The fightback begins…

In these woke times it is refreshing to know that the race baiters themselves have been cancelled.

A group of woke leftist privileged academics at Cambridge College were going to examine the links between Winston Churchill and the Empire. When I mean examine they were actually going to just use their usual hate Britain rubbish and their endless hate of everything that we have achieved to bore the audience with. Cannot call it an examination when they only have one view and that is a mindless one and the irony is lost on them in their privileged academic roles.

Well how delightful to know that they have been cancelled due to growing pressure, infact it is more than delightful, it is AWESOME. It has actually made my day and surely this is the fightback we need from the stupidity that took hold during the pandemic. Time to drop their stupid mentality and take up the mantel of what makes us great.

To say there was tantrum throwing by the privileged race baiting academics is an understatement. They don’t like it on the other foot do they?

Of course the working group was going to be stacked with left wing academics who were going to do nothing else but a hatchet job on one of our greatest Prime Ministers. They would not have looked at the thinking of the time nor at the achievements of Winston Churchill. Nope it was just going to be a woke fest of disrespecting a Great Britain.

Do these people never get bored of trying to trash our history? As we certainly get tired of their endless bilge and we all know that you cannot even get to count to 10 before the white privilege bandwagon comes up.

They had held an event called ‘The Racial Consequences of Churchill’, during which a panellist said wartime leader Sir Winston was the ‘perfect embodiment’ of ‘white supremacist philosophy’. Wow…how much have they given away what they think in just the name of the event and this bias was the reason they got cancelled. Their one sided useless narrative. I cannot believe these people are actual academics. What are they academics in? Stupidity?

The event also included claims that the British Empire was ‘far worse than the Nazis’.  How insulting to the memory of our Empire. If we were so horrible why on earth do we have far more in the Commonwealth? These people cannot see the benefits for the hatred in front of their eyes. We have never said it was perfect and their are areas where we let ourselves down but we have grown and learnt from the mistakes. These race baiters would ignore that totally in their hate speeches.

The Working Group, which was set up at Cambridge's Churchill college to examine the links between Winston Churchill (pictured), race and the empire, has been scrapped
Winston Churchill

Professor Priya Gopal, a member of the group, claimed she said the group might as well ‘disband’ after the college became ‘rattled’ from the event, but insisted that this had not happened and the college instead dissolved the group this week. Whether they were pushed or went before pushed….either way this is great news.

Sir Winston Churchill was a complex individual and he had his faults, but he was the right man at the right time and the world was saved from the horrors of Nazism because of his forward thinking, his outright dismissal of appeasement and his steadfast view that the Nazis needed to be destroyed.

Following the scrapping, Prof Gopal launched into a furious Twitter tirade at the ‘entirely white’ College Council and said it has an ‘institutional’ problem when it comes to ‘race’. God does these race baiters not get bored with their racist claptrap? This is akin to a tantrum throw and this time the spoilt brat didn’t get their own way.

The other race baiter Kahinde Andrews commented that our RAF should have been charged with war crimes for bombing the Nazis in Germany. Yet no comment on the bombing of Poland, Warsaw, Greece, Stalingrad, Leningrad and the United Kingdom and all the other countries they committed blitzkrieg on. No comment on the Shoah, the extermination of the gypsies, political prisoners, gay people, Russians, the disabled, men, women and children. Nothing…… It seems to haters such as Andrews that it doesn’t matter what the other side do, he would never support this side, he would never support Britain’s side.

Again, if we are such a racist nation…what the hell are these people doing here? Why don’t they leave us so called racists to our island. They would be happy to leave and we would be happy to see them go.

I cannot take either of these two seriously. There are far more intelligent academics who have written extensively about Winston Churchill and that includes his flaws and we as a nation predominately still admire and respect Sir Winston, and 2 race baiting academics and their stupid group will not diminish our pride in a war time leader.

They could always hold their group in the very place it belongs……the gutter and I will await the incoming from the usual leftist trolls as something like this always sets them off. Note for you if you do…..its your time you are wasting as I just delete them….in the bin where they belong.

The Rt Hon Jacob Rees Mogg…

Absolutely destroys the pimple faced oik who as a guest here demanded the removal of HM The Queens portrait, and the pathetic woke lecturers who are refusing to teach unless the Rhodes statue is removed. Won’t give back the money left by Rhodes for scholarships though will they? Hypocrites.

God help our young people who have these wet blankets teaching them, but how caring….they want to ruin a young person’s future for their own wet woke leftist claptrap.

If they won’t do the job these young people pay for…SACK THEM.

I really hope we are looking at a future Prime Minister as he shows how to behave in our Parliament, and puts the pathetic left in their place…the bin and does it with such a gentlemanly manner.

Why is this man even considered?

Yet another day of the wokeararty getting offended by something. Gosh is must be tiring to be them and I should imagine they are offended because they get out of bed. Permanently offended at being permanently offended…these fools are exhausting.

The latest offering of a first class idiot comes from across the pond.

A very privileged Matthew Katzman is defending the removal of HM the Queen from Oriel College, Oxford. He states that she is white privilege and that she represents the imperialism.

Lets have a look at Katzman and his own white privilege.

He attended a school that costs $48,000 a year. Don’t see many people being able to afford that. So yep white privilege.

He grew up in an affluent area where the majority of politicians and high earners live. No living amongst the poor black people for him. so yet again white privilege.

The school he attended is the same one that Obama sent his kids to and of which Biden grandchildren attended. So, again a school for only the privileged few of high learners. No poor children going to that school.

