80 Countries and growing….

Having a blog site can put you through so much ups and downs and this was always going to be a bucket list thing for me, so the fact that it is has taken off is fantastic and very satisfying. My statistics came through and my blog site is now being read in 80 countriesContinue reading “80 Countries and growing….”

Choose your dogs carefully…..

When a dog attacks it is devastating for all involved. Another day goes by, and we hear the terribly sad story of dogs mauling children and unsuspecting grownups. A 5-day old baby boy was mauled to death by the family dog.  An American Staffordshire.   In a separate incident and both in Australia, another American StaffordshireContinue reading “Choose your dogs carefully…..”

Why are Serco paying dividends from a failed app….

Why is it the only successful parts of the Test and Trace service is to do with the £37 billion pounds and rising costs we are paying. What success you may ask….well….those in charge are jumping for joy at the taxpayers forced generosity and of course Serco who are continuing to work with the appContinue reading “Why are Serco paying dividends from a failed app….”

Its a no to Dido Harding….and at last common sense has prevailed at the Department of Health.

The new Health Secretary Savid Javid has delighted a large swathe of the population by letting it beknown that Baroness Dido Harding is not in the running to take over as Chief Executive of the NHS. I myself created a blog as to why she should not get it. This included her disastrous tenure withContinue reading “Its a no to Dido Harding….and at last common sense has prevailed at the Department of Health.”

Windows 11 is it all just a ploy???

Just downloaded a Windows 11 compatibility tool from https://www.techspot.com/downloads/7416-windows-11-compatibility-tool.html only to find that both our Dell Latitude Laptop, i7 processor running 16GB RAM, with a SSD and Dell Optiplex Desktop, i5 processor running 16GB RAM again with an SSD and a Nvidia 2GB graphic card are not good enough to run Windows 11!!! That meansContinue reading “Windows 11 is it all just a ploy???”

Sleazy Hancock has to go….

I am not calling for his resignation due to being a dreadful health secretary and he is….lets face it, he has presided over the worst PPE contracts ever and one that has enriched his friends and friends of other ministers time and again. It doesn’t matter which party is in power, they will always doContinue reading “Sleazy Hancock has to go….”

My Book and another tick on the bucket list, the first of many.

Am getting very excited to be nearing the end of my new book and cannot wait for it to be published. I never thought that writing a book could take me the writer through so many different emotions, and I told my mother proudly today that I had almost finished it and of course sheContinue reading “My Book and another tick on the bucket list, the first of many.”