Truth Ministry suspended

For the untruths from its now discredited and resigned Director. Guess when it’s the real truth the Democrats can’t stand it, but lies….oh yes they are all for mis and disinformation. Hang on…..oh right that’s why it’s suspended….for mis and disinformation. Could only happen on Swampy Joes and Cackling Kamala watch….

They have so far survived Zeus….

Today is my boys birthday….my furry boy Zeus is 6 and of course he had to have presents, although Mr Points of Sue did point out he gets presents every day….but today is special. Anyway I bought him a squeaky fish for £4.99 and a ball for £4.99 as well as his favourite chews andContinue reading “They have so far survived Zeus….”

Mrs Obama its spelt WOMEN…

Not only is the former Presidents wife trying to erase the term…WOMAN or WOMEN, but the irony is lost on her being a woman, and being the mother of two women as I am 100% certain Barak didn’t carry them, and this conversation is concerning Roe V Wade in respect of WOMEN and pregnancies. TheContinue reading “Mrs Obama its spelt WOMEN…”

Consultation on Breast Screening Services across Warrington, Halton, St Helens and Knowsley. Proposal to consolidate Warrington Breast Screening Services at Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre  The Breast Screening Service Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHSFT (WHHNHS) is the lead provider for the Warrington, Halton, St. Helens and Knowsley Breast Screening and Assessment Service (WHSKBSS). WHSKBSS provides routine breast screening, diagnostic and onward referral services toContinue reading “Consultation on Breast Screening Services across Warrington, Halton, St Helens and Knowsley.”

A fitting tribute to a much loved Monarch.

I watched the Jubilee Gallop through time last night on TV and I absolutely loved it and was blown away by how professional all those who took part were. I even managed to persuade Mr Points of Sue to watch it because as I explained this is something we will never see again and everythingContinue reading “A fitting tribute to a much loved Monarch.”

Putin is now the embodiment of Hitler…and there has to be a regime change.

The only way Russia can get out of this mess that Putin has gotten them in is for someone to hand him the mess revolver, and then when he has gone to start to rebuild the relationship with the rest of the world and help Ukraine to rebuild. Otherwise, and we know the economy ofContinue reading “Putin is now the embodiment of Hitler…and there has to be a regime change.”

I am fully backing Calvin…

We are also seeing that stupidity has taken over others when they are spouting that men have abortions too. Guess they didn’t pass Human Biology Lesson 1…… Dear Lord save us from the ignorant stupid people who are trying to cancel women and lets get back to normality and put the woke stupidity to bedContinue reading “I am fully backing Calvin…”

Khan tiptoeing through the Marijuana.

Whilst there are more murders being committed on the streets of London. Maybe it would be better for the actual people of London if he stayed in London doing his job, and trying to sort out the murder rate that is growing, and lets not forget that London is now the murder capital of Europe….ratherContinue reading “Khan tiptoeing through the Marijuana.”