He is now attending Oxford University where only the privileged few can go unless you are on a grant. Again, the height of privilege as those who are working class cannot afford to go, but then Katzman Sr is a partner in commercial law at Steptoe and Johnson, and I should imagine he has spoilt this persistently offended son since birth.

Amazing how he is not offended at the life he and his family have, that mega mega rich and comfortable life So, yes we can see this permanently offended oik is one of the very privileged white individuals.

There is nothing more hypocritical than a very rich woke fool getting worked over something that does not concern him.

Matthew Katzman, 25, in a photo from his social media page

What this woke idiot does not realise is that HM The Queen heads up a commonwealth that is based on WANTING to join and wanting to be a member. HM The Queen has done more to make us a family of nations than any other living individual, and people have joined because of her, and her grace enabled those nations who felt outsiders to realise that they are much loved members of a very big global family, but then this woke idiot cannot see it as he is too busy being offended at being offended. This is what happens when a brat never hears the word NO.

What galls me is that he is a visitor to this country and therefore should respect our laws and our traditions, and above all respect our Head of State when he is here. I wouldn’t dream of going to the United States of America and demanding the removal of the Flag, nor a portrait of the Head of State, however much I might dislike them as it is offensive to the citizens of that country, and he is being offensive to we the subjects of the Queen.

He is allowed to criticise her as much as the next person but not to demand the removal of any portrait. That is nothing more than a spoilt little brat wanting to make his mark and he needs throwing out of the country as he has offended this country. The majority of people love our Royal Family and adore our Queen and to have a foreigner of all people leading this up is totally insulting. He needs to go back to his country and leave us alone as he is a guest here and nothing else. Rip up his student visa Boris……

I hope the world sees him for what he really is, and that is just a spoilt permanently offended fool and when he finally gets into the real world he will realise that people really don’t care one jot for his hurt little fee fees, then maybe he will realise what he is and how wonderfully delicious to know that this world is going to eat him alive.

The Prime Minister needs to kick this individual out of this country as disrespecting HM the Queen in such a way means that his presence is no longer required.

If we love the NHS don’t let Dido Harding run it….

Having heard the breath-taking news that Baroness Dido Harding is mulling over the idea of applying for the role of Head of the NHS….yes running the NHS.

My god how blinkered are some people.

She is not capable of running the NHS. Having taken some £37 billion pounds of taxpayers money on a track and trace app that was useless, we cannot afford our beloved NHS to fall into the hands of someone who is totally unable and incapable of running it.

Before Track and Trace there was the debacle over Talk Talk where over 175,000 customers had their accounts hacked and money stolen from their accounts. A total failure all round and I actually did some work for Talk Talk and the customers were getting no satisfaction, and can remember the tears and the horror at some of their stories and the order came direct from the top…..don’t put any through to Dido Harding. So, there was the boss of the company that through their lapse of security caused customers some real losses and heartache not dealing with the issue. So, can you imagine the state of the NHS? I can and it does not bear thinking about and here is a radical idea….put a professional in charge…an actual Doctor, Consultant, Professor…someone who actually knows what they are on about and who will be an asset to the NHS.

Harding is a former Jockey, then worked in high street companies before Talk Talk…so her actual knowledge of the NHS equates to the square root of nothing.

We cannot afford to have such a person in charge. The NHS cannot afford someone getting it because they are a chum of…instead of an actual professional who can bring something to the party. These sort of appointments should not be because of an age old friendships at university as this would make the whole thing stink, and if Harding did get it…then the Prime Minister needs to answer to Parliament why he is making her head of the NHS and then prepare for a disaster.

Harding whose bungled handling of the NHS Test and Trace programme led to demands from within her own party for her to be sacked has set her sights on running the NHS. Baroness Dido Harding is said to be considering putting herself forward to run the health service in England. She is reported to have sounded out senior health leaders about replacing Sir Simon Stevens, who is stepping down next month and becoming a peer himself.

Baroness Dido Harding is said to be considering putting herself forward to run the health service in England.
Dido Harding

A report earlier this year said Track and Trace had ”minimal impact on transmission’ despite receiving £37billion of funding.   The Commons Public Accounts Committee said in March there was no evidence the tracing scheme had made a dent in Covid transmission, despite its ‘unimaginable’ budget. In common speak….it was a waste of time and a waste of our monies and we cannot afford to let Baroness Harding loose on the NHS budget

We all know that the NHS is something that is unique and we all value it and because it holds such an important place in our society, we need to know that it will be in safe hands….and hers are not it.

There are rumblings in the Conservative Party and only last year prominent Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkins sided with Labour and side she should have been replaced, as you have to ask yourself how many failures can we the taxpayer keep giving the likes of Baroness Harding before someone actually realises that it needs an expert and not your BFF.

This is now the time for the Leader of the Opposition to actually step up and act like a real Leader of the Opposition and object, and he will have other Conservatives joining the ranks and he and they must do everything in their power to oppose the crowning of Harding as NHS Czar, as we and the NHS cannot afford anymore of her interventions…..the taxpayers and the people cannot afford her mistakes anymore.

Why do politicians have to lie all the time?

This is not just about Joe Biden and his untruths regarding US employment. Although he did go on TV to tell everyone that the US economy has the best recovery in the world at this time, when in fact they don’t and the jobs growth is slower than expected and really what did they expect? Yet they have to lie and spin. The world is just not going to recover from what has happened and it will take a long time till it is. He states that he has the best economy growth in 15 years, so is he saying it was bad under Obama? Do these people actually stop and think about what they come out with?

