Lets call the Duke and Duchess of Woke…

What they really are….paddlers of untruths. He lies, she lies and they lie and to try to tell a Court you did not mean to mislead….COME ON ITS MEGHAN MARKLE…

This case for damages for releasing the letter to her father needs to be thrown out and damages given to the Mail, and leave her credibility in pieces….because it is.

She states she knew it would go public and even put in words to “tug at the heart strings” in an email to Mr Knauf, at the time the Chief Staffer for the 4 of them…including the Cambridges, but I rather think she was hoping the emails would not be found, or that the Crown would step in to stop them being given to the Court.

Would love to have her face and temper tantrum when she knew….

She even threw her father under the bus saying he is not paternal, after giving her everything. God she is vile and Harry needs to remember this….when she wants rid of him and then we will see the true Markle.

Harry needs to be put in his place as he has never taken responsibility for anything, and that is the definition of a brat.

Harry Markle is nothing more than a spoilt manchild who sulked because he and his z lister wife were not the stars of the House of Windsor. The Queen is the star and there is a pecking order…..So now he is hell bent on destroying the Crown because they couldn’t be Monarchs…..

She is behind this and goes to show how easily manipulated and stupid he is. He also broke his Oath to HM The Queen and her heirs ..and when you break a sacred Oath…your words mean nothing.

The pair of them are a disgrace and should not be swanning round with a title. Take it off them and see how long she stays….

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