hate crime, and the fact that he hasn’t makes a mockery of the law.

Professor Richard Dawkins attempted to defend his response to a Twitter follower who told him she 'didn't know what she would do'  if she was pregnant with a child with Down's Syndrome and his advice was: 'Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice'
Richard Dawkins and his hate peddling against down syndrome.

I have had the privilege to meet people with Down Syndrome and they are some of the most nicest people you can spend time with. They don’t know hatred like Dawkins, and they take people as they find them and in their world people with his twisted views doesn’t exist and how dare he advocate they they do not deserve to live, and that to bring a Down Syndrome child into the world is immoral. What did the world do to have this awful man thrust on them?

If anyone is lacking even in basic morals it is Dawkins. I know who I would sooner spend time with and it isn’t him. It would never be him….urgh perish the thought.

Brendan O’Connor an Irish presenter has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, and when he tested the professor on his now notorious remarks, Dawkins — who insists he bases everything he says on pure reason and empirical knowledge — was exposed as ignorant and ill-informed. When O’Connor asked him why he regarded it as ‘immoral’ to knowingly bring a person with Down’s into the world, Dawkins replied: ‘Given the amount of suffering in the world probably does not go down — probably goes up — compared to having another child who does not have Down’s Syndrome, that’s what I meant.

The presenter queried how Dawkins knew ‘it increases the amount of suffering in the world’. Dawkins replied: ‘I don’t know for certain . . . it seems to me to be plausible that if a child has any kind of disability, you would probably increase the amount of happiness in the world more by having another child instead.’ Asked by O’Connor what his evidence was for that, the professor lamely responded: ‘I have no direct evidence, no.’ and when the presenter — with icy calmness telling Dawkins, ‘I’m not having an emotional discussion with you here, I’m simply trying a logical discussion’ — asked the great empirical thinker if he actually knew anyone with Down’s, he admitted he didn’t.


If Dawkins had actually done any form of research into this hate he peddles then he might have actually read a peer-reviewed paper published in October 2011 by the American Journal of Medical Genetics who had taken the time out to survey 300 people with Down Syndrome and who were aged 12 and over. The conclusion was that nearly 99% of people were happy with their lives, 97% liked the way they look and 96% liked the way they are and I bet you could not get that sort of percentages from anybody else, as lets face it most people would not give themselves that high a mark and it shows what a gorgeous personality they have, but what is worrying is that he is advocating against disability, and that by not having that disabled child the world would be happier. What a vile, disgusting thing to say.

Dawkins insists that these wonderful people with Downs Syndrome are suffering, yet the peer-reviewed papers state otherwise, and I doubt for one minute that Dawkins has actually sat down with anyone who has Downs, but rather his hatred and his bigotry has led him to come up with this nonsense, and again it should be reviewed as a hate crime as he is openly advising people to abort a child because it has a syndrome that he hates, and hate is a strong word but how else do you describe it? That man is full of hatred for Downs Syndrome and to peddle what he does without even having any scientific research is dangerous.

I have been in supermarkets, warehouses and all other forms of customer service roles throughout my travels and am always delighted when companies have employed people with disabilities, and employing people with Downs Syndrome is a blessing to a company not a hinderance as they are hard workers, honest workers, great with time keeping, can be relied upon to a task without complaining, they want to help and they do not get involved in petty work squabbles, not the politics of a work place….rather they just want to work and do a good job. For any employer they are the greatest asset and should be openly valued and not aborted because someone like Dawkins peddles his hate.

It is the fact that this man is advocating aborting Downs children without ever having actually met a child nor an adult. He is doing nothing more than peddling his own hate and and shame on any publisher that signs him up as it gives him yet another platform to peddle his garbage. You are not thinking of the hurt he is aiming at people who really are the purest of hearts and so much for their equality and diversity. As I said…companies are all for it until it comes to money and profits.

