This will not end well for Ukraine.

As the world woke up to the illegal invasion by Russia of the Ukraine, you have to ask yourself whether sanctions will work?

The answer to that is NO……..

Heads of Governments need to realise that Putin and his cronies have already moved their money, and they have been building a war chest for this occasion. It will be the poorer people who suffer and they will have no choice as Putin is cracking down on them too…, but then we have a man in charge of the Kremlin who really doesn’t care about the little people. Putin has all the reserves he needs and he has now signed a a trade deal with Pakistan worth billions and further deals with China and Iran. So, he has billions coming in that the West cannot touch and no doubt China will be supplying weapons as and when Putin needs it, although we know that Russia is very capable of making their own.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow today. The pair discussed bilateral relations in a three-hour-long meeting. It comes after Russian troops poured into Ukraine earlier today and cause devastation across the country. Mr Khan is said to be ready to push for the construction of a long-delayed, multi-billion-dollar gas pipeline to be built in collaboration with Russian companies. Pakistan’s energy ministry spokesman said: “Both countries are eager to launch the project at the earliest.” The The 1,100 km (683 mile)-long Pakistan Stream pipeline, was initially agreed to in 2015 and was to be financed by both Moscow and Islamabad, using a Russian company to construct it.

I guess the Prime Minister of Pakistan is not letting the fact that a democratic country is being over-run and its citizens murdered by Russia stand in his way of doing business with Russia.

Khan and Putin.

Putin has always had an invasion into a former Soviet Bloc country in mind as he wants to empire build. He sees himself as some sort of Peter the Great, but we know that he is a despot, a tinpot dictator and he backed up by other despots and that is never a good sign for countries that they have in their sights. Even when working for the KGB Putin told the story of how he had to take another job as a taxi driver when the Soviet empire fell because the wealth of the nation fell with it, and he has been wanting this power, this wealth and this aggression since becoming President.

Having a weak President in the Whitehouse has not helped and when the world saw the sorry debarkle of the evacuation of Afghanistan, Putin knew he had nothing to fear as the one thing the world does not want is World War 3 and like the appeasement of Hitler, the Governments around the world will try to look tough whilst look for that bit of paper with peace in our time…….until he steps foot on NATO soil and then we will be involved in the biggest military battles since World War 2.

It is the people of the Ukraine I feel sorry for as they are expendable in both terms of Russian dominance and that of the West. The West will not go into rescue it from the Russians, and the Russians will not relinquish when they take it over as they will. The sheer number of invading Russian military will guarantee that.

The death and destruction we have seen today is nothing compared to what will come during the next few days and weeks as the despot has tasted blood and he is hungry for more, and his thirst knows no end and it is the innocent who will pay for the price.

To the UN may I suggest that you do more than a strongly worded letter and endless meetings where nothing is accomplished but hot air and politicians who like the sound of their own voice droning on endlessly. If this invasion has shown us nothing else….it has shown us how inept these organisations are because a strongly worded letter to a despotic ruler is nothing more than tomorrows toilet paper, and do these supposed intelligent people really think because they say no…Putin will go oh ok then…I will stop.

I could finish by saying let us pray for the Ukraine but prayers won’t stop it and more and more innocent people will continue to pay the price for the greedy maniac in the Kremlin. Let us however take a moment and think about the heroes who are lining up to fight for their country. Ukraine has called up conscription for anyone between 18 and 60. If bravery alone could win it then the Ukrainian people would win hands down. There is a sadness in their eyes and they have the weight of the world on their shoulders but they are standing up to tyranny, and that is a hero in any book.

This is the comparison between the last despotic maniac who tried to gain an empire, and this one… as it seems both want to set Europe alight and that is never good for countries.

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