Parliament is rotten….

I finally hold up my hands with regards to MPs and their total dishonesty in Parliament.

Everyday there are more and more exposures of MPs dipping their hands into the taxpayer till, and when questioned the usual answer is…..”its within parliamentary rules”……WELL CHANGE THE BLOODY RULES.

There seems to be endless scamming going on and on, and today we find that 17…SEVENTEEN MPs are renting out their London properties, and then billing us to rent them another property, and pocketing the money. This is nothing more than theft as there is absolutely no need to rent anywhere if you have a property, and in this day and age where people are struggling it is distasteful to know these people are dipping into our taxes in the most dishonest way

We have MPs with 2nd, 3rd and 4th jobs whilst still trying to kid us that they are working for us, and having the kind of expenses we the taxpayers would love. 1/4 MILLION POUNDS some of them take, employing family and friends and the tight b******s even put a receipt in for a chocolate for a £1…..

Could they be any more obnoxious? It seems that they can….

£82 thousand pounds with all expenses paid is a lot of money, and to the majority of people a very large amount. We don’t need scammers on our phone trying to con us out of money, THEY ARE IN PARLIAMENT doing an even better job of ripping us off.

Parliament is corrupt, it is vile and full of grasping individuals whose snouts are that far in the trough….they are getting fatter and fatter on our taxes.

I thought we had cleared out the rubbish in the last Parliament, but it seems all we have done is load it up with even more rubbish and its time to make them stop.

The whole rotten lot belong in some tinpot country where the politicians lie and rip off the people, and certainly not in the Mother of All Parliaments….as their very presence is soiling so sacred a ground.

MPs in the taxpayers trough….

They are all a disgrace and need kicking out…..

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