Putin is now the embodiment of Hitler…and there has to be a regime change.

The only way Russia can get out of this mess that Putin has gotten them in is for someone to hand him the mess revolver, and then when he has gone to start to rebuild the relationship with the rest of the world and help Ukraine to rebuild. Otherwise, and we know the economy ofContinue reading “Putin is now the embodiment of Hitler…and there has to be a regime change.”

I am fully backing Calvin…

We are also seeing that stupidity has taken over others when they are spouting that men have abortions too. Guess they didn’t pass Human Biology Lesson 1…… Dear Lord save us from the ignorant stupid people who are trying to cancel women and lets get back to normality and put the woke stupidity to bedContinue reading “I am fully backing Calvin…”

Khan tiptoeing through the Marijuana.

Whilst there are more murders being committed on the streets of London. Maybe it would be better for the actual people of London if he stayed in London doing his job, and trying to sort out the murder rate that is growing, and lets not forget that London is now the murder capital of Europe….ratherContinue reading “Khan tiptoeing through the Marijuana.”