Then again what can expect from a man who known works are the insight in to Charles Darwin, a man who held strong views about the risks inferior types breeding. For such a supposed enlightened man he has a backward way of thinking, and thank god society is changing and he is going the way of the dinosaurs.

Right To Life UK spokeswoman Catherine Robinson branded his comments “horrific” saying they showed “blatant disregard for the facts of life for people with Down’s syndrome and other disabilities who, like all humans, are capable of living full and enriching lives”. Richard Dawkins news: ‘Wise and sensible’ to abort Down’s syndrome babies atheist | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Still no visit to the border…

By the Vice President and no explanation why.

The whole system has collapsed and the ones to blame are Biden, Harris and the Democrats.

Every child, teenager and adult that dies is on their watch. Every family separated is on their watch and the spiralling costs to the taxpayer is on their watch.

As for the Vice President she has no plans to go and is still laughing when asked.

Well someone needs to remind her that dying at the hands of traffickers, dying in the desert or being raped by those people is no laughing matter and for her to do that, and even worse ignore them bring degraded and put in cages is just disgusting.

Biden won’t do anything as he just can’t remember and funny how the main stream lefty media are not concentrating on it. Could it be that they don’t care …because its alright when Joe does it….

The viciousness that is Nancy Pelosi..

I cannot for the life of me think that anyone could vote for that seriously nasty piece of work Nancy Pelosi.

When she is not goading the mob into rioting, destruction and theft, then she is calling a world pandemic the Teump virus which is totally done standards…but that mean old woman doesn’t care….and when not doing that having questionable knowledge of when and where to buy shares to increase her already very wealthy bank account, and last that disgusting interview where she thanked George Floyd for sacrificing his life

That was when I realised…she like the President are so out of touch. George Floyd was murdered by a corrupt police officer and at no point gave his life willingly for any cause….but Pelosi cannot see that….as she is doing what she always does…virtual signalling like the President.

The USA is being run by two people who are way past retiring, and Joe Biden doesn’t even know what day it is….

Ask yourself if someone like George Floyd tipped up at Pelosi’s House, how long do you reckon it would have taken the police to arrest him and the courts throw away the key?

The Democrats doesn’t care about poor black people they are useful for the woke narrative, and they definitely don’t care about other colours of people…..poor people….just look at the border.

America all you did was fall for their claptrap because they wanted Teump out. BLM are now complaining that the President is turning the military on them, and the poorer are getting shafted and the human rights abuses on the border is scandalous. You voted for this…and by the way…this presidents administration is actually censoring the news. No 1st amendment under them…and Biden actually stated its not set in stone so to speak…he wants to change it so they control the narrative. In other words lie…

Trump shook up the elite and the likes of Pelosi could not have that. It is the Democrats who want political power as it lines their pockets and they think they know better than everyone else.

Ask yourself….when did you last see Harris, Biden or Pelosi do something good for the poor, the unemployed, the blacks and Hispanics without it lining their pockets?? The answer is never.

Harris and Biden had the most anti poor black agenda of any gruesome twosome before now and this resulted in longer, harsher sentences fir those individuals….and like Pelosi….you are useful if you are poor and black….but only at a distance….

Seems the woke narrative is only useful to the self appointed ruling political elite.

China is…

Picking up the war mantle where the last war ended. No lessons have been learned in the last 80 years and another country is itching to start a world war.

I myself have stopped buying Chinese goods as I will not fill their war chest, that will ultimately lead the world down a war path as they have Taiwan in its sights.. and we know they have an issue with Australia….

Australia can see right through them and so should the rest of the world…

The perverse nomination and succession of Iran to the Women’s Rights Group…..

I had to check the date today to make sure it was not the 1st April…after all this must of been some kind of joke…Iran and Women’s Rights….who in their right mind agreed to that? It is a monstrous nomination and women will no longer have a champion to fight their cause in the UN, but rather a country fight against it.

