Hypocrisy of the Rich

Carbon off-set scheme will have no ‘meaningful’ effect https://mol.im/a/7372959 via http://dailym.ai/android

How stupid of the rich to state that oh we just chuck money at the eco problem, after dumping more carbon in one trip than the average person uses in a year.

Elton John has done himself no favours as we know the Sussex Markles don’t care what they do, how much they spend or who they wind up with their sanctimonious claptrap.

617 Sqn ….heros

Dambusters raid: Book by historian MAX HASTINGS brings it to life https://mol.im/a/7369985 via http://dailym.ai/android

I never tire of reading about the exploits of Sqn Ldr Guy Gibson and the brave men of 617 Sqn.

I love their motto “after me, the flood”. It showed the world that Britain would not shy away from operation certain death heroics….to show people we were a force to reckon with.

Watch the Dam Busters film as the moment the Dams burst I feel so much pride still, and when the theme starts there is a lump in my throat and tears of pride

I grew up with real hero’s to admire.

Parents blaming everyone but themselves

Parents of Jihadi Jack brand Sajid Javid a coward https://mol.im/a/7369443 via http://dailym.ai/android

How dare they brand Savid Javid a coward for protecting UK citizens, whilst ranting on about their son getting justice

Where was the justice when the Yazdi women and children were being raped and murdered? Where was the justice when they murdered men and boys from the tribe? Or women too old to sell or rape? Where is their justice

Where is the justice of the foreigners who were beheaded on camera, or the gay people thrown of buildings?

Where is the justice for the mass murders and the blowing up of the innocent?

These stupid individuals complaining about the decision taken by the then Home Secretary should look to themselves. They produced a murderer and for me their will be no true justice until he is executed, and they are serving a long prison sentence for sending him money.

Join your son as none of you are welcome here. Go explain to people who have lived through hell and back, and whose responsibility for their pain rests with your son and his equally moronic friends…..why he is being treated unfairly and see how far it gets you.

If I was the Kurdish commandant he would have been shot straight away.

Look to yourselves and accept the responsibility for producing that killer, but don’t blame someone for protecting us from your spawn….that is his job.

Writing a Novel

I have decided to step into the realms of novel writing and am currently working through my first one. A ghost story set in the time of the First World War and I am really, really enjoying writing it.

Will let you know when you can read on Kindle Direct Publishing as well as putting a synopsis on here.

Hypocrisy of the House of Sussex, House of Windsor and Wales.

I decided to write a piece on the environmental “google” camp that HRH Prince Henry of Sussex attended and further down the hypocrisy of the House of Windsor and the never ending but increasing costs of the Royals….are they really value for money?

When the details came up of Harry’s break….there were glimpses of the barefoot Prince on the sand I thought oh here we go another holiday.(especially as he had a pedicure beforehand)….with a lecture on how to save the environment thrown in…..and then I read and thought what a hypocrite.

He and his wife go on endlessly about the state of the planet and global warming, yet a private jet is provided at every whim, and whats more it is produces more carbon than a chartered plane but that is just for starters really…..He is helicoptered from the airport to the island where the camp is and then driven in gas guzzlers to the resort. Now by this time someone in Buckingham Palace should have had a word and told His Royal Highness to shut up or risk being labelled as a hypocrite……

No the best is till last after needing to plant 189 trees for a one way trip on the private jet never mind back, and then we find out that he stayed on the private yacht of the Expedia owner and it eats 200 gallons of fuel an hour…3.3 tonnes of carbon back into the environment and then the pearls of wisdom from The Prince!!!!! People are taking too many selfies for their Instagram accounts and because they are in gorgeous, luxurious places and openly advertising it that they are infact responsible for the depletion of the area and this is the fault of the new media of information…his answer that us lesser mortals should go places not so gorgeous.

Now I don’t know about you but I very rarely fly, cut down on my plastics and recycle everything and I have never been on a private jet, private helicopter nor a yacht that eats fuel. On top of it he was driven by the Chairman of Chrysler whose company was fined for false information about emissions….yet the hypocrisy he was spouting was lost on him as we know his and his wife’s fondness for luxury holidays and the use of social media to advertise it!! It seems that the Sussex’s don’t want the common herd taxpayer anywhere near their luxury….

