It looks like war….

Seems like war in the Ukraine is coming as the Bond Villain Putin wants to flex his strength and show the weak President in the United States of America that he means business. I wonder what the woke generation of those who voted for Biden are thinking now. He has 8.500 troops on immediate standbyContinue reading “It looks like war….”

On this day…..

On This Day 20th January in British History ~1265 The first English parliament to include not only Lords but also representatives of the major towns holds its first meeting in the Palace of Westminster, now commonly known as the “Houses of Parliament”. It was convened by Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort. ~1356 Edward BalliolContinue reading “On this day…..”

PMQs or as I call it….toddlers tantrums.

Today the 19th January 2022 a day in Parliament or as I call it in the Kindergarten for badly behaving bratty members. A Tory MP defects to Labour Christian Wakeford Tory MP for Bury South has defected to Labour saying that the Prime Minister and the Conservative Government does not represent the nation. Well, inContinue reading “PMQs or as I call it….toddlers tantrums.”

As a Patients Governor it depresses me…

As the aunt and great aunt it scares me and angers me. I am yet again talking about the treatment or lack of it at A & E in Warrington, only this time regarding a child. I recently had an issue where the treatment for my beloved 80 year old mother was well below expectations,Continue reading “As a Patients Governor it depresses me…”

1 Million people and rising are disgusted at Blair getting a chivalric knighthood….please sign… The petition to strip Tony Blair of his Knighthood has now surpassed one million people and it is increasing daily. The people who are signing this are not the leftist agitators as some people are suggesting, but rather people who are disgusted that a man such as Blair can be awarded the highest chivalricContinue reading “1 Million people and rising are disgusted at Blair getting a chivalric knighthood….please sign…”

Is anyone else fed up by Parliamentary sleaze?

I cannot be the only one in this country who is fed up of sleaze being committed by politicians and those attached to politicians. We have the highest order of knighthood given to a man who is a war criminal, unions dictating how Labour are to run and now trying to hold this country toContinue reading “Is anyone else fed up by Parliamentary sleaze?”

Can Starmer sink any lower? Actually yes he can……

Keir Starmer has said Boris Johnson will not be worthy of an honour when he leaves Downing Street – but insisted it was right that Tony Blair received a knighthood. The Labour leader accused Mr Johnson of treating politics as a “branch of the entertainment industry” in a major New Year’s speech, where he saidContinue reading “Can Starmer sink any lower? Actually yes he can……”

An interesting article by Sir Ian Duncan Smith…

Where is the modelling for the societal consequences of lockdown?We have allowed skewed data to distract us from the devastating collateral damage of restrictions, particularly on education. Concerns around the Government’s Covid advice are nothing new. Since the first lockdown in 2020 a number of people have wondered how the advice on the potential impactsContinue reading “An interesting article by Sir Ian Duncan Smith…”

Why can’t politicians just answer the question?…

Boris talking flim flam BS and gobbledegook to a reporter regarding the defeat at yesterday’s by-election where the Lib Dems took North Shropshire…overturning a 23,000 Tory majority and securing it with a Lib Dem 6,000 win. People would think more of the PM if he was honest and answered the question. Not political forked tongueContinue reading “Why can’t politicians just answer the question?…”

I take it each will say NO…and show some principle.

MPs are in line for a 2.7% pay rise taking it to £84,000. I do hope after the outrage over the triple lock demands (where some MPs stated pensioners were being greedy wanting an extra £700 this year and where the Chancellor lied and got rid of the lock (under the words suspending but it’sContinue reading “I take it each will say NO…and show some principle.”

No more complying for me.

I like millions of others have had enough of this Governments totalitarian orders that they do not follow themselves…..Christmas parties by the Government when people were not even allowed to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones, because this hapless, corrupt Government said so. I have missed so much of my grandchildrens lives followingContinue reading “No more complying for me.”