This will not end well for Ukraine.

As the world woke up to the illegal invasion by Russia of the Ukraine, you have to ask yourself whether sanctions will work? The answer to that is NO…….. Heads of Governments need to realise that Putin and his cronies have already moved their money, and they have been building a war chest for thisContinue reading “This will not end well for Ukraine.”

John Kerry has finally lost it…

Never mind there is something called an invasion going on in the Ukraine by Russia who has declared war on the country, Kerry just wants to make sure that Putin is caring for the environment. I am sure worrying about the climate will be first thing on Putin’s mind as he drives towards his evilContinue reading “John Kerry has finally lost it…”

Starmer needs to think before he speaks….

Starmer stating that the Labour Party have put forward amendments to stop foreign donations, and then tried to aim it at the Conservatives for a cheap shot, only for him to be reminded by the PM that the largest donor to the Labour party is a member of the Chinese Communist Party… Starmer…but but….this houseContinue reading “Starmer needs to think before he speaks….”

It’s war and the bogeyman of Russia will not stop at the Ukraine.

10,000 Russian troops have now crossed into Ukraine on the pretence of ‘peace-keeping’ Putin knows his history very well and he knows that this is how Nazi Germany started with the beginning of World War 2, so don’t be surprised if he has bigger ambitions up his sleeve and he will cut off the energyContinue reading “It’s war and the bogeyman of Russia will not stop at the Ukraine.”

The EU wants to be a super power to match Russia, China and America, and Ukraine will continue to be on the frontline……

The EU have now stated that there is a greater need for an EU Army now than ever before and the timing is bad infact I would say it is bordering on madness. America, the United Kingdom and Russia are now having a war of words at what will happen next in Ukraine and tryingContinue reading “The EU wants to be a super power to match Russia, China and America, and Ukraine will continue to be on the frontline……”

Biden’s handling of the Ukraine is a disaster in the making….

Added badly of course by Boris Johnson. There is news being shouted from the rooftops that Russia is preparing to withdraw, but then you find out that news has come from the Bond Villain himself…Vladimir Putin. Are the leaders in the West so desperate to belief anything that they have grasped at this? Russia andContinue reading “Biden’s handling of the Ukraine is a disaster in the making….”

Will we see honours from a failing Prime Minister, a failing Government and a failing Parliament?

There are unconfirmed reports today that reports that the PM is going to offer honours to Tory MPs who hold back from submitting letters of no confidence in his leadership. This has caused such an issue within Parliament that the Liberal Democrats have written to the chairs of the bodies which vet nominations for honours andContinue reading “Will we see honours from a failing Prime Minister, a failing Government and a failing Parliament?”

Showing my total bias for Jacob Rees Mogg….

I am not enamoured with this Conservative Government and indeed have told Mr Points of Sue and Points of Sue Jr who is another country that I will no longer be voting in the elections as I am fed up with the whole thing, however there was a little note of cheer for me todayContinue reading “Showing my total bias for Jacob Rees Mogg….”

Boris giving Keir a home truth….

Boris Johnson deflecting blame gave Starmer a home truth over Labours endless partygate whinge …and the subject….he chastised Starmer for not prosecuting paedophile and rapist Jimmy Saville…. Sir Keir Starmer apologised for the failure to bring charges against the evil predator Jimmy Savile when he was England’s top prosecutor.

Shame on you Potters Hotel…

In Aldershot for cancelling the 40 year anniversary gathering of Falkland Veterans in favour of the illegal economic migrants tipping up unwanted on our shores. The greed in showing exactly where their loyalties lie is breathtaking and disgusting. I hope the Veterans community shun your services after this, and I will certainly not be aContinue reading “Shame on you Potters Hotel…”

It looks like war….

Seems like war in the Ukraine is coming as the Bond Villain Putin wants to flex his strength and show the weak President in the United States of America that he means business. I wonder what the woke generation of those who voted for Biden are thinking now. He has 8.500 troops on immediate standbyContinue reading “It looks like war….”

PMQs or as I call it….toddlers tantrums.

Today the 19th January 2022 a day in Parliament or as I call it in the Kindergarten for badly behaving bratty members. A Tory MP defects to Labour Christian Wakeford Tory MP for Bury South has defected to Labour saying that the Prime Minister and the Conservative Government does not represent the nation. Well, inContinue reading “PMQs or as I call it….toddlers tantrums.”