Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance…..

When the poster boy for a Bond Villain looks and acts like this ..

and the leader of the Free World is like this…..

Then the build up on the Ukraine by Russia is serious and deadly. Secretary of State Blinken is a failure and Afghanistan showed that….and Russia is not scared of the USA….after all Swampy Joe and Cackling Kamala are in charge.

The Ukraine will be overrun by Russia because no one is worried about the doddery old man in the Whitehouse. Funny how this never arose under Donald Trump. Like or loathe him ..he kept the peace because he was unpredictable, and you need that in a leader and Swampy Joe is weak, embarrassingly weak.

This is going to cost us the lives of our younger generations, and the sons and daughters of our countries are going to suffer the most, and all because of an old man out of his depth and very weak.

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