Where is the justice for a 7 week old beaten to death by his father.

Another day and another monster has been jailed for killing his child.

Brian Penn with Kaleb
Brian Penn (pictured left with Kaleb) 

This monster beat his son so hard that it killed him. His beautiful 7 week old son, and he gets jail time for what equates to a manslaughter charge. Another case of someone who should be sterilised to make sure he does not do it again. After all do it once…you are capable of doing it again and we cannot risk any more children dying because they are being born to this monster.

Now I am not a lawyer but manslaughter? Where is the murder sentence…life or in my preferred world hanging from a rope following 3 clear Sundays.

The baby suffered a skull fracture, a bleed to the brain, a serious brain injury and fractured ribs and was so badly injured, he died two days later at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Medics described his injuries as only seen after a ‘fall from a height or road traffic incident’. 

I am getting sick and tired of children being beaten to death by the very people who are supposed to protect them, and it really is about time we had proper sentencing as this murdering scumbag will be out in 6. The baby would be just over 6 years old then if he had lived.

Why not jail him for what could be considered the child’s natural life…say 80 years?

He beat a baby….a 7 week old baby to death. At 7 weeks maybe the only thing they can do is hold up their little heads. They certainly cannot fight back against a grown 30 year old man who is beating him to death.

I hope that he meets a really big man in jail who loves his mum, loves his children and hates child murderers and that this murderer is frightened everyday whilst he is in there, and I hope that he meets the real justice as 12 years is not justice and it is an insult to those of us who hold our children so dear.

Brian Penn was originally charged with murder and attempted murder but was found guilty of culpable homicide and assault following his trial at the High Court in Glasgow. I wish we were more like the United States of America as this monster would not see the late of day again.

Why should we have to pay for his upkeep with 3 meals a day, a warm bed, medical and dental help and god knows which bleeding hearts brigade society lining up to “work” with him. Why should we pay for that when this beautiful little boy had his life snatched away at 7 weeks.

7 weeks is 49 days folks and that is 1,176 hours, 70,560 minutes….that is all this monster allowed this poor boy before he beat him to death with his own hands.

Where is capital punishment when you need it……..

Soft Judges making a mockery of our legal system again….

It seems that yet again we have Judges who are making a mockery of our legal system and the victim is the one left to suffer both physically and mentally. Physically from the act and mentally from the fact that the law is not there to protect him. It is an outrage.

The situation arose because Mr Palmer 37 was trimming the hedge and some clippings fell into the garden of a Mr Malcolm Newsome 73. Mr Newsome becoming irate decided to teach Mr Palmer a lesson and promptly shot him in the face with an air rifle.

This was done in front of Mr Palmer’s young children and what did the law give this obnoxious individual…..an 18 month sentence and suspended for 2 years with community work.

Darrian Palmer, 37, says he is lucky he wasn’t left blind after the attack by neighbour Malcolm Newsome last May which left Mr Palmer needing hospital treatment.

Darrian Palmer, 37, (pictured) says he is lucky he wasn't left blind after he was shot in the face by neighbour Malcolm Newsome over a dispute when trimmings fell into Newsome's garden
Darrian Palmer, 37, (pictured) says he is lucky he wasn’t left blind after he was shot in the face by neighbour Malcolm Newsome over a dispute when trimmings fell into Newsome’s garden

Newsome was spared jail after admitting unlawful wounding at Leeds Crown Court in relation to the shooting which took place in front of Mr Palmer’s terrified children.

Mr Palmer could have lost an eye or even his life and to do so in front of children is such a cowardly way of dealing with an issue. These children had to watch their father getting shot and injured and where are their rights? Where is their right to see the man who wounded their father going to jail?

Mr Newsome when already wound up asked Mr Palmer to take a look at his fence and when he did, he promptly shot him in the face. Now I don’t know about you but this should be taken as attempted murder and premediated as he had the gun there already.

The law is an ass if all this individual got was an 18 month sentence suspended. I wonder if the law would have been so easy if it had of been a Judge he did that to.

Darrian Palmer was left needing hospital treatment
Having had the air rifle pellet removed this was the damage to the face of Mr Palmer

The children will now need counselling as they had to witness this and sadly to get an 18 month sentence suspended for 2 years has now shown those children that they cannot rely on the law to defend them. They live next door the man who tried to kill their father as firing it in his face could have killed him, and they will have to see him daily and that is not fair on the children.