Being the UN……it all made sense. Iran has been given a seat on the UN Women’s Rights Group. Have you seen the way they control women? It is an insult to all those who have fought for years and are still fighting to have some modicum of freedom, and to allow a country to have a say where women are denied even the basic of rights is laughable but it is also deadly serious, and it can only be looked at as having a bad outcome and I can see the rights of women being curtailed because Iran will create if not.

Women can kiss goodbye now to any further rights as they will be trampled on by Iran and in this woke culture, no one will want to upset Iran….after all the West is stupidly giving them a free pass on building a nuclear bomb.

Girls as young as 13 are married off and sometimes the person chosen for her could be 3 or 4 times her age, and she has no choice……it is wrong on so many levels.

Women are forced to wear the hajib.

Women have to ask their husband or a male relative if they can go out of the house, the town or leave the country, and this is nothing but the subjugation of women by males.

Women have no rights whatsoever in Iran, so which mindless idiot decided the country that curtails everything to do women be given a seat on the very thing they are suppressing for the next 4 years.

The election of Iran to the UN’s committee on women’s rights has been called an ‘insult’ by activists due to the country’s discrimination against women.   Iran was elected among five other nations to sit on the ‘Status of Women’, a New-York based UN commission dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.  

A UN report found that between 'March and June 2020, 7,323 marriages involving girls aged 10 to 14 were registered' in Iran. Pictured: Iranian women gather for a ceremony in Tehran, Iran
 UN report found that between ‘March and June 2020, 7,323 marriages involving girls aged 10 to 14 were registered’ in Iran. Pictured: Iranian women gather for a ceremony in Tehran, Iran

Women in Iran have to ask their husband if they can take up employment.

Women in Iran are not allowed to play certain sports.

There is no equality for women and Iran certainly do not want empower females. They will act against this at every level.

Masih Alinejad, a US-based activist and founder of My Stealthy Freedom, told the Swedish parliament that the decision to elect Iran onto the UN women’s rights committee was an ‘insult’, She said: ‘A regime that does not allow women to make decisions for their own bodies has been elected to a body to monitor the condition of women around the world.’

Speaking on gender inequality in Iran Mr Rehman told the UN Human Rights Council: ‘Egregious gender-based discrimination persists in law, practice and societal attitudes, disempowering women and girls from participating and contributing in society.’ 

Iran does not believe in women’s rights or rights for women and they are wanting to permanently curtail the minor freedom that women have, and as a woman it is an insult that such a country is allowed to sit on the board that defends women and is supposed to work with women to gain more freedom, and it does not take a crystal ball to know that Iran will not agree to anything to do with women.

With Iran on their committee this is a case of one step forward and a mile backwards for women throughout the world.

Iran has no plans whatsoever to give women in their country any rights, a woman can be jailed for failing to wear a hijab and they expect this country to agree rights for other women yet deny their own?

It is a perverted and obscene choice as it is akin to asking the fox to look after the hen house. It will be disastrous and it is insulting. It is an insult to women everywhere.

Women in Iran can be jailed and or whipped for daring to speak out …. where is their rights?

I am a fierce opponent of the United Nations as it does nothing, zilch….not a thing. The only thing we ever hear is that they are sending out a strongly worded letter…..I can do that……

The United Nations is now no longer fit for purpose and is fastly becoming a joke but that joke and the effects of it will permanently affect those who have no rights…way to go UN….way to go.

No border visit….

A month in and Kamala Harris has done nothing about the border situation. She has not visited, has not given a press conference and has no government task force to help resolve the situation of thousands heading towards the States.

She has however had a taxpayer funded home decorated to a high spec and no doubt costing hundreds of thousands of ypur dollars.

Nice to know the VP can prioritise herself.

Biden and Harris are out of their depth and the United States of America will pay for putting those two clowns in the Whitehouse.

The Verdict is in….and it is the right one.

