Bercow banned from the Houses of Parliament..

For 21 articles of bullying. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and John Bercow thought he could do what he wanted when he wanted and that includes trying to thwart the will of the people by deliberately trying to stall Brexit. Well it failed and he is a failure..

Karma got him as he himself said that precedents can be changed when he changed a parliamentary ruling in favour of the remainers, and now parliamentary ruling has been changed again and he is the first speaker in over 200 years to not get an automatic peerage, and there won’t be one because he has been found guilty of bullying staff.

Revenge for the Tories has definitely been a cold dish but so worth serving.

So no portrait in ermin for Bercow….no Baron Bercow of wherever, but he could hire one for fancy dress or just to reflect on what might of been if he done what he was supposed to do, and that is remain impartial, not pick all Brexit destroying amendments, not be rude all the time to the Tories, and not swearing or throwing things at his staff, and certainly not by visiting the EU to give them a heads up that he would take control of Government and decide the political moves if necessary, and all through the Speakers chair.

He did not and never will speak for the people and that’s where he got it so wrong. He took an admired position of Speaker of the House and threw it in the gutter, along with his sheet wearing wife. Neither of them behaved in the manner befitting the role, and the day he stood down parliament elected a fantastic replacement for him.

Sir Lindsey Hoyle is perfect in his role, and he is everything Bercow could never be and more.

However, me thinks the power went to Bercows head and he thought he was untouchable, but the Tories and the majority of the country had had enough of the preening peacock shrilling order, whilst admiring himself from afar.

Bercow can only blame Bercow for this and my sympathy level hit…zero, nothing, don’t care, and smiles because we won’t see his treacherous face in the Lords, and you know it is eating him alive and he is desperate for that peerage to show off. It is written plainly on his face and any clearer it would be a lit up neon sign.

He is finished in politics now, and the media platforms will not touch him as he is tainted goods, so where did his preening, bullying and trying to stop democracy get him??? Out of a job out of a peerage, out of parliament and no one will touch him……so no celebrity circuit for him.

The ending couldn’t have been better even if it had been written in a book called how karma bites you back, and karma has bitten him back and like his now infamous car sticker… I say B******s to Bercow…

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