When will Judges start to take into consideration the damage that thugs like Mr Newsome do. Just because he is 73 does not give him a pass for doing what he did. Infact because of his age he should have known better.

He should have gone to jail and I hope that Mr Palmer now takes out a private civil lawsuit against Newsome for damages and who knows it might result in him having to sell his house to move, and then and only then will the children of Mr Palmer get some rest and start to heal.

The law has let this family down very badly and I send my best to the Palmer family and pray that they get the help they need for their children, and that there is a for sale sign put up very quickly next door as he does not deserve to live next door to decent people.

When will the law start to protect our vulnerable elderly?

When will our out of date justice system and out of date judges actually start working to protect the elderly and the vulnerable?

Again and again we read of those suffering with dementia who are targeted by low life scum like her who rob them and terrorise them, and these poor people who are already traumatised by having to live each day not knowing what is happening to them and who will have no idea why they are being targeted or even that they have been targeted, and there are more victims here as the family have to wrestle with the knowledge that their dementia suffering loved one is targeted and abused. It is cowardice nothing more and nothing less.

Carol Lewis (pictured), 50, tricked her way into the 88-year-old man's home in Ladywood, Birmingham, after knocking on his door at 5am asking to borrow milk and sugar
Carol Lewis (pictured), 50, tricked her way into the 88-year-old man’s home in Ladywood, Birmingham, after knocking on his door at 5am asking to borrow milk and sugar

Take the case of the thief above.

Carol Lewis an opportunist cowardly thief targeted and entered a house at 5am in the morning of a man who has dementia. This 88 year old man opened his door to someone who because he has dementia did not recognise. He did not know that she was there to rob him and she knew this. It is outrageous.

Luckily the family had installed a camera because money had kept going missing from their grandfather’s house. Now, if money has gone missing then this will not be the first time he would have fell victim to this and you have to ask yourself how would she have known that this man had dementia if she had not already been there? How did she know that he would be on his own and that there were no family members there? Why would she have picked a specific time to both enter to rob him this time and the future time she had decided on?

There are far too many questions that are left unanswered.

The thief then sat on his sofa whilst coming out with choice language, complaining of the cold and asking for milk and sugar at 5am. She is actually seen rifling through his pockets on his jacket, and when she does not find any money she actually starts shouting at him rather menacingly to give her money and she wanted his wallet too. This thief would have left this poor 88 year old dementia sufferer without a penny if she had found it and how do we know this?? That is what people like her do…they take, take and take again and again.

His family set up the camera at his flat after hundreds of pounds had previously been stolen in a similar scam

This would have led to a very difficult situation with this 88 year old man as dementia sufferers need their lives to be as stress free as possible. and there was a considerable chance he actually thought he would have owed her money and this would have stressed him out even more. There was no money to be had and she left.

The grand-daughter promptly contacted the police and the thief when caught admitted that she was actually planning to rob this poor man 6 days later.

Take that in folks…..she was going to come back and rob a man who would have been confused and struggling to cope day by day and what did the judge do….


You just could not make this up. This judge gave her more consideration than she ever gave this poor man. This poor man who she was going to exploit and steal from.

Thankfully the family had put a camera in and caught this thief in the act. When are the courts going to give these low life’s the sentence they deserve? She should have been put in stocks in the town and given a whipping. That would make her stop.

I know that some of you will state that he should not be on his own but sometimes being surrounded by things that are in their home can have a more beneficial help to their disease, and keep them in a relaxed state rather than placing them in a home where they could be totally lost, and why should it get to the point that families are forced to put cameras in because some thieving lowlife decides to pick on those who are most vulnerable?

We as a country should by right look after the welfare of those who are the most vulnerable and that is children, the disabled and the elderly and the fact that our legal system is not looking out for their welfare is concerning, after all they cannot fight back and surely this is what the law is for? In a decent society we are their voice and it should be booming to those who want to exploit the most vulnerable.

The victim’s granddaughter Jade Wardle, 28, blasted the sentence, branding it ‘unbelievably lenient’. She said: ‘In showing the video of my granddad being conned by this person I want to send a warning to other people who have vulnerable loved ones. ‘Watching it made me sick to my stomach. It was horrible to see her shouting at him. She was really intimidating and her tone was just horrible and cruel. When I found out she wasn’t being jailed I was shocked. She’s still out there and could easily do this again. It just makes me really sad.’ (www.dailymail.co.uk).