President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the fresh jobs numbers Friday morning in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

No this is a moan about politicians in general. Even as much as I like the Prime Minister Boris Johnson due to his eccentricity, we know that there are untruths…well lies coming out of number 10 as lets call it what it is .. LIES.. The giving of a peerage to a man who has generously paid £3.5 million to the Conservative party, and not only him but others too. The awards committee had actually rejected the nomination of one Peter Cruddas but nope Boris went above their heads stating it was for charity work and business. Nothing said about the £3.5 million he gave the party, £500,000 of which was just 3 days after his peerage. God when it stinks it stinks and this no doubt is just the tip of the iceberg. Where have the honest politicians gone? I cannot remember a time during the last two decades when we actually had one and that is shameful really.

There are the lies regarding the PPE, the lies regarding the returning of the illegal immigrants who are just tipping up on our shores from a very SAFE France and Europe . The contracts and jobs for very rich friends (although all parties are doing that, even the unions). There are the lies, confusion and downright scaremongering of what we are to do during the rise of the 3rd variant, or rather what the Government is telling us to do and who it seems are not able to agree on anything. The cancelling then un-cancelling of holidays. For god sake your average working person saves up for these breaks and do not actually have the sort of money these politicians have and to lose the money is heartbreaking, and downright annoying and it has to stop. You can tell its not tax payer funded…….

Stop the lies, stop the BS and give it to people straight. We might not like it but at least they will know. Treat us as grown ups and the people who pay your wages, not bloody children.

Don’t think the others are getting away with it either. We have the lies, the race baiting, the continued anti-semetism, the kneeling and the general untrustworthiness of the Labour Party who are permanently working against the working class, and who have no idea of what former Labour voters want, and whose sole aim is to bankrupt this country. Then working with the Lib Dems to cancel Brexit….the list is endless.

See the source image
Image result for boris johnson and keir starmer

When will these politicians start to tell the truth? When will they stop lying to the public whether it is us here in Britain, our the voters in America, or those in the EU and especially in France where the Yellow Vests seems to be permanently rioting.

See the source image

Have the politicians not realised that despite how awful it is, that we would sooner know the truth. The voting public would sooner know that yes there is a need for more jobs to be created, and yet over in America Vice President Kamala Harris decides that the jobs prospects for Americans is not important, instead she is telling businesses to create jobs in Guatemala and other South American Countries, this is more a case of trying to divert from the task she was given to do, and that is to sort out the break down at the border. 21 weeks and still not paid a visit, but yet they are allowing in more and more people to overburden the already over burdened tax payer, and at the same time trying to take business away from the States. You just could not make this up. What on earth has happened to the world?

The same with the PM and the Home Secretary. We were told that Brexit would give us control of our borders yet everyday we see more and more illegal immigrants tipping up on our shores, and our stupid leftist out of touch Judges are now saying that the accommodation they were given is no good. Well its better than a tent and better than the dinghy they tipped up in and if it was good enough for the Armed Forces then it is good for those who just expect everything for nothing. What did they expect a 4* hotel? Knowing the soft touches in power they will probably get it too. I give up as it is wrong and is a burden on an already over burdened people.

When are we going to get our Borders back? When are we going to finally be able to say that we have control and take back those who have no right to be here, back to the safe country they left? We are not Schengen. Yet regularly the Home Secretary stands up and says they are bringing in tough controls. Yeah, they are that tough we are providing a water taxi service now. It has to stop. She has to stop lying.

See the source image

I am all for helping those who are genuinely in need of asylum but not those who have passed through so many safe countries to get to the Channel. It is not a war they are fleeing, instead it seems they want to walk into a very comfy paid for life, and it makes a mockery of those who are willing to jump through hoops to apply legally. As I have said before….those who are here and apply legally and those women and children who are fleeing war…of course we should help them but Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, France etc are very very safe countries, and if you get to there…then stay there…it is safe, and we in the United Kingdom did not sign up to this and the Government know this. So take back control of our borders now Home Secretary.

It is not even the immigrants who are making me angry but the politicians attempts to lie and spin when in reality it is getting out of control, and do these out of touch politicians not realise that we are reaching a boiling point?

This whole lying business has to stop. No wonder people are getting fed up with politicians. There is that old saying…how do you know a politician is lying….yep their mouth is moving and this is no longer a joke but a sad fact.

We have the likes of former Prime Ministers Major and May now attempting to cause a revolt because they want to INCREASE the overseas budget and that is out of order. We are coming out of a pandemic and there are those in this country who need our help more. In times like this we should be able to put the money where it is needed most and China is not one of those who need our support. Yet, these politicians are just obsessed with spending our money…not theirs and nothing said about the £1 million pounds Mrs May has made since leaving office. Amazing how those who have so much want to use everybody else’s money.

When are these politicians going to actually start working for the people. These people forget they work for us and somehow they have it in their heads that we are there for their benefit and treat us with total disdain until they want our vote, then they promise us the earth…well as we know it…they lie and we pay for those lies.

I am done with all politicians as I doubt any of them could lie straight never mind be open and honest. What annoys me is that you have people, good honest people who work day in and day out to provide the things in life their family need, and yet they struggle for a GP appointment, a surgery, schools and these politicians are so out of touch they think that they know better, and what do we get for voicing those concerns…..the usual names of racist, xenophobe etc…..When in reality it is nothing to do with that…we just want to make sure our family and those we love can access the system that we are constantly paying into and where it is failing, and the politicians just don’t seem to care. This is not about doing whats right for the country but about power for them, and what they can gain from it.

