A wonder of art….

Isabel II, veiled. 1855. Carrara marble.

Torreggiani, a specialist in portrait busts, wanted to break completely with official tradition and impress Queen Isabel II with this spectacular technical feat. The queen’s face is veiled, a device recalling the veiled images of Faith, Virtue and Religion. Torreggiani also produced the pedestal on which the bust rests. Signed and dated.

In my opinion, this unbelievable marble statue by Camillo Torreggiani [1819-1896] of Isabel II veiled is by far the most beautiful sculpture I have seen. Seeing it in real life, you can almost swear the veil was made of lace, but it isn’t. The special effect of the marble is achieved from the way the sculptor let the light and shadows play tricks to our eyes, to make us believe it was see through, just like real lace.

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