I have always respected HM The Queen, infact I took the Queen’s shilling when I joined the Army and like all service personnel wrote a blank cheque to be cashed in times of need, but I what I did not expect was for such a hypocritical family to emerge from a woman who has not put a foot wrong.

Harry and his Mrs at every opportunity live life to the excess, after all he has ONE KID but has numerous homes as obviously one isn’t enough. They preach about charity work but have spent almost £3 million on their own expensive repairs….a gift from the Queen that we pay for. The half a million on a baby shower and then the million his wife has spent on clothes since marrying him. Never mind the money for the wedding which for a woman married TWICE, not once before is ridiculous, and showed the taxpayer just how they intended to carry on.

Harry and his wife should not represent this country. They want all the money, all of the privacy and none of the work and everytime there is criticism…he spouts its racism. Has Harry never thought it is because we are genuinely fed up with him and his wife.

Btw it is not just picking on Harry, today for instance we find out that Andrew, Duke of York has taken a private jet to Scotland to his mother’s…..after all why mix with the common herd when you can book a jet.

Gone are the days of doffing your cap to the gentry and instead we work long hours and are taxed to the nth degree and struggle to pay bills, food and housing costs and a holiday is now a luxury and before the Royal Cap Doffers start…it is not 69p each person because they are including children and do we really tax children to pay for one family? That is the cost of the £37 million the Queen is given to run the palace and not the true cost as the security bill is nearer half a billion, and then there is the £380 million for Buckingham Palace which is scanderlous and the Windsors should pay it, and the costs of more and more homes the Queen is giving to family. After all my home is to be passed to my children and I have to pay and for the repairs and so it seems theirs as well.

What you have to ask yourself is what do they do? People say oh they do a lot for charity but lets face it….that’s all they have to do and is it really acceptable in this day and age that a family that continues to expand and continues to be a burden is allowed to be such a cost on the taxpayer? Why not slim it down to just the Monarch as the Prince of Wales has an income from the Duchy of Cornwall and the rest of them…get a job and pay for their own repairs on the houses. To say they don’t own the property is a cop out and of course they own it as you and I cannot just live there and it is all done on the say so of the Crown Estates.

In the 21st Century Kings and Queens should be a think of the past and we will still see the people coming to the palaces, the tower of London etc as to say they will drop as the visitors have come to see the Queen is ridiculous as when was the last time HM was at Buckingham Palace thanking everyone for paying to visit?

This article was originally aimed at Harry the Hypocrite and his wife who between them are the best advert for a republic, but it is in effect a dig at them all as why should they live such a life of luxury when they do so little in return. To live in opulence when schools are forced to take more than they were built for, or where hospitals such as my own are having to administer patients in the corridor, or where a person is suspected of having a heart attack and being told that it is quicker to get your other half to take you to the hospital as the ambulance is busy……(that last one happened to me so it is not just a myth).

The Royals are out of touch and once the Queen has passed will I guess be out of time as all I can see whilst this country is tearing its self apart is a family who costs a fortune, wears pretty dresses (the cost of which some people have to live on), open curtains, make speeches that they have not written and have a lifestyle that they have not earned as being born into it is not something we should tolerate in the 21st Century.

For me the Windsors and the Royal Family are no longer a force for good and are just becoming a burden and a laughing stock on the world stage….Prince Charles had an airbus kitted out as a flying palace for him and his Wife for use in the States, but then lectures us constantly about Climate change and making a difference.

I hope once Brexit has happened that we have a referendum on the Royal Family because sadly mine would be out. I grew up admiring the Royal Family as I come from a service family where my father fought for King and Country in WW2, yet this same man who could no longer make the stairs and asked for a downstairs shower had to show ….SHOW the Royal British Legion his pension and bank statements, despite serving 4 years as a 16 year old from 1944 (lying abut his age) and then a further 30 years in the TA was insulting, yet there is no show requirements for the Royals and the doors of the public purse are thrown open to a family who really are the most undeserving of all. Infact there are 13 members of the Royal Family who are either the children or grandchildren of the Queen and Prince Phillip and who are paid from the civil list and NONE hold down a full time job. If they were on a council estate we would be up in arms. Is this really acceptable in the 21st Century??

