Its all going wrong for Harry Markle.

Prince Harry has once again shown that he really is out of touch with the world and is losing his marbles slowly but surely.

We have had the endless salad word rubbish spoken by him and his wife and now he is telling us that we should wake up and do something good for the day for others, and then sit and put your feet up happy in the knowledge that you have. “am I going to do? I’m going to go and help my neighbour and I’m going to come back and then put my feet up and have a really good day. Yeah.”

Well ….. .let the ridicule begin.

prince harry

Harry has completely forgotten that mere mortals have to work for a living and of course we would like to help our neighbours. I actually like all of mine and if they need anything then of course they can have it, but there is that little matter of work coming between us.

Harry has once again shown how out of touch he is and is the poster boy for someone who has total privilege and has done all his life, and continues too as lets face it it is only that title that affords him the luxury he has, and he does not actually have to work.

For me, Harry has shown what he really is….a hypocrite.

We hear endlessly about saving the water from his 16 bathroom mansion. To save the planet and cut our carbon footprint whilst he has one of the biggest gas guzzlers to drive around in when not flying by private jet and living in a huge home for just the 3 of them, and then lecturing us on privilege when he himself comes from the greatest privileged families on the planet.

Yet that irony is lost on him as he is now a paid up member of the la la land club that seems to have taken to him so quickly and then there is the brattish outburst of being cut off by daddy in his mid 30s with only £30 plus million in the bank.

Harry needs to shut up about his family as the world knows that without that family and his title, his wife would never have looked at him, let alone marry him and he would of struggled to get a job in McDonalds. There would have been no Eton but a council school and left with pretty much nothing and no helicopter pilot for him……after all if he had not been born into the family he is trashing then the Head of the Armed Forces would not have insisted he got on the course as with his exam results….not a chance but he got it because its his grandmother. This same grandmother he is trashing everywhere. What ever happened to thank you and leaving it at that…….

He left the United Kingdom for la la land for privacy, so does us a favour Harry and take that privacy that we so desperately want you to have.

Time to get rid of the Markles and take back the Titles……

Another day and more endless whinging from that renowned privacy seeking couple the Sussex’s.

This time we are being entertained to the endless bilge from Harry about how horrible his childhood was at the hands of both his father and his grandparents.  Shame on you Mr Harry Markle…where is your compassion for a 95-year-old who has lost her husband of some 70 plus years, and whose funeral it was only weeks ago. 

This is nothing more than a whinge fest from the big whinging self-entitled brattish couple on the planet.

Harry Markle states that he felt he had to take his family away from the Royal life as it was toxic.  Yet this is the same couple who wanted to be half in and half out.  They wanted to represent the Crown and this country at the swankiest of functions and where Harry could wear his choice of Mr Ben outfits for the military, whilst selling their connections to the family.  The Queen knew this is exactly what they wanted.  They wanted their cake and eat it too.  The fact they were told no started this off.

That and the fact his bit part cable TV actress wife thought she was going to be the star of the Royal Family.  She must of threw the royalist of tantrums when she realised that she would come beneath that of HM The Queen, HRH The Prince Philip, HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, and eventually she would have come below that of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in the pecking order, and their partners and she would forever be the warmup act and she couldn’t stomach that.

There are well documented rows from Mr and Mrs Markle where they wanted to be given the grandest of tours and the star acts, and to say there were angry to find out that there was a pecking order is an understatement, and the fact they were not at the top must of hit her ambition hard.  After all that is all she married him for.

Let’s not forget the spectacle of them turning up at a Disney premiere instead of being at the memorial in Deal for the murdered marines.  It seems that it was more important to appear there to act as his wife’s manager to get her work.   This flit has always been on the cards as his wife wants to be the star of Hollywood.  Her z lister cable acting can’t get the doors open but his title can and what does it matter if he is trashing his family.  This is all about what Meghan wants.   Seems though that even that has worked.  Oprah is just making money of them and it seems the Clooneys and the others are missing in action.  They know just what sort of awful people they are and are steering clear.