It was the right verdict and it was the only verdict and I hope Derek Chauvin gets the rest of his life locked away, but what it didn’t need is for some Democrat threatening violence on the streets if the verdict did not go the way they wanted. The Law and Politics are two separate entities in the United States of America and the founding fathers made it that way so that no President had the power of a King.

Maxine Walters should be charged with threatening violence to try and force the sway of a jury and that is a charge punishable by jail time, and maybe if they did decide to start charging these people who hold power then maybe things will actually move in the United States of America.

I don’t like Derek Chauvin, he is a murderer and he murdered a man in full view of people without a care in the world. He is a bully and a racist and he should never have been in uniform and it is because of people like him that good police officers are getting murdered. The sort of police officers that are a credit to the community not a hinderance.

The issue is that the people are angry and they are out for vengeance, and the sight of Nancy Pelosi thanking George Floyd for his sacrifice made me feel sick. He did not sacrifice his life for freedom. He was murdered…….but Ms Pelosi is never one to shy away from being in the news but ask yourself how long would it have taken her to get the police on a poor black person if they showed up on her doorstep? They don’t care…..they are only conning you into thinking they do.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections released Derek Chauvin's new booking photo on Wednesday morning as he woke up from his first night at MCF-Oak Park Heights
Derek Chauvin in his prison orange uniform.

Chauvin looks like the arrogant man he is and he knew he had the choice between life and death for George Floyd and he played god, and now he must pay for it. It is a pity there is not a death sentence visited on him as that would then be real justice . No one can forget him kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck with his hands in his pocket and not a care in the world. That is how bullies act and he got through the gap. He had 4 times as many complaints as any other police officer and nothing was done. Why was he never disciplined for that? If someone had 4 times as many complaints in a hospitality service they would be fired so why can the police not be fired. They let a bully and a murderer stay in uniform.

There now has to be an explanation from the Chief of Police as to why this murderer slipped through the net and if it needs a purge of the police department so be it, however defunding the police is not the right thing to do because 99% of the police force as I have mentioned are the good guys and why should they pay because a man in a uniform decided to play god and murder a man over a fake $20 bill.

There should be greater tests for police officers and they keep being tested and if there are complaints time after time then fire them. Its as simple as that. When a police officer is bad they are always bad and people must have seen this and done nothing so the system should be put on trial too, but again please remember that there are wonderful police officers who defend the United States of America and who are being murdered daily.

I don’t see the outrage for that and they have taken on the mantle of protecting American citizens.

Thankfully Chauvin is sat in a maximum security prison on suicide watch and he will have to go into solitary for the rest of his life as we all know there is a price on his head, but maybe being scared to death will teach him a very long lesson as he is the reason he is there, and he can blame nobody else but himself.

No prisoner has ever escaped from Oak Park Heights which houses around 500 of the most dangerous inmates in the state, 25 miles east of Minneapolis, on the border with Wisconsin. Chauvin is being closely watched by guards to ensure his safety, not just as a suicide risk, but also from other inmates with violent criminal histories, many of whom resent law enforcement.
er has ever escaped from Oak Park Heights which houses around 500 of the most dangerous inmates in the state, 25 miles east of Minneapolis, on the border with Wisconsin. Chauvin is being closely watched by guards to ensure his safety, not just as a suicide risk, but also from other inmates with violent criminal histories, many of whom resent law enforcement.

The country does not need the President nor the Vice President stating that there is systematic racism in the country as this is not healing words, and again we do not need incitement from Democrats to riot as all that Maxine Walters has done is given him an appeal. Can you imagine the pain if he got off on an appeal and she was responsible?

We have had to have the nauseating sight of celebrity after celebrity crying because it was the right thing to do, but ask yourself how many of them help poor black families? How many of them would have called the police if someone like George Floyd had turned up on their doorstep asking for help. The sight of these people who are trying to be relevant from their multi million dollar mansions in mainly white districts is nothing more than fake signalling. I want to hear from those people who help out with the poorest of families and tell the world what they need.

