Surviving the Zeus stress test…

The Fenrir Hammer has survived the Zeus stress test. My son bought it for him at a cost of £15 with £5 postage is indestructible. Website below. If you have a chewer like me it is awesome and you can put treats in the Hammer too. Available for all sizes. “The Fenrir Hammer – FenrirContinue reading “Surviving the Zeus stress test…”

Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance…..

When the poster boy for a Bond Villain looks and acts like this .. and the leader of the Free World is like this….. Then the build up on the Ukraine by Russia is serious and deadly. Secretary of State Blinken is a failure and Afghanistan showed that….and Russia is not scared of the USA….afterContinue reading “Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance…..”

Lets celebrate a hero….

In Dublin, Ireland, Brian, a retired man just living off a small pension, does something special every single night. He spends those nights making curry for homeless people. And every night, he makes 50 tubs of it. Brian is cooking volunteer for “A Lending Hand,” which is a non-profit organization that delivers meals and offersContinue reading “Lets celebrate a hero….”

Why is it always the intolerant left….

Who want to go to war? Biden and the Democrats are itching to get at Russia, they would because most of them would be the last people to grab a gun…fortunate sons and its other peoples children who die…not theirs. The idiots ranting about Trump the War Monger stating he will cause a war, actuallyContinue reading “Why is it always the intolerant left….”