The origins of Noah…..

The universal flood.

12800 years ago, 10800ac, the Annunaki’s inhabited the Atlantic, located in Antarctica, had a powerful city, the only developed worldwide of the time.

His experiment with humans had paid off, and his creation of the homo sapiens from the man of Cromagnon and the interdental mixed with his genes began its development.

They had just exterminated the ummah race that inhabited the Waitress of Guiza, their only real threat, because the Celestians, the other alien race on earth, had the policy of not interfering with other species.

While developing their city, there were some missions for other lands, in Sumeria, in Mesopotamia, in China, in the United States, developing the potentials of homo sapiens.
But they made a fatal mistake, being of the Osiris system, forgot their roots, forgot they came from heaven and were not able to detect the threat that was approaching. A meteorite fell into the sea, in the ocean indicated, I believe a tsunami that neighbourhoods along the shores of Africa, the Persian Gulf, India.

All of the coastal populations were devastated, the human population shrunk almost to a third.

The terrestrial axis tilted, moving the poles of place, the Atlantic was swept by the tsunami first and frozen afterwards.

The Anunnaki civilization had disappeared from the land of a single stroke, only a few watered-down, in Egypt, Sumeria, they originated, with their technology and knowledge, to the myths of the gods. But their story was over, the Celestians saw the meteorite coming, one of them took pity on the human race and warned Noah and his family.

He was expelled from his community, stripped of his wings and punished to wander on the earth, of his deeds we will talk another day, I will only say that the humans who followed him started another religion, this was a monotheist and it starts here, with the history of Noh and the flood.

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