Not some fake signalling celebrity who would never dream of walking through black neighbourhoods and who never dream of giving away their money to the poor, but who want to be seen as it high profiles them. They are using this terrible situation for their own cause. The cause of celebrity should be dead and buried and the real people should be the ones we see and hear.

I don’t know if the George Floyd family will recover if they ever do, and tomorrow we will read of yet another black person being killed on the streets, and another story of a police officer being killed in the line of duty and that is day after day after day. America are you not tired of this?

Are you not tired of the crime and the murders?

The first thing that should happen is a group of politicians get together and not spouting the race card as that is not the time, but get together and form a committee and ask….ask the people and the police their views and see if there is a mutual meeting of minds at some point.

If you defund the police there will be an increase in crime and there will be an increase in deaths as more and more people will purchase guns, and the killing and the murders will go on and on and on, and day after day we will see children mourning their parents, parents mourning their children and the hatred will go on.

There needs to be more screening for the police and there definitely needs to be a greater gun control than there is now as it seems anybody can get a gun, and if you leave a state underfunded in its law enforcement and have an increase in guns then you will get violence not seen in years, and is that what we want the children to grow up with? Do you not want your children to be able to walk down the street without fear of violence?

For me I would ask those who work on the ground in these areas the ones who have made a difference to families, the community leaders who will work with the police and educate them and show the communities that they can be trusted, but this must not become a political ping pong for a President and a Vice President who will use it for their gain as that is all they will do and that is wrong.

It needs to be something the people and the police come together with and decide the way forward as only by showing unity can they ever hope to escape the circle of violence that is going on in America, and maybe just maybe they can weed out the murderers like Derek Chauvin from the police and gain the respect that they do deserve, and we will never again have to watch the awful spectacle of a man crying for his mama before dying on the street as that sight must never be forgotten.


When not peddling their vile antisemitism, they are demanding the abolition of the rich….

Wow….how many people do they want gone??? This needs to be investigated for threats and hate….

To be honest though…is anyone surprised by the vile Labour Party?

There is a need to stop China….

I would like to point out first that this is not an attack on the people of China but rather there leaders and the Communist Parliament and people in charge. This build up in the South China seas needs to be stopped and China must be treated as a rogue state and afforded no rights in the West.

See the source image

China has already started to move more ships into the disputed South China Sea and it is never good when they start to send in men and military machines. There are other countries who border this sea and one by one China is turning its gaze towards them….and that is just the start.

See the source image

The Communist State of China is going to build up its military arsenal until it is unstoppable and then the world will react too late.

See the source image

Beijing’s man-made islands in the South China Sea are now bristling with military hardware as the country seeks to build more bases overseas, a US report says. The base on the hotly-contested Spratly Islands has been outfitted with 24 fighter-sized hangars, runways, water and fuel storage, a large port, communications equipment, fixed-weapon positions and a barracks. Three squadrons of warplanes will eventually be stationed at the bases, analysts with the Department of Defense believe, allowing Chinese warplanes to operate over the entire region. 

This cannot be good for Taiwan as we know they are looking at invading them when the time is right for China. They will do far worse to the people of Taiwan than they have done to Hong Kong, and we know they are already restricting freedom of thought, freedom of press and freedom to march in Hong Kong. They are putting those they view as a threat to the state through Hong Kong kangaroo courts that they are running and losing them in the Chinese penal system and it is highly doubtful they will see the light of day again…. and this is just for the start…

Taiwan will be invaded and what is the world doing? They are just sending ships to look at each other. The United States of America has sent another one today and what is the United Nations doing? Nothing. Mind you a strongly worded letter is about the only thing they do…..next to useless.

This constant restriction of the South China Sea is blocking the people’s right to fish and to have imports and exports to and from their countries. China is restricting all of this because they want to control the area and if it means military control with no rights for the other countries then as far as they are concerned its a price these poor people will pay.

