Seems it is ok when Joe does it!!

It seems that well known Liberal, the man who the bleeding hearts have deemed the saviour of America after Orange Man Bad has now decided to open up Guantanamo Bay even further for the Haitian refugees. Yep the terrorist camp is going to be opened up forther for the surge in refugees in Texas. SeemsContinue reading “Seems it is ok when Joe does it!!”

Listen to the Judge…

She is not wrong….however its not the USA who are guilty of murdering 10 innocent people, including 7 children but its the Biden/Harris Administration who murdered in cold blood those most innocent of innocent. Where is President Biden and where is his apologetic statement? When we will see those responsible brought up before a courtContinue reading “Listen to the Judge…”

Why is the President hiding numbers?

Seems the Mainstream Media is hiding the truth from middle America about the failed border control. They have an agenda from the leftist woke handbook and you the people will suffer… The Biden/Harris Administration has pretty much failed on every policy…this is not good for the people.

Total Incompetence from the President down….

Can you imagine if this had happened under Trump??. The whinging lefties called Trump a war mongerer but he took out bad guys with a drone….legitimate hits. Biden seems to hit whoever and wherever he wants including innocent children and an aid worker, …no person is safe with him in power. It seems the bloodContinue reading “Total Incompetence from the President down….”

Seems the Mainstream Media in America..

Is avoiding the fact their dear leader murdered 7 children and 3 adults in a drone strike in Afghanistan… Three Sunday shows ignored NYT report on botched drone strike Pentagon now admits killed 10 Afghan civilians — Joseph A. Wulfsohn (@JosephWulfsohn) September 18, 2021

Biden wants to view wealthy peoples bank accounts…..

Must be to see who Hunter can line up for even more money…there is always a money trail with these two…. But here’s an idea….lets start with him and his corrupt son…bound to be fraudently earned millions stashed away from the cash for access to the then Vice President Biden that crack smoking Hunter gotContinue reading “Biden wants to view wealthy peoples bank accounts…..”