Somebody save the idiot Prince from himself…….

The virtual signalling of the artist formally known as Prince Harry is reaching new levels of stupidity that even HM The Queen must be rolling her eyes at. We are now informed by Harry that for the sake of your mental health….give up the job you don’t like….then what? What does he recommend? Go toContinue reading “Somebody save the idiot Prince from himself…….”

When you win a legal battle…

But loose the moral high ground. The Duchess of Sussex only won because Judges refused to allow evidence of her untruths to be admitted. That is not justice. We know the Oprah farce was full of untruths and then she “forgot” helping on that horrendous vomit inducing book finding freedom 2 years ago, but canContinue reading “When you win a legal battle…”

Lets call the Duke and Duchess of Woke…

What they really are….paddlers of untruths. He lies, she lies and they lie and to try to tell a Court you did not mean to mislead….COME ON ITS MEGHAN MARKLE… This case for damages for releasing the letter to her father needs to be thrown out and damages given to the Mail, and leave herContinue reading “Lets call the Duke and Duchess of Woke…”

Prince Harry can’t tell truth from fiction….

Prince Harry claims he warned Twitter CEO of US Capitol Hill riots BEFORE they happened Harry is now claiming he warned the Twitter CEO that the 6th January riot was going to happen the day before. This is so laughable when you think he is moaning yet again about misinformation, whilst feeding misinformation outContinue reading “Prince Harry can’t tell truth from fiction….”

Ending the Harry Frontline Rumours….

Trevor Coult MC is putting paid to everything we suspected about Harry the manipulator. By the way….on a quick note the Voiceover work he touted with Disney for his wife instead of going to the Royal Marines Memorial (seems being Captain General meant nothing), well she was paid £3 million pounds for it on theContinue reading “Ending the Harry Frontline Rumours….”

Harry is writing another whinge fest…

The artist formerly known as Prince Harry is writing a book which no doubt every word has to be given the OK by his wife. After all there is no doubt word salad, BS and piffle will be in there. I wonder if he is going to write about the privileged life he has, theContinue reading “Harry is writing another whinge fest…”

Time to get rid of the Markles and take back the Titles……

Another day and more endless whinging from that renowned privacy seeking couple the Sussex’s. This time we are being entertained to the endless bilge from Harry about how horrible his childhood was at the hands of both his father and his grandparents.  Shame on you Mr Harry Markle…where is your compassion for a 95-year-old whoContinue reading “Time to get rid of the Markles and take back the Titles……”

The Duke and Duchess of Woke…

Should learn from the legacy of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and behave like Royals. As for the Duchess saying she adored Philip and they had a bond…..the Royal experts have stated that she saw him so little that it wouldn’t have had time to develop a friendship. Lets not forget this is the coupleContinue reading “The Duke and Duchess of Woke…”

The author of finding freedom …..yawn…uses the race card…yawn.

Or as we know it the worst book ever written, yet here we have Omid Scobie trying the race card.. yawn….to blast the next book coming out about the Sussex duo. A more truthful account than his really awful effort. We know it was more to promote the Duchess of Untruths and Spin rather thanContinue reading “The author of finding freedom …..yawn…uses the race card…yawn.”