We should demand that they stop lying to us, stop race baiting, stop giving the nutty leftist woke air space and by the way WOMEN have babies….WOMEN not PEOPLE and start concentrating on the values that we respect. Start being honest and start showing the people that you can be trusted as sadly that moral stance has not hit any politician and it is time the lying stopped. The Houses of Parliament is no longer viewed as a trustworthy place and the occupants are not thought of highly and they did this to themselves, and it is time we demanded it stopped and that we deserve better before we lose faith in our system as we have already lost faith in them.

How low has our free parliaments and democracies around the world sunk due to those currently in power. All of them. Maybe we should have voted The Monster Raving Loony Party in as they couldn’t have done any worse…

Dominic Cummings is coming across as a discarded bitter lover…..

Another day and more bitter but very hard to believe accusations from Dominic Cummings.

He has made the most outrageous claims against the Prime Minister and I am sorry but I don’t believe him one bit, except for calling this virus the Kung Flu. I should imagine that thousands of others have done the same thing and is really something that will make us go oooo thats naughty, but laugh and then ignore it. Actually, the rest of us do not care what Boris Johnson called it as he just got on with a job that was in a most extraordinary time that nobody had had to deal with before.

Boris was right the economic damage would have been dreadful. After all if the country went bankrupt because of this what chance would we have had to recover? To buy the vaccines and to keep people in some form of paid employment? This to me showed that the Prime Minister was thinking ahead rather than running round like a headless chicken as Starmer did.

This country has to be able to survive economically any type of disaster and failure to think about this would have shown a complete lack of disregard for those very agencies that would have depended it on, for instance the NHS needed us to have a strong economy so is there really any reason to say it is what it is, and Boris was actually proved to be right.

The Prime Minister and Chris Witty

I do not believe that Boris stated for one minute that he would allow the bodies to pile up. That might of been Cummings idea of dealing with this virus, but most certainly not Boris. He caught the virus fairly early and he knew the horror that this virus was causing and I do not believe after going through that, that he would be so heartless. After all remember that we only have the word of Dominic Cummings for this and he has thrown the mother of all tantrums. Lets face it…he thought he was more important than the Prime Minister and he wasn’t. Nobody voted him in but rather the PM and I think the power he thought he had went to his head.

Boris Johnson (L) is given the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine by a nurse at St Thomas' Hospital in London, March 19
The PM getting his Covid Vaccine

Mr Cummings’ allegation that Mr Johnson said he was willing to be injected with Covid to reassure the public is likely to cause a major controversy. Mr Cummings will claim the PM said: ‘I’m going to get Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer) to inject me with it live on national TV so everyone can see it’s nothing to be scared of.’ He will tell MPs the PM made the remark on repeated occasions.

Sorry I see a whole load of BS and piffle. There was no way that Boris Johnson was going to be so flippant and again we only have the say so of Cummings the discarded angry individual.

He stated that the virus would have been handled easier if the Government and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales had had competent people in charge. Wow… can only gather from that he thought he was the second coming of the Messiah, and nobody was good enough. Again I quote they were all elected by the people…he wasn’t and never will be.

What you have to remember that whilst he was thinking this….he continued to take the money from the same very people he is criticising, so what does that make him? A hypocrite at the very least…

It makes him a nasty piece of work and one that is a bad tempered spoilt individual. Whats up did he expect a cabinet post and decided to spin this story when nothing happened? Was he expecting the golden crown from Boris and elevated to the position that he thought was owed to him?

All you have to remember that thanks to Boris Johnson and this Government, this is our reality.

Cummings is little more than a bitter and twisted little individual who wants the piper to pay him what he thinks he is entitled too, and that in reality is the square root of nothing. He was paid well for his advice and he should have withdrawn gracefully and walked into a highly paid job, but then we are talking Cummings and he is coming across as nothing more than a nasty individual who is prepared to state untruths because he thinks he can get away with it.

Don’t give him any airspace Boris and just ignore the odious individual and he will disappear with nothing to show for his effort and lets face it, he will not walk into any other job as this is showing nothing more than a man who cannot be trusted and who distorts the truth for his own benefit.

Over by tea….

Best headline ever…🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

‘Surrender by teatime!’ French fishermen mocked over short-lived protest and war threat

Special heroes…

I remember watching it on the TV and never knew we had such awesome soldiers, that cemented my desire to go into the Army.

We are lucky we have such guys who do the jobs most of us avoid, and who risk their lives to take out the bad guys who threaten our lives.

We owe them a debt of gratitude and to me they are heroes, and my special hero is John McAleese …gone far too early but reunited with his boy who was killed on active service in the Middle East….Valhalla has a lot of heroes..

42% more…..

Readers have looked through my posts than at the same time last year. Thank you

I am on course to hit last years figures by September and that is awesome, and I have you my readers to thank for that.

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If you want to advertise on our new site then please contact me at and until the 21st May 2021 all advertisements are free of charge. So get your business out there….

Again thank you for increasing the numbers year by year, and onwards and upwards.

This is nothing more than a show trial…and it stinks….

It seems that common sense and the law of justice has gone out of the window with the trial of former Soldiers A and C in Northern Ireland. This is nothing more than a weak Government giving into terrorists demands. It is bordering on pitiful and disgusting to be honest.

These brave veterans are on trial for actually stopping a terrorist….you know the bad guy. Since when does the bad guy have any rights or a get out of jail free card? Oh yes under Labour….

Here is the list of the terrorist outrages McCann committed (I will not put a picture of that person on here whatsoever) and then tell me that these soldiers did the wrong thing!

