Bercow has reached the end of the road……

The shrilling, preening peacock has now been banned from Parliament for life and despite his statement that he will circumvent it by going as a guest….a ban is a ban and he will be refused entry.

As a Brexiteer this is awesome news as he spent years trying to thwart the will of the people and he became absolutely drunk on his own power, and you could see the delight in his face when he falsely worked out that he could stop Brexit….he forgot that the will of the people always wins in the end, and it has cost him the peerage that you can see he is so desperately after.

Bercow took the speaker’s chair and dropped it in the gutter where it was trashed repeatedly, but now thank goodness we have a brilliant non partisan speaker in the house in the shape of Sir Lindsey Hoyle who has taken the chair out of the gutter, and put it back where it belongs and that is at the heart of democracy.

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