Beyonce cringes as she watches Prince Harry and Meghan awkwardly work the red carpet – YouTube

Now, today we find that he has yet again trashed his father and trashed his grandmother, and the grandfather who has just been buried.   The genetic pain…. what the hell is this salad wording he is on about?  He just seems to spout absolute garbage all the time

Spoke of his father in loving terms…can’t even remember what he says…

One of the things that struck me the most where he said that the man his mother was dating would not be accepted because he was not white.  What a disgusting thing to say.  He has absolutely no proof with regards to that and she dated a Pakistani heart surgeon, and nothing was said there.  This narrative of lies suits him and his wife as they can sell that misery to others.

I am totally with William on what he has said about the BBC and it really should be stripped of its funding and anything to do with British on it.  The lies that they undertook to snare the Princess of Wales was and is criminal and I do hope that charges follow, but William dealt with it in a manner that you would expect out of a grown man.

We all know the differences that William had with his father and aristocratic families are like that.  After all, if the Queen or Charles did not do their duty because of being at home with the kids there would have been plenty to moan about.

It is because of what happened to Diana that the next generations of Royals have been able to take the time out to bring up their children.  Everyone seems to forget that William is also a son as well.

Harry explains that the mere sound of hooves sends him regressing back to the funeral…well what on earth is he riding whilst polo playing?

Am calling it what it is…..a lie to garnish sympathy…

He has spent year after year playing polo and if it so feared him, he could have pulled out stating that and people would have understood.  Yet, the proof is here.  The same as when he said he could finally ride a bike with his son on the back seat…something he never did with his father.

He further states that he is angry at the emotional damage he has had from the Royal Family and that they refused to get help for his wife when she threatened suicide.

For those of you who are suffering from such dark thoughts you have my sympathy, but is he really trying to state that he could not get help for his wife?  He had the best experts on speed dial, and we had to listen to endlessly droning on as the patron of a mental health charity, and he himself sought help yet…this grown man with a grown wife could not pick up the phone and ring for a doctor?  A specialist?  I am calling it what it is…a load of baloney.

His wife has tried to mimic herself on his mother from day one.  Harry cannot even think for himself without her saying so.  How many times during the Oprah interview does he says my wife says this and my wife says that?  His wife knows exactly what she is doing and knows exactly how to trigger him as it suits her narrative.

After all,…. if she can throw away her own family then who cares about the husband’s one.  She has the title, the money…even though Prince Whinge was endlessly going on about how daddy had cut him off at the age of 36 with 30 million plus pounds in the bank, and a 16-bathroom 9 bedroomed house in the poshest part of LA.  Yet, he is still moaning.  When does he ever stop moaning?

This family that he is publicly throwing under a bus has given him everything.  If he were a shelf stacker from a council estate does he honestly believe that his wife would have ever looked at him?  She wants money, power, and the stardom she feels that she deserves, and she will walk over anybody to get it.

Funny how the doors in Hollywood are not opening for them as they know that both he and she are trouble.

This spoilt pampered prince was able to attend Eton despite being notoriously shall we say not blessed in the brains department.  He blagged his way thorough 2 A levels getting a B and a D.  The B in art he got because someone else did it for him and those two qualifications alone meant he did not have the minimum of UCAS points to even be an Army officer and what an insult to those who were denied a place because one has been kept open for him, one that he did not deserve.

His family or rather his grandmother indulged him when he wanted to be a helicopter pilot.  By the way that little jaunt cost us £1 million pounds and for which he only did 4 months.  We all know that he was never going to be put in danger and it is a well-known fact that he was protected at all times whilst abroad.  Guess its only the sons and grandsons of other people who can be put in danger.

By the way, his getting into Sandhurst was again because of who his family is.  He would only have gotten into the infantry if he came from any other family and as a grunt. Then we have the name calling.  The vile racist name calling of a fellow officer.  Anyone else would have been booted out of Sandhurst and dishonourably discharged but not Harry.  Everything as usual was covered up for him.

Prince Harry should face disciplinary action for calling an Asian soldier “our little Paki friend”, critics said last night.

The third in line to the throne apologised after film footage emerged of him making the racist comment while training at Sandhurst military academy. The film was recorded by the prince himself three years ago when he was 21. Another video showed him describing another officer cadet a “rag-head”.

