Listen to the Judge…

She is not wrong….however its not the USA who are guilty of murdering 10 innocent people, including 7 children but its the Biden/Harris Administration who murdered in cold blood those most innocent of innocent. Where is President Biden and where is his apologetic statement? When we will see those responsible brought up before a courtContinue reading “Listen to the Judge…”

Total Incompetence from the President down….

Can you imagine if this had happened under Trump??. The whinging lefties called Trump a war mongerer but he took out bad guys with a drone….legitimate hits. Biden seems to hit whoever and wherever he wants including innocent children and an aid worker, …no person is safe with him in power. It seems the bloodContinue reading “Total Incompetence from the President down….”

Seems the Mainstream Media in America..

Is avoiding the fact their dear leader murdered 7 children and 3 adults in a drone strike in Afghanistan… Three Sunday shows ignored NYT report on botched drone strike Pentagon now admits killed 10 Afghan civilians — Joseph A. Wulfsohn (@JosephWulfsohn) September 18, 2021

Biden wants to view wealthy peoples bank accounts…..

Must be to see who Hunter can line up for even more money…there is always a money trail with these two…. But here’s an idea….lets start with him and his corrupt son…bound to be fraudently earned millions stashed away from the cash for access to the then Vice President Biden that crack smoking Hunter gotContinue reading “Biden wants to view wealthy peoples bank accounts…..”

Instead of playing a fiddle…

Biden went playing golf whilst Afghanistan burned, and where his Administration left hundreds and hundreds of Americans behind to be used as hostages, or murdered for new terrorism videos. Still at least they should be grateful he didn’t drop a drone on them unlike the poor US Aid worker and 8 innocent children he murderedContinue reading “Instead of playing a fiddle…”

Defunding the police….60 shot, 7 killed in Chicago.

This weekend alone. 302 children have been shot at so far and that outnumbers getting Covid for the same age group. America when are you going to get rid of your useless Mayor in Chicago, and bring in stop and search, jail terms and real jail time, defund the councillors and jail them as aidingContinue reading “Defunding the police….60 shot, 7 killed in Chicago.”

Whoever did this…..

Needs to be put in stocks and pelted with rotten food or birched in public. A South Carolina town’s newly constructed 9/11 memorial was vandalised with the word ‘Taliban’ on Saturday, which was the 20th anniversary of the attack. Paul Nichols, Founder and CEO of Upstate Granite Solutions — the Greenville, S.C. company responsible forContinue reading “Whoever did this…..”

Seems Kamala Harris likes the bad guys…and bails out people to murder others..

A thug freed by Kamala Harris’s bail funds during last year riots has been arrested for murder. So it seems destroying your cities, widespread looting and burning isn’t enough… Seems your Vice President America is determined to set your country alight with all the wrong people, and for all the wrong reasons…. When asked toContinue reading “Seems Kamala Harris likes the bad guys…and bails out people to murder others..”

The Met Chief is a disaster and must go…

I will leave it to the victims of her disastrous leadership to say it in their own words… Chequered history of first female chief  Cressida Dick’s reign as Metropolitan Police commissioner has been overshadowed by controversy over bungled operations and investigations: 1983: She joins the Met as a constable after a brief foray into accountancy.Continue reading “The Met Chief is a disaster and must go…”

When will the Biden/Harris Administration stop lying?

This time the State Department under Blinken are stating that they facilitated the escape of a mother and her 3 children.   Much heraldry from the State Department about how great they are and a look at us…see we get people out…until you see and hear the truth and they did nothing, absolutely nothing. Army combatContinue reading “When will the Biden/Harris Administration stop lying?”

Would Dr Faucci like to explain…

The 65 taxpayer funded research projects paid for by America and done by the WUHAN LAB?? Also why is funding available for the abuse and murder of animals? Specifically DOGS…why is the American taxpayer paying for this, when it is banned in the United States of America? Faucci is a peddler of untruths and heContinue reading “Would Dr Faucci like to explain…”