Joe McCann’s long IRA Terrorist career in full over just seven years of attacks

1965 – Joins the IRA at the age of 17

Dec 3, 1965 – Convicted of possessing Army bayonets and being an IRA member and was sentenced to a year in prison.

July 29, 1969 – Fined for assaulting a police officer.

March 9, 1971 – Reports he was involved in the murder of Provisional IRA member Charlie Hughes.

May 22, 1971 – Believed to have been part of the murders or two soldiers.

June 28, 1971 – Convicted of breach of the peace at an IRA funeral and is sentenced to six months, but absconds on bail.

August 10, 197–  Involved in a bakery siege and subsequent firefight.

September 21, 1971 – He is implicated in the attempted murder of four police officers.

February 22, 1972 – Took part in the bombing of Parachute Regiment headquarters in Hampshire that killed seven civilians.

February 25, 1972 – Implicated in the attempted assassination of home affairs minister Lord Kilcooney.

April 15, 1972 – He is shot dead in the Markets area of Belfast. The Official IRA say he was responsible for killing 15 British soldiers.

He was also responsible for tarring and feathering in his community and also ruling the locals with a rod of iron and handing out punishment beatings for those who did not do as ordered.

We are not talking about an upstanding individual and lets face it he who lives by the sword dies by the sword and he was taken out by the British Army.

I am disgusted that this Tory Government went back on its promises to end this witch hunt as that is all it is…a witch hunt to appease those who really have no defense. Northern Ireland is a mess because of political interference and when they cannot fix it, they expect brave servicemen and women to sort their problems for them. Well, it is about time these politicians were made to account for their actions. Send them in and let them sort it. That will clear out the rubbish in Westminster….especially if they think they might have to actually put their lives on the line.

What an affront to decency when you have former Soldiers A and C on trial and the likes of Gerry Adams who is still wondering about and the now dead Martin McGuinness receiving next to nothing, and all the Government is doing with this grubby trial is hiding the double dealing that the Labour Government signed up for as lets face it, they all hide each others nasty little secrets.

Where can these brave individuals get justice when the man responsible for getting this farce of a trial sent to the Courts was one Barra McGrory, a favourite of the IRA and his links to the IRA can be found here.

Barra McGrory, Sinn Fein and the IRA: Jamie Bryson | Longkesh Inside Out.

The whole thing stinks and I would expect this sort of joke trial to be committed under some despot and certainly not a British Government. They are an embarrassment on the world stage.

I am glad that Veterans and Former Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer went to show their support and these brave men have my support without a doubt, and it is time to end this farce because where is the justice for those victims who have died at the hands of the IRA? There was no concern for their justice was Blair was trying to sell himself as a peace maker and handing out get out of jail free cards. All for swelling his coffers no doubt… how else could he sell himself for millions as a peace maker? It is grubby from beginning to end.

Supporters of Two former paratroopers at Laganside Court on Monday ahead of the trial
Veterans standing up for each other.

It makes me feel sick to the stomach that a British Government capitulated the way Blair and his cronies did with these comfort letters, and if the British people had of known about that there would have been outrage and a demand at this obscenity to be stopped, but then Blair was trying to push himself forward as a peace maker. Laughable…he signed into a grubby little deal for money and those who are the real victims of this terrorist organisation will find no justice from any British Government, and they would sooner put their loyal citizens on trial then to actually stand up for them.

That is why I am disgusted at the way Boris Johnson has behaved. He has the majority in Parliament and could have put a law through declaring this charge invalid and any other historical charges, but he won’t as he is a coward. He and his ministers are all cowards and Johnny Mercer was right when he said it is a den of vipers and liars, but it is not the Ministers who suffer the consequences with their gold plated pensions but rather two old men who are being dragged through the courts on trumped up murder charges. We know that the whole thing is a lie and it needs to be stopped.

MP Jonny Mercer is also attending the trial, which is being heard by a judge with no jury
Johnny Mercer – Veteran and MP and a man the Veterans can trust.

Boris Johnson and this Government needs to be careful because if he loses the support of the veterans over this farce then there is no going back, and people like me who already have a hard time actually believing anything a politician says will just close my door on it completely. Those brave veterans put their lives on the line to act on the orders of the Government of the day and to abandon them now is obscene and an affront to decency, and Boris needs to act now.

We can already guess the outcome of this court as it has no doubt been deemed that way by the powers that be….to stop any form of rioting because they are too cowardly to deal with it and two brave individuals will be sacrificed to save face for the politicians, and they wonder why it is so hard to get people to enlist in the Armed Forces and why should they? At least you know the enemy is trying to kill you to your face whereas politicians are quietly stabbing you in the back for their own political gain and in some cases to get their hands on millions of pounds.

Shame on them, shame on Boris and shame on the justice system for this trial.

There is still some honour amongst MPs.

I am saddened to hear of the resignation of Johnny Mercer from his Government post of Veterans Minister.

It is one of those rare occasions where the right man was actually in the right job but I am fully behind his decision as the Conservative Government and especially Boris Johnson had informed him that they planned to stop the historic persecutions of the Northern Ireland veterans.

Defence minister Johnny Mercer is on the brink of quitting over the government's failure to protect Troubles troops, it was claimed today
Johnny Mercer

The whole sorry episode of the Northern Ireland troubles is still not over but to a former serving soldier, I find it abhorrent that the then Prime Minister Tony Blair gave get out of jail free cards to the terrorists who murdered loyal soldiers, police officers, prison officers, MPs, Lord Mountbatten and the innocent men, women and children who were caught in the crossfire.