Prince Harry called a fellow soldier his ‘little Paki friend’ | The Independent | The Independent

Harry as a Nazi……and still not accepting his responsibility even now.

Then, we get to this nation…this nation he accuses of being racists.  This same country that was forced to spend £32 millions pounds of his 1st and his wife’s 3rd wedding.  The £1.5 million a year in clothes that Charles paid for out of the Duchy of Cornwall money…so our money.  Then we have the half a million-baby shower.  She must have thought she had hit the big time…. unfortunately for her we could already see through her personality and it was not pretty.  If you look at the Queen’s face at the wedding she knew what trouble looked like and she knew then that Markle was going to be trouble.

There was the half a million pounds of blood diamonds that she has lied about from the Saudi Crown Prince.  The garbage where they stated that Archie couldn’t possibly fly to Balmoral because he was too young and then they promptly went off on 4 private jets in 11 days for a nice jaunt to Elton Johns home in Spain.  Now my geography might be a bit off but that’s a considerable bigger distance than Scotland.

There is the trip to watch her friend in America play tennis whilst ensuring everyone knew she had arrived…after all she was a royal duchess now.  Didn’t bother her leaving the little chap at home and then to top it all off…. the endlessly whinging of how horrible it was for them living in this world of every luxury at your fingertips whilst in the poorest of places on the earth and representing the Crown in South Africa.

We could see them for what they are…..endless whinging brats.

There were the expectations that everyone else was going to pay for them and it must have hit home when they realised that they had to do it, and of course they had to jump on the BLM riots to show support even though they live in one of the richest white areas on the planet.  You have to question how many poor black people have they had come and stay?  How many are they actually helping out with their own money.  Not the money they ask others to provide but theirs….and it comes to the square root of nothing.

Then they unbelievably make the funeral of Prince Philip about them.  There were the constant updates of the wreath from her even though nobody else had stated about theirs, and then Prince Pampered couldn’t even spend one extra day with his grandmother for her birthday.   It is coming out that even the supposed zoom call to the Queen on Archies birthday didn’t happen.  She knows that the Queen will not put out what really happened and so continues with her lies.  Maybe it is time the Royal Family started to put out the truth and shut her and him up.

This whinge fest from these two spoilt, arrogant, pampered narcissists is nothing more than that.  They feel that the world owes them a living and I wouldn’t be surprised that the reasoning behind this latest tirade is that if they cannot be the centre of attention, and if they can’t be King and Queen then nobody is going to be.  It is nothing more than a disgusting ploy on their part to make money out of a family drama they should keep private.

I don’t believe for one minute any member of the Royal Family said a word about the colour of Archie and that is nothing more than a lie that both of them cooked up.  After all the Markles could not even get their stories straight.

This is nothing more than a bitch fest moan from a spoilt entitled brat who is married to another spoil entitled brat and both of them think the world owes them a living.  Maybe if they had been said no to once in a while they might not have this narcissistic entitlement.

It is now time for the Queen and the other members of the Royal Family to strip this disgrace and his wife of the titles.  It is a farce that he has that.  He wanted freedom so give it to him.  Let him have the freedom of no titles and see how much he can make them.

He calls his family rotten whilst trading on the royal titles.  It must break the Queen’s heart and she has had enough this year already, without this ungrateful spoilt brat and his awful wife being absolutely disrespectful of not only her son, but of her and her husband.

The Duchess knows exactly what she is doing every time she turns the screw on Harry as he is not capable of thinking for himself, and it has been said time and time and time again that he was not the sharpest tool in the box.

How long do you reckon when this one trick pony event of trashing the family now becomes unsellable?  People are already fed up with them as the comments are oh look here is the brat and his horrible wife after dishing the dirt on their family for money yet again, and that is all its for but that self-whinging will only go so far and when they are not a bankable item as lets face it nobody but their mad fans wants to listen to their salad lectures on the environment and lets be kind….whilst flying private jet and being anything but compassionate to a widowed old lady.  However long do you reckon it will be before his wife starts looking for another husband and ends up on Oprah saying how he was destabilising, abusive and horrible to leave with…..whilst looking at the camera and dabbing those cold eyes.

