The Queens Speech

The Queens Speech

I listened to the Queens Speech with interest…more to see how Labour would react and I had placed a bet with my husband that they would reject it totally and only for political point scoring and guess what…I won.

Who can disagree with extending jail terms for murderers and rapists, especially those who don’t say where the body is?  There is also the commitment to crack down on foreign criminals and child abusers … again for the sake of our safety….who could disagree with it?  Yep you guessed it…Jeremy Corbyn and his team.

There was the proposal to increase spending for the NHS.  Well if that lot in parliament can get to grips and understand democracy then maybe just maybe there will be the money for the NHS but we will be £13 billion short if we have to send it to the continent, and that money alone could cure the very poorly NHS but without the politicians realising this….there will be a short fall.

A 2 percent council charge is due to be consulted upon and I agree with this as it is kinder to pay for adult social care that way than making families sell homes.  However, the problem I have is those who “choose” not to work and from the cradle to the grave expect the state to pay.  Maybe it is about time we started to look at them contributing too…..after all if you contribute nothing why should you have the same rights?

Having a points-based immigration for movement sounds like a great idea as why can’t we only bring in the people who will make this country great again.  If we have people from all over the world wanting to come and live here and they have great skills which we can use…then the more the merrier, but should we really have to accept the criminals of other countries just because they have movement rights from the EU?

The Electoral Integrity Bill is one I am very enthusiastic about.  There are one or two seats that we know were won by students being allowed to vote twice…Kensington South for instance. On what planet would that MP Emma Dent Coad represent Kensington South…her winning margin was 20 votes and the police should have carried through their threats to charge those with voting fraud.  I doubt whether the woman will ever get in again.   So,  having to show photographic ID when registering your vote is a start.  Computers should be linked so that when your voting pass is scanned it will link up and state whether you have voted already.  That will stop voting fraud and stop people becoming MPs when they were not legally voted in.

Railway reform…that will take a miracle as the trains are too expensive, poorly invested in and badly maintained but we live in hope.

There are other bills such as the Domestic Violence Bill, the Fair Tips Bills, a NHS Health Investigations Bill, Divorce Dissolution and Separation bill, a Pension Schemes Bill, Animal Welfare Bill (of which I am more than happy to see it come to fruition being an animal lover), the Environment Bill and bringing in a legally binding target to reduce plastic waste and ensure cleaner air.

Now I am a conservative voter and always find myself in agreement with the Tories but having a look at the proposals I cannot find one single issue that could be found wrong with the proposals put forward.  It even includes the “Do or Die” date for Brexit.

The Labour party are just out to make mischief and we have seen this from their sitting on the fence with Brexit, especially as they think that we the electorate are crazy enough to believe that they can be trusted with Brexit, but you would think that they would put aside their own stupidity and vote for what is a very well thought out Queen’s speech. 

Guess their hatred for everything conservative blinds them to what is in effect a good deal and something I highly doubt they could match.

Donald Trumps rants again….

Donald Trump and his rants on Twitter.

We see yet again that Donald Trump has taken to Twitter  to state that it is everyone else’s fault that the terrorists have escaped, and that we along with other countries should have taken back ISIS prisoners.  Forgive me if I am wrong but we went to war with the USA as allies and thanks to the disastrous plans of a previous President ..i.e. Bush and the PM Blair…no plans were put in place for peace and this contributed widely to the rise of ISIS as a region that has no control, will often be left to those to create chaos and there will always be a total breakdown in democracy.  This will give rise to any old psychotic nut who can get other psychotic nuts to follow him and that in a nutshell is how ISIS was able to take a foothold.

Trump is confused at how allies work and to say that it is because they are expected to pay is wrong. Nobody expects the USA to pay but as the largest army their participation will always be larger than ours, but is he naive enough to think that countries will just take back ISIS members?  It needed a controlled handover and one agreed with the Kurds not the Americans, and from what I remember our SAS were there, and they are going again…yet we ask for no payment as often the decision to do right will always cost those taking part but it is showing the world that we stand together, and that together we will do the right thing.

I applauded once the fact that Donald Trump spoke anything else but as a politician but maybe situations like these need a politician and not a John Wayne wannabe.

Trump and Spinning

More Spin from Trump

Donald Trump is now suggesting that the Kurdish fighters are now releasing ISIS in a bid to force the USA to help in their fight against Turkey.  Can a President of the United States of America really sink any lower?  He blames those people who have fought and died to stop the spread of ISIS and who have been left with thousands of prisoners to deal with.

Trump is just giving Erdogan more and more propaganda to quote and he has jumped on the bandwagon and is repeating the lies the USA President writes, after all Turkey has said they have not bombed the jails and how dare the rest of the world not believe them (sigh)…..this is the same President who states that he would not deliberately attack the Kurds but for “humanitarian reasons” and if fired upon….that promise lasted all of seconds and todate hundreds of Kurds have died.

Erdogan states Turkey has only gone to “war” to liberate the area from Kurdish control and to return it to the Arab governance….well can someone tell me why another Arab army…i.e. Syria has now decided to join the fight on the Kurds side?

It is a cluster that will grow and grow, and nobody will be the winner and it is a sad and one which could have been so easily averted and the deaths of the innocent avoided.