To be honest I was not surprised Tony Blair had done it and the sneaky way he went about it, as this is the man who took security advice on Saddam’s WMDs from an Iraqi taxi driver. It is and always has been about the political gain for most of the people in parliament and the role they take after leaving as an MP, and it seems we can now add treachery at the feet of this Government and this parliament.

I am not saying that we should forget but why are they insisting on dragging old men through a court for something they supposedly did over 40 years ago? We are talking about men in their 70s and one of them is dying, others have given up and are now just wanting to drink themselves to a stupor and for what? What do they hope to bring from this? There cannot be justice as the victims of the terrorists have been denied it by our Government, and it is appalling to think that a British Government denied the victims any form of justice.

It will do nothing for those of us who were in the forces at the height of the trouble, as I can remember going into the Horse and Groom in Guildford and finding out its sad history. I was in Deal the week the IRA blew up the barracks and killed musicians in the Royal Marines and living in Warrington when the town was shook by a bomb, and you only have to read at the sad story of how they murdered 2 innocent children in the town on the Saturday before Mother’s day. and who were buying things for their mums. Where is the justice for those poor children? Yet, we who have been loyal servants to the Crown are just supposed to accept that the bad guys get protected and those who were sent in because the politicians had lost all control, were now to be prosecuted and persecuted on the mantle of nothing more than appeasing the terrorists and their supporters.

The Overseas Protection Bill was thrown out of the Lords again. Don’t get me wrong you only have to ask those who are currently serving and those of us who are veterans what would we want done with those who commit war crimes, and we would be the first to tell you that those who do it should go to jail and for a very long time. You see the one thing that we former soldiers are proud of us is our history in the Armed Forces, and the fact that wherever our soldiers go they are determined to turn what could be confrontational into a hearts and minds campaign, and no soldier wants to go out and kill a human being and certainly they don’t want to be in a war.

With all that in mind I find it abhorrent that the promise to protect those servicemen and indeed the way things are going women from persecution was reneged on and part of Mr Mercer’s letter was spot on…

‘We have abandoned our people in a way I simply cannot reconcile. Whilst endless plans are promised and solutions mused, veterans are being sectioned, drinking themselves to death and dying before their time because the UK Government cannot find the moral strength or courage we asked of them in bringing peace to Northern Ireland, in finding a political solution to stop these appalling injustices.’ 

Mr Mercer concluded: ‘I made promises on your behalf to protect them. No discernible efforts have been made to do so and I can see no prospect of this changing.’

It is hard for those of us who are Conservative voters and former veterans to think that the promises made to those who have served this country faithfully was nothing than hot air and smoke and mirrors, and whilst expected from a Labour Government never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be done under a Conservative one.

The Armed Forces are struggling to recruit as it is and one of the major reasons given is why should I fight when a bleeding hearts leftist lawyer will be waiting with the most outrageous lies, and spouting them from the comfort of their offices safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to fight for their freedoms, as people like me and Mr Points of Sue will do that and then they get what? Investigated, thrown to the wolves and more than likely end up in prison… Soldier A…

It is duplicitous and it is downright lying when any Government says they will protect our soldiers as none of them do. oh they talk the good talk and up until an election they are all for protecting the armed forces and when they get in nothing….not a thing infact they are liars.

Instead this Government has behaved even worse as they built up the hope in those who are old enough to be grandfathers now and then deal a blow that some will never recover from.

I think I am coming to the point where I don’t believe a word any of the politicians say anymore as it is just lies, spin and a con trick to get in, and I was a fool to even think that this Government would protect our veterans.

It was and is all lies but at least we have one MP with honour and that is Johnny Mercer but then he is a former Army officer, and having worked round officers I know they are honourable, stand by their promises and by their men and for someone like Johnny Mercer he would have expected the PM and the Government to honour that commitment, and the fact that they have deliberately chosen not too has left him with no other option and we are poorer for him having left.

I for one hope to see him back on the front bench but I think it will be a long time before we do as quite frankly he doesn’t believe a word any of them say, and rather disappointingly neither do I. However, he must carry on fighting for the veterans as there is no one else in parliament who will and they are only sat on those benches because brave men and women mop up the mess they make.

Most MPs are not fit to be in the same room as those who put their lives on the line for our protection.

Sleaze is sleaze however hard you try to cover it up.

So, what are we to make of the current sleaze problems that have hit the Conservative party?  I know the Labour party are trying to make hay out of it and they have no room to talk as they are just as sleazy, and it sickens me to the core to watch how they pull each other apart without consideration that we know that they are all as bad as each other when it comes to making money for themselves.  The greed of MPs and former politicians knows no bounds. 

How many times do we read that politicians flip their houses, or have central heating put in at our expense, or have an expensive bathroom, 3 piece suite, expensive carpets, new windows etc etc, and the list goes on and then the next thing you read is that they have sold it for a nice profit and only pay the taxes on it when found out with a story that they thought they were entitled to it, and that the rules need to be made clearer.

Dear god if they cannot understand those rules how can we trust them to understand the rules they themselves are making.

Guess it is quite profitable to have your house paid for.  After all, how many MPs have been found out having their interest paid on a house they already own, or for some and this is unbelievable…they put in a receipt for a mars bar…. can these tight people not even pay £1 for a chocolate?  The sleaze is sickening, and it just goes on and on and another day and another sleaze story, but this time involving a former Prime Minister, Civil Servants, and a firm on the verge of folding and one that can only be saved by our taxpayers’ money.

