Harry is shameful…

Seems Prince Harry is going to sit down with NBC and talk to them about the Sussex’s private meeting with the Queen. This is really shameful as that was a private family moment with the Queen, and considering the misinformation told by the Sussex’s you would think they would have some humility and just be happy that HM The Queen agreed to see them, and we do not need to know any details…. it’s called a private meeting for that reason….its PRIVATE.

Wrong….Harry has only one thing to sell and that is who is family are and he will be happy to spread his nonsense and untruths to the highest bidder, and the fact that he is going to discuss a private conversation with a 96 year old widow who is not in good health really is disgusting.

Harry can’t hold his own water and if the Royal Family see them at the Jubilee may I suggest they keep the conversation to hello, hope you are well and bye then….would anyone be surprised if a tape of the conversations suddenly appeared, or selling the words spoken to the highest bidder of course with untruths spun into it, and best not leave anything around as I am sure pictures of it will end up with Oprah or whoever pays mega bucks for it, and the advisors need to keep them out of celebrations as front and centre as we know that people will boo them. After all they have pooped from a great height on HM The Queen, HRH The Prince of Wales and his wife, The Cambridges and Great Britain and we tend to not like that.

Harry took an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty just like all of us veterans and he has badly let down the Boss and that is disgraceful.

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