Baby Sussex

Am happy that the baby arrived safely, and mother and son going well, but how mean and vindictive to leave of Thomas Markle. He is the grandfather and has been a good dad…why has his daughter ghosted him … Not nice, not nice at all.

Working with Carers

I was very privileged to train those wonderful people who work with Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents. It never ceases to amaze me how patient, caring and diligent they were, and shame on those employees who put profit first, over paying the carers their worth. I am going to write a paper on the invisible generation,Continue reading “Working with Carers”

Youngest Alzheimer’s sufferer.

Britain’s youngest Alzheimer’s suffer on life with the illness via Daniel Bradbury is Britain’s youngest person to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This is so terribly sad and our government should help financially to the research, the medical and domestic help, to try and help the future Daniel’s. God bless you and your familyContinue reading “Youngest Alzheimer’s sufferer.”