Elderly Care Costs – a profitable business for some.

Daily we are reading of the shocking costs of elderly care and this could be in the £100s plus range a week. We are rightly outraged at such a high cost especially as it is a figure that we cannot comprehend. I trained people in and around the care home sector and I must confess that I never came across a poor care home. What I did notice that people had gone from what was in effect their home down to a double bedroom with an ensuite, but the costs of their welfare had quadrupled, and the downsizing had robbed them of who they were. The room was their only access to privacy as the living room and other communal areas offer nothing but noise and the realisation that this is it!!!! Your home has gone.

Whilst these rooms are nicely decorated it is still just a room with a bathroom…..the furniture is modest and more often than not families are requested to bring in their own furniture, TVs etc…so what you get is a bed, carpets, curtains and a bathroom. Meals are modest by standard as quite often the elderly have a reduced appetite and sometimes they amount to little better than a bad school dinner, and complete with school dinner mentality portion control.

A considerable amount of those in the care home require nursing help which as we know can costs hundreds of pounds more.Whilst laundry is provided and cleaning of rooms which is always welcome, but one must ask does the cost of the residence really come up to what can amount to over £700 a week in some cases.

We all know that the care staff are only on minimum wage and that is dependent on age, and that a lot of these homes can take in upwards of 40 people…if you view that as almost £1.5 million a year minimum… do those homes really cost £1.5 million a year to run? I doubt it very much and those owners at the care homes I trained were very wealthy indeed. Now I know that it is a business but have they lost their humanity as well?? Just how much profit do they need? Many of the elderly are forced to sell their homes to pay for the care that really they should receive free, btw the relatives are forced to sell the homes many of which are family homes, homes full of memories and a home that mum and dad wanted their family to inherit to help their children after they have gone, and whilst the homes are being sold….to add insult to injury interest payments are added…. if as a society we will not care for our elderly, then what does this say about the sort of society we live in?

I have known care homes where they have a staff of 26 ….. 1 nurse who on average is paid about £35k, a handyman on £9 an hour and that is for 40 hours a week, and a somewhat chef on the same….with the rest some 23 members of staff on minimum wage….plus the care home manager and the bill for wages……the wage bill can amount to below £1/2 million pound a year, and the building is normally purpose built so even we are kind and the costs of running is some 1/2 million a year to the business….then there is £500k a year in profit and every care home I went round was run by the same company and they had 20 homes. That makes for £10 million a year in profit minimum. Are the elderly really a business?

Can it be right that a person who has paid tax all their life and who has contributed to society as they are the bulldog breed asking for nothing their whole lives, until they become ill…..and then whammy they are hit with the biggest bill and to lose everything because you are ill is inhumane. An Englishman’s castle is his home and are we really more interested in lining the pockets of the already wealthy rather than doing what is right by our wisest of generations?

Again I must reiterate that most care homes are very good but the better the home the dearer the costs, and everything has a price when it comes to business and the elderly. The idea of the over 40s now having to pay an extra stamp on the NI for elderly care is insulting. The thought is that it will ease up on the burdens on the young but how ridiculous is that now and if you are going to bring that in then surely bring it in from the minute work is started, as the costs unless it is taken under control will only rise.

Maybe those who want to open care homes should have the number they actually open limited as it is fast becoming such a profitable business that care is actually taken out of it, and the residents are seen just as a £ factor. For instance how often have we read of those with dementia being abused and tied to chairs, the bed etc…..can a company that makes so much profit really only find such poor staff to take care of their paying clients? The paying clients is the bit that they forget and that but for the residents paying most of these large care home providers wouldn’t have the wonderful take home pay, bonuses and large houses that the Directors seems to relish.

It is a national scandal that our elderly are treated so badly. It is a national scandal that day care providers have been axed as quite often a family can cope with the night time routines if they have somewhere during the day for a rest bite, and it is a national scandal that no one seems to have taken on the fight to have care homes reduce their over inflated scandalous care fees, and replaced with something that is manageable. We cannot even say that it is just private care home owners as even the council run ones charge to much for the care that they are giving and this again has shown that caring is no longer a vocation but big business, with lots of grasping hands in the elderly till that says money for nothing instead of caring for others.