Smart Motorways are dangerous…..

A report has been submitted to the Department of Transport regarding the smart motorways and the increase in the number of deaths. Figures show that controlled motorways – which use technology to compliment the hard shoulder – are safer than both conventional and smart motorways. Data showed that while fatality rates were lower on smartContinue reading “Smart Motorways are dangerous…..”

Cummings and his interactions with a reporter who hates Brexit, Boris and the Conservative Party.

Quite interesting to find out today that Dominic Cummings has been having nice cosy monthly chats with one Laura Laura Kuenssberg because of the broadcaster’s ‘special position’ in the country. First of all….she never had a special position in the country except one that made you want to throw your shoe at the TV orContinue reading “Cummings and his interactions with a reporter who hates Brexit, Boris and the Conservative Party.”

Why there are adverts on my site.

I know that some of you have emailed me regarding the changes to my site and of course the inclusion of adverts and I have mainly good feedback thank you. I have had a message today stating that they are annoying and inappropriate. Well I can put the inappropriate argument to bed as they areContinue reading “Why there are adverts on my site.”

The Eurovision – why do we bother and even more…why do we pay?

It has become the standard joke now that the most appalling of acts will always win the Eurovision and this year they excelled themselves again, and Italy won with a rock band and where the United Kingdom did not even gain one point. If people still think that this is not a political statement thenContinue reading “The Eurovision – why do we bother and even more…why do we pay?”

When you need peace, quiet and nature in your life.

Have been thinking over the last few days how fed up I am of reading nothing but murders, killings, man’s hatred towards man, covid…on and on. The misery never ends. Due to what I do, I have so many apps and realised that it was just loading my phone and pc with misery, misery andContinue reading “When you need peace, quiet and nature in your life.”

When the word racist is so yesterday…..

OK folks I have enjoyed most of the comments, but as usual get the few moronic ones calling me a racist….wow wonder how long it took then to come up with that!! Yawn… So I decided to write down what my beliefs are as Point of Sue…..and they are below…. I welcome all those whoContinue reading “When the word racist is so yesterday…..”

200 years ago…

Napoleon Bonaparte died…5th May 1821. Its rather pitiful that Macron thinks he is the second Napoleon, sends out a couple of French Navy ships….. We fire a shot across the bow at Jersey Harbour and skidaddle goes the French. 😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣 Bonaparte was the last great French Leader they had, and Poundland Macron is as farContinue reading “200 years ago…”

Finally…..a new add on to Points of Sue.

I have finally created the pages I most wanted too….and that is m where we can discuss great food and drinks, great entertaining, UK holidays and above all the love of my garden and no politics. I am only a novice gardener and do need a lot of help due to my disabilities but thisContinue reading “Finally…..a new add on to Points of Sue.”