Modernity 7…

By my favourite you tuber Paul Joseph Watson….I disagree with him about Ukraine but the raising of the LGBTQ+ flags for the Armed forces….and not the Union Flag or Regimental flag….we are supposed to be a fighting force not the Corp of Wokies…I just buried my head in my hands as a veteran.. Our MilitaryContinue reading “Modernity 7…”

There are no winners here and a young man is dead.

I can understand the anger of Daunte Wright’s family when they stated that there is no justice for their son, and that the police officer who shot him will only serve 14 months after time served, and time off for good behaviour. It must feel for them that justice will never be theirs and asContinue reading “There are no winners here and a young man is dead.”

Dictatorial and now anti semitic…

The Canadian Prime Minister should go now… SHOCK VIDEO: PM @JustinTrudeau answers a question from Conservative MP @MelissaLantsman, a Jewish woman and descendent of Holocaust survivors by saying Conservatives stand with swastikas.This is beneath Trudeau and his office and he should apologize. #cdnpoli — Brian Lilley (@brianlilley) February 16, 2022

When you meet a fabulous person for the first time….

I went to see the amazing Mick Hucknall and Simply Red tonight, a present from my darling daughter and spending time with her in itself was precious to me as we both have busy lives. Of course we bought the merchandise…paying over the odds but happy in the knowledge that we were out together. TheContinue reading “When you meet a fabulous person for the first time….”