When you look at the initial story you think oh its another former Prime Minister who just wants to make money out of his connections.  David Cameron must have thought he was on a sure thing to his pay day of an estimated £70 million for lobbying on behalf of Greensill Capital, a former Financial Company.  The only problem was that it was not going to be as easy as he thought because there is something called sleaze.

I believe that the political parties of today are more concerned with what and how much will line their pocket rather than how to take care of the country, and the trust we have put in them.

Take Matt Hancock we find out that he has 15% worth of shares in a company that won an NHS contract.  Now whether he submitted it in the register of interests is not the issue, it is the fact that the Health Secretary has shares in a company that wins NHS contracts. There is the comment that his sister has shares too…but she is not in Government…he is.  We are told that he has no say in the decision of who gets what but to a mere mortal…it does not look right because it is not right, and this is only scratching the surface.

Now we had the unseemly sight of Tony Blair agreeing with George W Bush to start an illegal war where he made millions out of the deaths of thousands, and where once out of office he visited despot after despot selling his wares for millions, and even trying to advise the dictator of Kazakhstan in charge of a country on how to spin the fact they murdered 15 students. 

Tony Blair’s role advising countries with poor human rights records has come under scrutiny again after he gave Kazakhstan’s president advice on how to avoid his image being tarnished by the killing of 15 civilian protesters by police.  In a letter to Nursultan Nazarbeyev, Blair told the autocratic ruler that the December 2011 deaths, “tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress that Kazakhstan has made”. Blair advised Nazarbeyev that when dealing with the western media, he should tackle the events in Zhanaozen, when police opened fire on protesters, including oil workers demanding higher wages, “head-on”.  

Tony Blair advises Kazakh president on publicity after killing of protesters | Tony Blair | The Guardian

It was something we had accepted as it was Tony Blair and we knew he was only after money, and like millions of others I took comfort as a Conservative voter that this was Labour, and this was what we could expect from them as we had Lord Mandelson resigning twice for Fraud and hanging round every despotic billionaire he could find…..and then I read a Conservative Prime Minister was getting involved in sleazy deals for money, and I felt more anger than I ever did at Tony Blair as Conservatives were not supposed to do this….especially not Conservative Prime Ministers.

The sleaze involved just gets larger and larger….

To see David Cameron trying to get taxpayers money for a firm that was on the brink of shutting down just does not sit well with me.  It stinks it really stinks.

David Cameron’s Greensill Scandal Explained: Did the Former PM Break Lobbying Laws? – TLDR – YouTube

Cameron and Lex Greensill

David Cameron took to lobbying several ministers and this included the chancellor Rishi Sunak at the height of this country dealing with a deadly virus from China, and where people were worried about dying from a virus, or their loved ones dying from a virus or facing financial ruin. 

The chancellor released text messages he sent to former prime minister Mr Cameron last April in which he said he had “pushed” his officials to explore how to help Greensill Capital access to COVID Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF).   Mr Cameron wanted Greensill, who he was working for, to be able to issue loans using taxpayer cash through the scheme.    David Cameron would have made millions from this and it would have cost us hundreds of millions in bailing out this company.   It got as far as the Consultation level and then rejected, but why should these companies be allowed to use former ministers to access our money as ultimately it is our and not theirs, and how dare these people think they can do what they want with this and make money out of it.  It is grubby from beginning to end.

Greensill: Rishi Sunak summoned to parliament over David Cameron lobbying controversy as PM orders review | Politics News | Sky News

Mr Cameron even went out with the begging bowl to Saudi Arabia at a time when the Crown Prince was being ostracised.  Now I am not going to say anything about the Crown Prince, but he is a clever man and knew why Cameron was there and do we really need to see a former Prime Minister out with the begging bowl for a company that he would make millions for.  There is no difference between him and Blair because in the end it was all about money to them, but the biggest cause for concern is the fact that Cameron could access Government Ministers and Senior Civil Servants for his own advancement so easily?  This has to stop. 

We are not the United States of America where there are powerful lobbying groups. The way our Parliament works is that it is supposed to be beyond reproach and that sleaze must not come into it, but then when these were set in place they did not give thought to the most basic human thought…greed and boy do we have some of the greediest people dealing with our Parliament.

The Chancellor

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor

Why was David Cameron so desperate to get the funding and why does an already wealthy man…want to be wealthier?  It is nothing more than greed and I dislike that the most in any politician.  Greed, sleaze, and more sleazes run through politicians in this country, and we have been plagued with them for years and it has to stop.

Who are the players?

David Cameron is a former Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain who resigned when he lost the Brexit Referendum having expected the country to remain because he and the establishment obviously thought better than we did.  What does an out of work PM do then? 

Well, he did not resign worrying about money as his wife’s family is part of the Sheffield Baronets and we are talking in the realms of millionaires and he retired to his country home to write his memoirs and sign up to a speaking agency, but it seems making hundreds of thousands was not enough for Mr Cameron and he decided to start lobbying on behalf of a company that in the end folded.

Mr Cameron was cleared of any wrongdoing by the official watchdog in March 2021 on the basis he was a Greensill Capital employee rather than a third-party lobbyist.    He insisted he broke “no codes of conduct and no government rules” but having “reflected on this at length” accepted there were “lessons to be learnt”. Yet the company got 10 meetings with the treasury department.  You have to ask how was this allowed to go on?  It seems that former Prime Ministers get an unusually large amount of access to Government departments and this makes it unfair on those companies who do not.

