Lets celebrate a hero….

In Dublin, Ireland, Brian, a retired man just living off a small pension, does something special every single night. He spends those nights making curry for homeless people. And every night, he makes 50 tubs of it. Brian is cooking volunteer for “A Lending Hand,” which is a non-profit organization that delivers meals and offersContinue reading “Lets celebrate a hero….”

This is as relevant today as it was 5 years ago…

Sheriff David Clarke defending his officers and calling out pitiful Don Lemon and CNN over BLM and its hate peddling and murderous activity against Police Officers. He called it then and it is still hate now, even more so with Democrats jumping on support for BLM for political gain. I have a new hero….and heContinue reading “This is as relevant today as it was 5 years ago…”

What a man…what a hero…what a legend.

Today we remember Lieutenant Colonel Robert Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne, who died on this day in 1955. Paddy was a British Army soldier from Newtownards, capped for Ireland and the British Lions at Rugby Union, lawyer, amateur boxer and a founding member of the Special Air Service (SAS).While serving in North Africa he was credited withContinue reading “What a man…what a hero…what a legend.”