Syria and the Kurds against Turkey

Syria signs up with the Kurds

Due to the pull out of the USA and leaving the Kurds to fend for themselves they have now decided to sign up with the devil himself.  I guess it is a case of the enemy of the enemy is now my friend. How desperate must they be to have signed up with Assad?  Will it now involve Iran and Russia?

We know that Assad is a war criminal but guess the choice is do you fight someone like  Erdogan on your own or use another despot with a bigger army than you have to fight with you.  I guess they are caught between a rock and hard place as to which bigger criminal they fall behind.

Make the BBC earn its own money.

The BBC – making it earn its own money

Like a lot of you I grew up with only 3 channels when I was younger and can remember many a happy occasion watching the BBC with my father.  It was entertaining, great family fun and very informative, but it was above all impartial.

Fast forward some 40 years and I don’t think I watch more than an hour a day of the BBC and that’s mainly the gardening programmes.  The news channel I switch off as it is so bias against Brexit and so pro the EU that it no longer hides its distain, but that is not the reason I turn it off but rather the over inflated wages of people who seem to think working for the BBC gives them the god given right to voice their opinion all over twitter and Facebook, or it is full of luvvies who turn up in marches such as the extinction holdups, take a picture and then back to their private jets, advertising gas guzzling cars and huge mansions… and these hypocrites are the people that the BBC are falling over themselves to interview.

Question time is an hour long green light for the remainers against Brexit, although they might have the token brexiter on but more often than not….the BBC are showing their political masters in the EU that they are doing their bidding and earning the money they send to them.

I find it hard to believe that the BBC cannot afford to pay for the over 75s to have a free licence, and maybe if they cut back on the stars salaries which really are ridiculous and over the top, and scrapped some of the news readers and presenters as every time there seems to be masses of them…then maybe, just maybe they can continue to provide the licence fee.  After all they make enough money, get money from the EU and any other way of rising funds yet spend it on taxis, corporate fun and other niceties for them…

I think the BBC is no longer fit for purpose.  It is no longer that beacon of light that people were so desperate for during the war years and like all other tv companies it should have to fight for its own survival as to make it a jailable offence to not pay is ridiculous in today’s climate.  The government should release the UK population from a ridiculous bill and force the BBC to make its own money as like any other organisation that does not have to show value for money, it starts to get too big for its own boots and carry on doing what they are becoming famous for….offering little value for our money.  

The MMR Vaccine – a matter of choice

The MMR Vaccination debate

I read with interest in various medical journals and newspapers how some parents have decided against the MMR vaccination due to the possibilities of their child developing autism or other complications.   This is causing a considerable amount of debate with my own family as I am very pro the vaccination having made sure my own children receive it, and then as grandmother taking my grandchildren due to mum not liking needles.

My youngest two grandchildren have a diagnosis of autism, and females tend to be a smaller number of those afflicted with it and as a result they have learning difficulties and my daughter has wondered once or twice if it was caused by the MMR vaccinations or is infact a hereditary gene. I tend to go with the hereditary route.

My grand-daughter has autism and she does have some learning difficulties but she is a sweetheart and she wants to be a unicorn for the rest of her life, and her world is one of the most beautiful I have ever had the privilege to have a peak at….as we talk about it every time she comes to stay over when she is not raiding my jewellery box for sparkling things.

I do not think it is the end of the world but the beginning of a beautiful one as they are still my grandchildren and loved, wanted and such a delight when they come over that if someone can give me definitive proof that the MMR vaccination had caused it, it would not have changed anything…..because it is better to have autism than to die of a disease that is easily controllable and the percentage is so low that is comforting in a way.

I don’t advocate forcing people to change their mind and the decision is to be made by each parent as I am very prochoice, but we are now reading in medical journals that diseases that had been eradicated are now coming back and its devastating effects are getting harder to manage.  I guess the world is a very scary place when you are responsible for the little people and the information you are getting is not helping and maybe it is about time the Government and Medical Groups got together and gave us information that makes sense.

Are we all political actors?

Are we all political actors?

One of the interesting things during my politics degree was too define whether politics was too narrow or too diluted.  If too narrow does that mean only those who work in politics such as politicians or civil servants understand and ‘do’ politics, or is it totally diluted to the point that everyone is involved whether sat watching the news and discussing it with family, or talking politics down the pub?

Now I believe that everyone is a political actor as politics can only survive in a democracy if those who can vote do, but there is the current argument that democracy is being ignored….so is it a case that those who believe they are elite and who deem that politics should only be done by the MPs and civil servants want to restrict the larger population from having a say and that we should just accept their decisions, or does the intervention of entities such as charities, trade unions and groups such as PETA have a greater impact on politics than previously thought?

Do political ideologies have an impact on the way we are governed today?  After all it is less than 100 years since women gained the vote, yet a social party such as Labour have still not had a female leader despite wanting and campaigning for equality for all… this a case of ideology not catching up with reality.

I think by the time I had understood that my head felt heavy and I needed to lie down in a dark room as politics is more than just a tick in the box, but is infact a plot that even Shakespeare couldn’t have explained….all the twists and turns could make for a great Agatha Christie plot of ‘who does it’.

When we help our allies – we send the best

The SAS – The Good Guys

It seems that the sword of right and might has yet again being picked up by the SAS and they are going in to take out the bad guys…i.e. ISIS.  If I was a Kurd I would be relieved knowing that the UK has not walked away from its commitments as we are sending them the best of our best.

I hope their bullets are true and hit the target every time and they ALL come home safely.  God speed the SAS.