Why is Charlotte Nichols MP for Warrington North…

Privy to information of the collapse of Together Energy and the criminal way the Labour Warrington Council have fecklessly saddled us with this debt, and the taxpayers not?

She spends the majority of her time in Islington and does not pay into our local taxes. Any information should be available to all Warrington Council taxpayers, and not with an MP who is noted for being missing all the time, and where the local game is Where’s Charlotte.

I trust the Labour majority Council have given the information to Andy Carter, Tory MP for Warrington South. Wouldn’t want any allegations of colluding going on….and let’s face the facts…ANDY CARTER LIVES IN WARRINGTON, and he pays taxes here.

Working on it?? Don’t make laugh….she is not even working on getting to Warrington.

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