The death of 18 month old Kirill breaks all our hearts…

He is one of so many victims murdered by the despotic tyrant in the Kremlin. What could an 18 month old baby have done? What threat was he to Putin?

The child was killed in a bombing and so many innocent men, women and children are dying because Putin is power mad.

As a mother I cannot begin to understand how his parents feel, but as a mother I can see the pain in their eyes, the pain that wracks their bodies and the utter devastation at the loss of their son.

Tonight the world weeps for Kirill and all the others who have died. NATO must have a no fly zone because if not, there will be so many more innocent children, women and men murdered and Putin doesn’t care how much blood he has on his hands, nor how big the pile of bodies….he is a monster and needs stopping now…..

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