I for one am fed up of opportunist low life like her doing this and during my previous working life I visited many dementia homes to put staff through their annual training, and to offer help and advice but I can honestly say that the staff I came across where angels and the best of us but not everyone wants to put their loved ones in a home. There is also the cost as it can be exuberant for health care for those suffering with dementia and it is often one of the other reasons why some stay at home, but home is home and we should be able to be safe in our own home.

Staying at home should not entail running the risk of meeting low life like her and if the legal system actually put the rights and needs of the victims first, and gave out the sort of sentences that would stop them in their tracks then maybe we would not read again and again of the elderly generation being mugged, burgled, attacked, violated or even murdered in some cases.

A lenient sentence sends the wrong signal as I do not believe this is the first time that woman did this and it won’t be the last so long as we have out of touch judges and a judicial system, and tomorrow no doubt I will read again at how this justice system has let down another vulnerable person. It seems the law is more concerned about the perpetrator rather than the victim and that is wrong on every level.

Time to demand a change.

When will…

The police, the courts and justice protect our most vulnerable…..the children, the disabled and the elderly?

We should demand harsher sentences for those who assault, abuse, con and frighten the most vulnerable because what does it say about this nation, if the only due consideration is given to the perpetrators.

Too many bleeding hearts ready to take the criminals side, and thats perverse. Lets start protecting those who cannot protect themselves.


He is a very informative YouTuber who gives insight into how you can fight against police claims.

The thing that made my jaw drop was the high number of black people pulled over. Now don’t get me wrong when the police do everything by the book I will defend them, but when they do it wrong….they should be made to answer for it…they are not above the law and it is terrifying just how many police DON’T know the law

To all those people who have been pulled over purely for the colour of your skin….I am so sorry and in this beautiful country of ours it should never happen, and it needs to stop and I am offended that this happens and in this country we are all equal under the law….

Until the IOPC start believing the public and calling more police to book, this will go on and on….and it is giving those men and women who protect us daily a bad name and they do don’t deserve it. As I stated over the murder of George Floyd 99% of police are good people, it is the 1% that need to be kicked out as their behaviour puts us all at risk.

Anyway subscribe to him and if you ever need help….his videos are a goldmine.

Ban guns in the USA…

It is wrong that guns are so readily available, and that any nut or crank can walk into a supermarket, school or place of work and murder people.

I know I don’t see eye to eye with Biden, but I will give him credit for wanting some guns off the street, pity Obama didn’t do it, and now as President he can sign an executive order banning them….but he won’t.

Both houses won’t ban them due to a lot of politicians being in the pay of the Gun Lobby Group, and it is wide open to corruption but come on America, aren’t you tired of reading this?

Are you not tired of having your children murdered in school? Are you not tired of being scared to go into a supermarket or nightclub? Are you not tired of reading of the shooting deaths of so many fine police officers?

It is time to bring in new laws and ban the gun, and only law makers or people who have gone through the strictest criteria have them. Anyone who has an illegal gun and shoots someone should forfeit their life.

It can be changed if you want it so badly….

This is no different from Germany of the 30s, or North Korea of today.

The SNP are going to encourage those in the home to report conversations they deem offensive. This is a total abuse of power, and the Nazis encouraged people to report those who spoke ill of the Government or the rules it had put in by people in their own home. It definitely sounds familiar to the SNP Plan.

Are we seeing the rise of the 4th Reich in Scotland? Sturgeon wants to control your every waking thought and movement as how creeping is it then you cannot speak your mind in your own home, for fear of the thought Police turning up. It could well cause family disruptions but she doesn’t care about that. She has narrative and is control freak.

Well done Scotland for voting this woman and her bat crap crazy ideas in and one where it will cost you your freedom.

Expect re-education camps to be set up soon….to “teach” those with their own thought the error of their ways.

Step number 1 from the Despots guide for idiots….restrict the freedom of speech and thought, and when you have done that….the rest of your complete takeover plan gets easier.

Scotland twinned with North Korea, and the way things are going can we expect a state visit by Kim Jong Un shortly.