She will ditch him the minute he is no longer bankable and then who will Harry have to turn too?  It won’t be his family as I should imagine they are just about finished with him.  It won’t be the country he has trashed, and it certainly won’t be the friends he has allowed his wife to walk all over.

I can see a broken man with nobody and nowhere to go, after all he is already trashing the American Constitution and they are not taking to kindly to it.  Netflix and Spotify will bin them when they realise that nobody is watching the rubbish they make, and he will then realise just what he has done but then he will have a lifetime to repent.

I should imagine that Charles is not taking to kindly to the trashing of him and his parents, especially as he was crushed following the death of his father and the power behind the throne will be William, and we already know he cannot stand his brother’s wife as he sees her the way we do.  Meghan will stop at nothing to get her hands on what she thinks she deserves, even if it means trashing the family of her husband and a country in the process.

Best Harry does not come back for the unveiling as there will be boos and it is as much Williams day too, but people just do not want to see this whinging brat stood beside the brother who stayed, and who has gone from strength to strength.  William is a King in waiting and he will make a fine one.

Note to any American ladies…. if you think after this episode that any of you will be marrying an heir to the throne …think again.  I should imagine they are a topic banned by the family, and if Harry had any idea what was best for him…he needs to disappear into the publicity free life he wanted as I and millions like me are fed up with listening to his endless whinging, brattish behaviour and lies.   

For the Royal Family to surpass this, then they need to get rid of the Sussex’s and cast them adrift as just the Markles and no British Royal Title as neither of them deserve it.

The Duke and Duchess of Woke…

Should learn from the legacy of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and behave like Royals. As for the Duchess saying she adored Philip and they had a bond…..the Royal experts have stated that she saw him so little that it wouldn’t have had time to develop a friendship.

Lets not forget this is the couple who turned down Christmas at Sandringham and Summer at Balmoral, their excuse for Balmoral ..Archie was too young to fly. Then they promptly went off to Elton John’s pad via his private plane. 4 private jet flights that year….ever the eco warriors.

Prince Philip would have seen straight through Meghan Markle, and I doubt he had any words for her that were adoring after she and her wet husband trashed the very institution he and his wife, Our Queen stood for.

The Duchess states she did not come to the funeral as she did not want to be the centre of attention. Only a true narcissit would come up with that rubbish. The person everyone is concerned about is a grand old lady who has lost her husband after nearly 3/4 qtrs of a century together, and who now finds herself alone.

Harry needs to grow a set for once and tell his wife to shut up, but he won’t because he is weak….very weak, but expect the sob stories of how she was ignored regarding the funeral with her lapdog nodding…..

If I was Prince William I would check Harry for a wire….or say very little as whatever they say will end up with Gayle King or Oprah….with them playing the victims again for the highest price. They are really clueless and have no shame.

The author of finding freedom …..yawn…uses the race card…yawn.

Or as we know it the worst book ever written, yet here we have Omid Scobie trying the race card.. yawn….to blast the next book coming out about the Sussex duo. A more truthful account than his really awful effort.

We know it was more to promote the Duchess of Untruths and Spin rather than her hypocritical husband….and it resulted in ridicule…..

Do you reckon Scobie already realises that unlike his book, this will be a best seller and not vomit inducing.

The book he helped write is not worth the 99p bargain basket as it really is awful, and nothing more than a spin project trying to promote the hypocrites formerly know as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and at least with this new book nothing will be hidden…and her life will be looked into like never before and she is worried….

Hopefully he includes the TWO former husbands and her yachting club days, after all the Sussexs were quite happy to throw The Cambridges under the bus, especially Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge for nothing more than spite and anger…. and what goes around comes around.

Still I guess Scobie is already getting the white pale stale man comment out because when you know you have no argument, you resort to stupid, unfounded racism…and let’s face it, it will have to bloody awful to run in competition of the most crass book like his really bad effort.

Save your money folks…DONT BUY FINDING FREEDOM….🤢🤢🤢🤢.