Hands up if anyone is surprised that he was cleared?  Nobody really as it means that this would bring into focus what other people do and as for that old chestnut “lessons to be learnt” … how many times have we read that…and yet the sleaze still continues.

We know that politicians who leave Parliament have 4 ideals for companies…and even better if they were in Government?

  1. They have access to the political elite.
  2. They know how to get bills put into parliament.
  3. They know how government works.
  4. They know who works in government.

Did Mr Cameron approach other ministers….?

Yes. In October 2019 he went for a “private drink” with Lex Greensill – the founder of Greensill Capital – and Health Secretary Matt Hancock. They discussed a payment scheme that the firm wanted the NHS to start using.

Was the payment scheme used by the NHS?

Yes. It was used in parts of the health service. But allies of the health secretary say everything was above board and he “updated officials on the business that was discussed” in the October drinks meeting. Advice was also commissioned from civil servants on the payment scheme when it was first put forward in August 2019. Sources say Matt Hancock was clear that other providers should be able to offer the work as well.

Remember this is the same Health Minister who has made money out of the shares he owns in a company that won a Government Contract.  I can imagine that if this had been successful then somewhere along the line another Government Minister would have ended up in the employment of Greensill, and again that person would have been cleared of any wrongdoing and this is quite simply because they will not criticise their own and the sleaze just goes on and on and on.

Who is Lex Greensill?

David Cameron and Lex Greensill

Lex Greensill is a billionaire Australian financier who initially worked for multinational banks before founding Greensill Capital in 2011. The firm specialised in “supply chain finance” – a service designed to let companies have their bills paid more quickly through the use of short-term loans. He was awarded a CBE for “services to the economy” in 2017.

Having looked at Greensill and their proposals, this was nothing more than a sophisticated WONGA scheme.  It was a payday loan for Government departments and of course there would have been the pesky thing called interest to pay, and I cannot believe that anyone would entertain this especially with regards to the NHS.  As for the owners CBE I wonder how much that cost him in party donations as we have read time and time again that if you donate a large sum of money you start off with a CBE and end up with a Knighthood or even elevated to the Lords, and all parties do it, but getting back to the sophisticated WONGA plan, we would have been stuck with the interest rates of the loans and this would have reduced the monies available considerably. How could a former Prime Minister do that?  It is wrong especially as he stood there on a platform to protect the NHS and other departments, but I guess you will say anything if it gets you elected.

Whatever happened to ennobling those who have deserved it through their effort to the country. It seems that if you have half a million quid then you too can go to the Lords and then fleece the taxpayer of £327 a day for the rest of your life and just think of the Government doors this will open and we are back to square one.  Sleaze in whatever language you state…it is sleaze.

We also have those in Whitehall working for the same defunct financial group whilst still employed by the British taxpayer.  How much more do we have to put up with?

I thought that there was a watchdog that oversees this, if there is where they asleep on the job? 

Westminster watchdog chief ‘did not anticipate anything like Greensill’ – YouTube

If not why and can we really trust MPs to have an inquiry into this?  I wouldn’t trust the majority of MPs to run me a hot bath…never mind being responsible for policing this or anything else as year after year we have to read how MPs have fraudulently defrauded us for their expenses and to those who read this…its called theft and not the rubbish that they come up with…”we thought it was allowed”… rubbish…theft is theft and we cannot and must not let MPs look into the lobbying that David Cameron has pulled.

It now seems that we cannot trust the civil servants either as the civil Service was also caught up in the row after it emerged former Head of Government procurement Bill Crothers had worked for Greensill while still employed in Whitehall.  How far does this go in the corridors of power?

This waddles, quacks, and smells like a cover up and it is sleazy and nasty, and this is coming from the supposed darlings of the Conservative Party.

How many more do we have in Parliament that are covering up money making schemes?  It seems to go on from week to week and I always thought that David Cameron was an honourable man, and he has fooled an awful lot of people into thinking this.

It stinks, it absolutely stinks.  When is enough going to be enough for these people?  They are supposed to act and think above that of the average man, and it seems most of the politicians cannot pull themselves out of the gutter, as you will never find the average hard-working man doing this as it is called sleaze, and the average citizen has a code of honour that seems to be missing with MPs and you find that something like this tends to stick in our throats.

There should be a body that makes MPs and former PMs answerable to them and to give them some teeth, not one that just talks the talk and does nothing as David Cameron was lobbying for my money, he was lobbying for your money as the Government does not have money…it is ours and to go forward with what equates to a WONGA deal makes my blood boil. This deal would have in effect ended up with the NHS paying interest just to pay their bills.

Now I know that when you are rich like David Cameron that you would get private health care, but those of us who have to use the NHS would have ended up with services cut as there was only way the interest rate would go and that is up.

How could a former Prime Minister do that to the country, and how could he do that having said that the NHS was safe with the Conservatives….it is not safe with him.

Politics is rotten, those who are the players on the world stage are rotten and to think they are supposed to represent this country and make the decisions.  I guess their decision making depends on the role they get afterwards, and whether they can get on that committee to lobby discreetly as let us face it, how many times have we heard of an MP sitting on a committee and then next he/she has a well-paid job with the firm they were asking for.

The stench from Parliament is almost unbearable and maybe it is about time we demanded that Parliament is picked up from the gutter it has found itself in, and make sure that just because you are either a former Prime Minister or Government Minister you should not profit from the very place the electorate put you in to sort out the rot.  We pay your wages, and we should therefore have the right to decide when and what you can do afterwards and continuing to make money off taxpayers is not one of them.

Shame on David Cameron and that torch I carried for him as a leader blew itself out.