It seems that the only country who will stand up to China is India and they are having none of the incursions in the Himalayas and Indian Border and what a pity the rest of the world will not be as brave as India. We need to offer them help and our support.

This is the next step in the domination of the Far East that China has planned. The South China Sea has minerals and old reserves the size of Texas under there and China plan to use it for their gain and nobody else and this will give them an unfair advantage over those countries trapped in its web.

They have built this Island and put state of the art military weapons on it….that means they have no peace in mind but rather are preparing for a war and of that I am in no doubt and more than likely China will cause it because it gives them the excuse to go after the other countries. After Taiwan.what next? Japan?.

China has equipped its artificial islands in the South China Sea with 24 hangars, runways, communications equipment, fixed-weapon positions and a barracks (pictured in 2016)
There are 24 hangers, communication and military equipment on this island. It also includes runways and accommodation for soldiers.

The proof is here that China is starting a build up for war.

They are not only building here but also plan military bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan and this must surely send alarm bells ringing. The West and its allies can stop the Chinese now as the rights of people must come first and the more countries China gets involved in, the less rights the people have until they have no rights at all. China is a not a saviour to the poverty of your country. Making a deal with the Communist Chinese state is akin to doing a deal with the devil.

China is investing to take over nothing more nothing less, and it will be these countries that pay the price as I cannot imagine India being happy with the military build up in Pakistan by Chinese troops, and we should be encouraging friendship and understanding. It seems that where ever there is the potential for instability and creating incursions and crushing civil rights China is involved.

All the countries who oppose this rogue state must get involved now as when they are bombing Taiwan or maybe Japan it will be too late, and there will be hit and run incursions into India too…..and it must be stopped before it begins…otherwise there will be a world war and it will make the last one look somewhat tame compared to what is coming.

China is a rogue state and must be treated as that and all its assets frozen and out of their reach. For the sake of humanity we have too.

Blaming the victims….is a new low.

Former cricketer Imran Khan has openly stated that only by dressing modest would women lower the risk of being raped. What planet is this man on?

It is offensive and he is offensive.

Women do not ask to be raped and any excuse to play it down is disgusting.

Women are raped because men think that it is ok to violate women how they want too and to have a leader of a country say this is outrageous, and not only that he had to get a dig in where Bollywood was concerned or the rock and roll era of Great Britain…yet during his time here he went out to the sort of places that the likes of me and millions like me could never go….the drinking, no doubt the drugs and the dancing…oh what a jolly jape.

Does he want to tell the victims of the grooming gangs in Rochdale and Bradford that it was their fault? It is always a case with some men that they excuse the most disgusting of behaviour and blame the women. It is backwards thinking and not the right response in todays world.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks during a news conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia, February 4, 2020
Imran Khan being offensive and disrespectful to those who suffered rape and sexual abuse.

You have to ask yourself how little respect he must have for women to come up with this comment?

Don’t lets forget that Mr Khan is twice-divorced and was no stranger to scantily-clad women as he partied in VIP nightclubs during his bachelor life in London.  The English public schoolboy famously dated fashion guru Susannah Constantine before marrying glamorous socialite Ms Goldsmith in 1995.

Care to comment on the scantily clad women Mr Khan? Or shall we just assume you have no idea what you are talking about!

Khan and a girlfriend at London's London's Grosvenor House Hotel in 1992
Khan walks down a London street with a mystery woman in 1990
Imran Khan with fashion guru and journalist Susannah Constantine, who he dated before marrying Jemima Goldsmith in 1995

Women should be free to dress how they want too and if it is from head to foot or not then that should be their choice, and not just because they are at risk of getting attacked by men who cannot control themselves. Maybe the men should be put under the microscope if that is the case.

Women do not ask for rape when deciding what outfit to wear and he should apologise for such offensive remarks. For someone who is supposed to be intelligent he is not showing any trace of it.