My garden is coming along nicely…

Going to put a rockery area and a pond in the middle…not sure of the flowers around the pond, or indeed what type of fish….any comments will be gratefully received. Am going with roses in the rockery as my darling father loved roses, and through him I gained a love of roses. Going with theContinue reading “My garden is coming along nicely…”

Peonies – gorgeous when in full bloom.

Peonies are stunning flowers when grown and some can be as big as dinner plates, and when you have a garden they look stunning in them. There are three types of peony and these are the tree peonies which are taller and more woody.  They generally keep their frame throughout winter as they tend toContinue reading “Peonies – gorgeous when in full bloom.”

Planting….my Campanula Spring Bell Blue

Had a great day at Morrisons today as I picked up this gorgeous little plant for £3.  It is a Campanula and it is a gorgeous little flower and I am looking forward to planting it in the garden. The Campanula is really one of those plants that is so easy to care for, andContinue reading “Planting….my Campanula Spring Bell Blue”