Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..

I never thought I would see it for myself as I always thought that freedom to express your thoughts were set in stone, especially when you are not using profane language but today I hit the stumbling block of you must not allow the world to see Joe Biden speaking profanities against a Fox Reporter.

His crime to ask whether the growing rate of inflation is a liability going into the midterms, and the President who let us not forget stated once that anyone who did not treat colleagues and journalists with respect would be personally fired by him as he was not Trump and wanted to show a more civilised Whitehouse…..called the Fox Reporter an SOB (Son of a bitch).

For starters it is probably the only time that Joe Biden has said something coherent when going off script, but it also shows the world that he cannot answer simple questions and the Whitehouse is acting almost like a care system for a man who is obviously in decline, and surely they cannot hide this much longer.

However, when some platforms are actually blocking any mention of it stating it is against their rules then there is a problem.  The problem is that we have known for quite some time there has been an agenda to protect Biden and it continues.

Biden stood on a platform to unite America and he stated…”the adults are back in charge”….well I highly doubt it.  It seems that without the help of media platforms who continue to hide his decline, or like CNN who never even state it….then you know that the conspiracy that Donald Trump stated is true.

After all, why am I not allowed to as a private citizen to call him out for his use of bad language?  They have not stopped other videos I put on where during the viewing language much to my regret is used….but strangely those go through and yet criticise Joe Biden and show the world what he is like….it gets blocked.

What on earth are these platforms doing in hiding what has been known all along on the Hill, and that is that Biden can get quite vicious in his responses when things don’t go his way, and his tantrums are legendary.  Do they really think that people don’t talk to each other and point it out?

This is nothing more than media censorship and they are petrified that Donald Trump will get back into power.  I have news for them….he is, and I hope that when he does he sorts out the corrupt leftist media organisations, and all those platforms who are hiding from the world what the man who is sat in the Whitehouse is really like.

What the bias media and media platforms don’t understand is that you can take down as many as you like, but ultimately the state of the nation is what the voters decide on and try as you like you cannot hide that.

Biden has shown again and again that he is incapable of answering any questions, heck he is becoming incapable of reading an autocue and when his rambling statements are over out comes the crowd control shouting at the top of their voices to get the media out of the room and denying them the ability to ask questions.  He has gone down in history as the President who has given the least question and answer sessions.  The man is just not accountable, and he is protected at all times from being made to answer questions requiring explanations and that is wrong, and we must put the blame at the feet of the likes of CNN, the leftist news media, and the media platforms.   Biden is accountable for all of his actions…..

If the man who is so often touted as the Leader of the Free World and the stronger leader currently cannot even answer a few questions thrown at him, what on earth is he going to be like when the real issues come to the forefront…like the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

To read comments like it goes against the media platform rules when all you have done is post a video showing what Biden is like when questioned, and when he has forgotten as so often he does that he is on the microphone then it will end disastrously for the United States of America, and they must be held accountable for it as it is they who are covering up and certainly not the people who just want the truth to get out.

So, there you have it…I have been censored for writing the truth about the bumbling, incompetent man is sitting in the Whitehouse, and how he is a disaster.  The past 12 months have been a disaster.  There is the growth in the cost of filling up cars despite being left with so much extra under the previous administration and they are now dependent on NordStream2….why?  Trump had started to make America independent and that is a good thing, yet Biden comes in and it goes from having so much excess to now begging Opec to release more barrels…that is within 12 months. 

The cost of living has gone up and is the highest in 40 years, there is still an issue with empty shelfs in the supermarket, the disastrous handling of Afghanistan, the failure to secure the border, and the murder rate and crime rate being the highest it has ever been.  People it seems just walk into shops and steal just under a $1000 and nothing…what about the impact on the shop owners? 

This administration has stood by whilst good men and women in the police force are murdered, and they do nothing, and finally Covid….there are more deaths 3 times the rate infact under Joe Biden than under Trump and during the Presidential Election Race Biden stated that any President responsible for the 200,000 deaths that had happened under Trump should resign.  Where is his resignation?  He went on a platform to stop the virus and has achieved the opposite.

Yet media platforms want to hide any possibility of showing the people what Joe Biden is and the wreckage he is making of America.

Mainstream media and the media platforms that we all use are reviewing everything we do.  It seems it is ok on platforms anti-Israeli hate and where Al Qaeda post pictures of the horrors they are inflicting on the people of Afghanistan and yet write one comment on Biden and that’s it….your comment is thrown out.

What a strange world these media platforms live in and one that is quite concerning as what else are they covering up?

We know that there is a cover up of Biden Jr and his dealings with the Chinese, Ukraine and Russia, and there is the ludicrous cover up of his really bad paintings going for half a million dollars apiece…wonder if that’s because his dad is President.

When Biden Sr was Vice President there are emails that have been proven to come from Hunters laptop,  where Biden Jr states that 10% has to be for the big guy and yet nothing.  Yet, they constantly and wrongly went after the Trump children and have dug and dug and yet found nothing.  It has not stopped them from trying to blacken their names for years and the papers gloat when one of them is called before the Senate, yet hide the going ons of Biden Jr.  The double standards are breath-taking.

People may wonder why I care…well when the person in the Whitehouse decides to take action against Russia, or rather when his handlers do after speaking to Obama…..there is a video of Jen Psaki slipping up and saying she is enjoying working for the Obama Presidency before correcting herself, and people like her don’t slip up, and there is the video of Obama stating that he will be a 3rd time President whilst sitting in a cellar somewhere letting someone else take the media on….

Well, whoever is in charge at the Whitehouse the decision they make, and the statement given by Biden directly affects the United Kingdom as when war comes and it will….it will cost us as it is expected, despite this President saying that he is Irish and supports the EU…

Well, here’s an idea Joe…get the EU and Ireland to send their troops to Ukraine and leave ours alone but you won’t get any media stating that.

Freedoms are under threat because high tech do not like the truths to come out about Biden and for me this shows why people like me must push harder to get the truth out there, as when it does come out…the people in the USA will be in state of shock especially when those who have died fighting a war that Biden gets them involved in are brought home.  Mind you that will probably be in the middle of the night and no questions allowed to be asked.

There will be no photos of this President there as he will be too busy looking at his watch and being unbelievably rude to those loved ones left behind, but again when it starts, and it will start….mainstream media and other platforms will hide it from the people as it suits their narrative.  What we should really be thinking about is that it is the billionaires who are running the show and the protection bubble around Biden, and for now it suits them to have Biden front and centre as Donald Trump knows what they are.

This cannot be good for the freedoms we enjoy and shame on those platforms for removing posts that are in the public interest and this is why people must get the truth out there all the time.  

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